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Holes in the_wall_alt2012


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Holes in the_wall_alt2012

  1. 1. Holes in the wall T.MacKinnon @WarwickLanguage
  2. 2. Lewis (1997) proposes anew model:•Observe•Experiment•HypothesiseMacaro (2003) negativelanguage models notsupported by research.
  3. 3. • A way forward
  4. 4. • A place to call my own
  5. 5. • Room to thinkWhen I first heard that it was necessaryto make an e-portfolio of myfrancophone journey, I thought it wouldnot be a very useful exercise. However, Iam pleasantly surprised as to how it hasgiven me the chance to reflect andanalyse my language learning processoverall. It has enabled me to structureand plan the way that I learn which issomething of a first for me, and I wantto try and incorporate the methods thatI used here in future learning.
  6. 6. • Sharing the fruits of our labour
  7. 7. Propagating a community of learners• “Walled garden online environments prevent the occurrence of serendipitous learning connections with the outside world” internet-safety-talking-points.html
  8. 8. Project details:• Flower vases and Irises• Breaking out of the walled garden• Institute of Advanced Teaching and Learning• Higher Education Academy seminar• LLAS conference 2012 e-portfolio development