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Movie Poster


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Movie Poster

  1. 1. Ancillary TasksMovie Poster
  2. 2. Movie Poster 1
  3. 3. This is the first one I made. I didn’t change any of the colours; I just added a different texture for the sky to make it look more scarier.
  4. 4. Movie Poster 2
  5. 5. On this one I darkened the house so it appears to be creepy and haunted. This also makes the eyes stand out more as well as the writing.
  6. 6. Movie Poster 3
  7. 7. This one I again edited the curves of the house, to make itappear more mysterious and dark however the same with the magazine cover I don’t know if it appears to be to animated.
  8. 8. Movie Poster 4
  9. 9. All I done on this one is make the house black and white so that the eyes of the killer are the most dominant and that the blood and the red iris relate to the colour of the title
  10. 10. Movie Poster 5
  11. 11. This one is different from the rest because you can only see one of the eyes; which looks like the killer is stalking the people in the house.