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Llas 2012


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Presented at the LLAS conference Language Futures, Edinburgh July 2012.

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Llas 2012

  1. 1. Using the virtual now to developreal language and communication skills for the future. T.MacKinnon Language Centre, University of Warwick
  2. 2. What is an e-portfolio?• An e-portfolio is the product, created by the learner, a collection of digital artefacts articulating experiences, achievements and learning.(Jisc, Effective practice with e-portfolios)
  3. 3. Why use an e-portfolio?• ‘An e-portfolio is a purposeful aggregation of digital items – ideas, evidence, reflections, feedback etc, which “presents” a selected audience with evidence of a person’s learning and/or ability.’Sutherland, S. and Powell, A. (2007), Cetis SIG mailing list discussions [] 9 July 2007
  4. 4. The software used: Mahara.
  5. 5. Using the Community of Practice approach.• Course area to share the conceptualisation• Shared resources for the student presentation• Student support areas• Hands-on sessions and drop-ins• Virtual and face to face communication• Cycle of review informing support and development.
  6. 6. When I first heard that it was necessary to make an e-portfolio of myfrancophone journey, I thought it would not be a very useful exercise.However, I am pleasantly surprised as to how it has given me thechance to reflect and analyse my language learning process overall. Ithas enabled me to structure and plan the way that I learn which issomething of a first for me, and I want to try and incorporate themethods that I used here in future learning. Overall, I am very pleased with the work I have done over the year and am proud of the progress that this e-portfolio displays. I feel that in tracking my progress and in really thinking about how I learn and the best techniques for me I have learnt a lot about myself, which will be invaluable for all of my language learning in the future.
  7. 7. Points to note:• It takes time to build a shared understanding• Create multiple ways to share information• Be prepared to justify your decisions• Persevere!