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Green Employee, Greening Office (Communication & Marketing Enggament with Corporate Partner)


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Communication and Marketing Engagement
Green Employee, Greening Office

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Green Employee, Greening Office (Communication & Marketing Enggament with Corporate Partner)

  1. 1. There is a new generation of professionals seeking to leverage their knowledge, experience, and passion to promote eco awareness and business sustainability
  2. 2. Discover the green at Your office Find out how???
  3. 3. Booth WWF Explore…..
  4. 4. Greening your office is both environmentally friendly and fiscally prudent Consider pursuing the following goals at your company or organization: - Minimize waste and reduce pollution - Purchase greener products and supplies - Apply green building practices - Adopt environmentally sound policies Green your offices by encouraging employees to adopt environmental practices at their desks and in their work spaces.
  6. 6. What does a “Green” Employee look like?? “Green’ Employee have become synonymous with any job related to . sustainability, climate change, alternative energy, the environment, and many other things. They have also become a signal of a shift in employment criteria form people looking for: • Work that fills a desire to take on action that makes a difference. • Work that transforms our environment, improves energy consumption, and gives back to the community.
  7. 7. Adopt environmental pratices for your desks and your work spaces Take the green employeer Quiz “How green are you?” . Drop Box paper waste Paper waste Recycled Product Show Joint “green employee community”
  8. 8. PT.Prasadha Pamunah Limbah Industri (Waste Management Indonesia) Eco Bussiness Center National Park * With WWF-Indonesia honorary Supporter
  9. 9. WWF-Indonesia product sales . …..Gift’s for a living planet…..
  10. 10. WWF-Indonesia website ( & online social network (facebook, blog, etc) Elecronic news Event info to media
  11. 11. Duration : 2 weeks - 1 month Venue (alternative): 3 x5 m (Lobby)
  12. 12. For more information: Teresia Prahesti WWF-Indonesia Kantor Taman A9, Unit A-1 Kawasan Mega Kuningan Jakarta Selatan 12950 Ph: 021-576.1070 Fax: 021-576.1080 E: