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  1. 1. Dear Sir,We would like to introduce our recently published books, namely, ‘JungleWarfare: An Ultimate Handbook’ and ‘Ultimate Handbook Of UrbanWarfare’, both by Dr. N. C. Asthana, IPS, Addl. DG. Dr. Asthana, oneof the rare intellectuals amongst serving officers, has the distinction ofhaving authored 24 highly-acclaimed reference books on matters related toterrorism, internal security, insurgencies, counterinsurgency operations,intelligence and defense, etc. His books have been reviewed and used asstandard references, and are cited in innumerous research works in some ofthe top institutions of the world such as the US Army Command andGeneral Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas; National DefenseUniversity, Washington; and Oklahoma Memorial Institute for thePrevention of Terrorism.In these book Dr. Asthana has presented the distilled essence of all that hasever been written on the subject by the best armies of the world that havefought both in jungle and urban areas including the US Army and the USMarines; the British SAS; the North Vietnamese army; the Soviet/Chechenarmy; and his own experience in Kashmir and the left-wing extremismaffected areas. Both books are authenticated by a formidable bibliographyof about 225 sources each.Highly relevant in the present security scenario, the books are extremelyuseful to officers and men engaged in counterinsurgency operations inKashmir, north-east and the LWE affected areas—both for academic aswell as practical knowledge and must be read by all of them.Both books are priced at a highly reasonable Rs. 995/- each. Orders forbulk purchase under the National Defence Fund may please be placed withus directly.RegardsVivek GargManas Publications4402/5-A, Opp HDFC Bank,Ansari Road, Darya Ganj, New Delhi - 110 002Ph: 23265523, 23260783,Mob: 09810043679 1
  2. 2. Fax: 011-23272766We have nearly 1.5 lakh troops including 86 battalions of the CPMFsdeployed for anti-naxal operations. Yet, last year they could kill only 199naxals at the cost of 128 security forces personnel and 275 members of thepublic killed at the hands of the naxals—hardly a reason to celebrate. Theinsurgents in the hilly forests of the north-east have flummoxed the armyfor nearly 68 years and we could not eliminate them. Obviously there issome serious shortcoming somewhere. Had the troops been better trained inthe science of Jungle warfare, we could have certainly fared better.Jungle warfare has hitherto received only anecdotal treatment with an eyeon the sensational. That’s how you get books which only highlight theexploits of individual soldiers, leaders or elite forces like the British SAS.They might be interesting stories but they do not, cannot deal with thescience of jungle warfare. Fighting in our own country, we do not have theluxury of calling in the artillery and air support the moment the going getstough, or using drones. That’s why we must devise operations tactics,technique and procedures that are tailored for our specific needs andconditions.In this book Dr. Asthana has presented the distilled essence of all thathas ever been written on the subject by the best armies of the worldthat have fought in the jungles including the US Army and the USMarines, the British SAS; and his own experience as the IG, COBRABattalions. It is the hitherto most comprehensive exposition of thesubject of jungle warfare anywhere in the world.Urban encounters frequently prove very costly for the security forces. The26/11 attack in Mumbai totally confounded us and we could do little toprevent the slaughter of 166 persons (including 17 security forcespersonnel) besides 293 in wounded. We had extensive collateral damage inthe Operation Blue Star even by the official estimates—83 security forcespersonnel killed and 249 wounded for 493 civilians killed and 86 wounded.The damage to the structures caused by artillery and tank fire is well-known. In Kashmir also, most operations end by the security forcesblasting the whole house. All this has continued to add to the problem ofalienation. Obviously, we are unprepared for fighting unconventional warsin urban environments as we do not have comprehensive doctrines on 2
  3. 3. urban guerrilla warfare combat operations tactics, technique andprocedures.In conventional warfare in an urban setting, tanks, field guns and aerialbombs can be freely used to demolish buildings and fortifications offeringprotection to the enemy. Things, however, become extremely difficult incounterinsurgency or anti-terrorist operations because operations arerequired to be conducted amidst innocent people living there and thesecurity forces cannot freely use heavy firepower for fear of causingunacceptable collateral damage. Precisely for this reason, guerrillawarfare or unconventional warfare in an urban setting becomes a veryattractive option to the terrorist and the insurgent.In this book Dr. Asthana has presented the distilled essence of all thathas ever been written on the subject by the best armies of the worldthat have fought in urban areas including the Israeli Defense Forces,the US Army, the Soviets, the Russians, and his own experience as theIG (Ops) CRPF Kashmir having commanded as many as 70 battalionsat a time. It is the hitherto most comprehensive exposition of thesubject of urban warfare anywhere in the world. 3