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Guidelines, icons and marketable skills

  1. 1. Guidelines, Icons and Marketable Skills: An Accessibility Evaluation of 100 Web Development Company Homepages Teresa Gilbertson and C.H.C. Machin Loughborough University
  2. 2. Research questions 1. Do web development companies view accessibility as a selling point? 2. Does the mention of accessibility on developers’ site have an effect on the accessibility of their own site? 3. Do conformance logos/icons and accessibility statements have any bearing on the accessibility of the website?
  3. 3. Methodology • 100 websites checked • Accessibility as a service or skill • Accessibility statements • Homepage conformance icons/logos • Homepage validation
  4. 4. Results – selling points • Accessibility as a selling point is common • Mention of WCAG conformance is not • No association with automated homepage accessibility
  5. 5. Results – accessibility conformance icons • Conformance icons not prevalent • Some icons more common than others • Conformance icons do not guarantee validation Images from:
  6. 6. Results – accessibility statements • Accessibility statements not widespread • No association between accessibility statement and automated homepage accessibility
  7. 7. Results – automated checks • Language of page – missing attribute • ALT tags and link context – Banner slideshows • Labels for forms
  8. 8. Future work • Exploration of developer attitudes • Views on conformance icons • Self assessment of developer skills • Full manual evaluation of homepages
  9. 9. Summary • Accessibility seen as a desirable skill • Conformance icons do not necessarily reflect current validation • Accessibility errors still common
  10. 10. Thank you Questions?