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Presented at HEA Changing the Learning Landscape event: Realities of social media at University of Warwick on 24th April 2014.

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CLL social media

  1. 1. Social media: Why bother? T.MacKinnon Principal Teaching Fellow Language Centre
  2. 2. experiments • Personal twitter and fb accounts • Lurking and looking • Finding relevant blogs and networks • Engaging with issues • Decisions: Professional/personal Channels of communication
  3. 3. Four steps to improving your online presence Do you have an online presence? Do you know where it is coming from? Have you Googled yourself recently? Have you checked all your online profiles are up to date? Fantastic! You monitor and maintain your online presenceStart assessing your online presence and decide what you want Are you sure? You and everyone you know cannot have been online, ever! Look at your profiles and online identities Communicate and connect: Blog, tweet and comment Share your outputs YES YES YES N O What more can I do? Step 1: Search for yourself & check your impact Step 2: Keep all profiles up to date Step 3: Self archive and share what you can Step 4: Connect & interact online N O N O YES adapted from guidelines
  4. 4. Growing presence • Blog nextsteps • Twitter @warwicklanguage • Curation: #cmc speaktothefuture • Video tutorials warwicklanguage youtube • Website La modification • Sharing presentations: slideshare • Online publishing channels: issu scribd
  5. 5. Unexpected outcomes • Social media channel management for UCML • #globalclassroom mentoring • Regular participation and moderation of international twitter chats • Development of research into virtual exchanges and online intercultural interaction #oie • Professional development: HEA and CLL
  6. 6. Significant learning • Look carefully, lurk, check out authenticity of sources • Experiment, take care with password management • Authenticity of voice • Commit to community • Be prepared to share and connect