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Magazine Poster


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Magazine Poster

  1. 1. Ancillary TasksMagazine Cover
  2. 2. Magazine Cover 1
  3. 3. This is the first cover I made; the writing has conventions of a horror theme as it is red which relates to blood and has a shadow effect around the title of the movie; ‘VENGEANCE’which gives it a dark edge. With the image being bright and since the image is the main thing it doesn’t look to dark.
  4. 4. Magazine Cover 2
  5. 5. This doesn’t have any difference in the image colours. For this I just moved around the ‘Horror Special’ and moved the rest ofthe text down. The image again is to bright and doesn’t give offa horror feeling also the ‘EMPIRE’ writing kind of disappears to much behind the head.
  6. 6. Magazine Poster 3
  7. 7. On this one I messed around with the curves of the image onPhotoshop to make it look more dark and scarier. The writinghas been kept the same colour and fonts. With this one even though it is dark I don’t know if the image looks to much animated.
  8. 8. Magazine Poster 4
  9. 9. On this one the only thing that was changed was the bloodbecame darker to look more realistic; I done this on Photoshop by changing the Magenta colours.