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Telecollaboration: Monash and Warwick


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A short presentation prepared for a meeting on telecollaboration and introducing the work of Dr. Sarah Pasfield- Neofitou from Monash University, Australia.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Telecollaboration: Monash and Warwick

  1. 1. Telecollaboration: interaction for language learning. The Language Centre journey so far Teresa MacKinnon June 2014 #oie #cmc
  2. 2. Some key moments • 2008 Languages@Warwick set up • 2011 first year of EWC (Warwick/Clermont) • 2012 Clavier project featured as a case study in EU Intent project report • 2013 HEA publishes Teresa’s E-tools report EWC tasks published on unicollaboration #CWIL conference online (recordings) • 2014 Léon International conference on telecollaboration for languages in HE
  3. 3. Languages@Warwick e- tools: •Asynchronous Moodle forum and messaging, google docs, email, jiscmail lists, Bb collaborate voice tools, google apps for education, mahara, + twitter, youtube, storify,, slideshare •Synchronous Blackboard collaborate classrooms, Bb Instant messaging.
  4. 4. Bebo Project
  5. 5. Online Communication in a Second Language
  6. 6. Second Life and Virtual Worlds
  7. 7. The International Portal