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  1. 1. Plot The story of our horror trailer is two friends are out andreceive a text message from one of their friends explain thatthey have a free house and that they should go to the housefoe some drinks. Once they are in the house Jamie whosecretly likes Teri gets jealous of Shaun and Teri flirting onthe couch, then goes to get some drinks and he puts somedrugs in Shaun’s drink however this backfires as Teri takesShaun’s drink and begins to have a bad reaction which thenshe ends up dead. Jamie and Shaun panic as they don’t wantto go to jail so they decide to dispose of the body themselvesby dumping Teri in The Tyne River. Months pass over andJamie is getting over the death quickly however Shaun isfilled with guilt. Teri then comes back to life to have herVengeance, when Shaun is home alone paranormal thingshappen and then Teri ends up killing him. Jamie attends aplace near by the river in which Teri was dumped in and sincehe is high on drugs when Teri appears he thinks he ishallucinating and this makes it easier for Teri to kill him. NowTeri can finally rest in peace.