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Open exploration @wmrltg 18.03.19


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Presentation for ALT WM group, @wmrltg 18.03.19.

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Open exploration @wmrltg 18.03.19

  1. 1. Open exploration: Giving space and purpose for the development of critical digital literacies. T.MacKinnon, @warwicklanguage
  2. 2.
  3. 3. What is missing from frameworks? The digital literacy movement cannot be separated from deeper ideological and philosophical questions concerning the nature of the good society and the purpose of the education system. • why you did what you did • who is included and how? • who is excluded/whose voice is not heard? • what is the role of play and creativity in learning • how did you facilitate use of your agency through digital tools?
  4. 4. critical agency (Giroux, 1983; McLaren, 1995): the ability to know and understand, and therefore the ability to act upon, create, or resist one’s reality.
  5. 5. Scaffolding and modelling: • knowing how and why to read terms of service for a digital product or platform • recognizing the affordances of networks and community in digital spaces, even in the LMS • understanding the many ways that digital identity can be built, compromised, and protected • discovering methods for establishing presence and voice online
  6. 6. Kasia’s blog post about the Polish students’ visit to the Midlands