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Guidelines, icons and marketable skills


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W4A 2012 communication paper

Published in: Education, Technology, Design
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Guidelines, icons and marketable skills

  1. 1. Guidelines, Icons and Marketable Skills: AnAccessibility Evaluation of 100 Web Development Company Homepages Teresa Gilbertson and C.H.C. Machin Loughborough University
  2. 2. Research questions1. Do web development companies view accessibility as a selling point?2. Does the mention of accessibility on developers’ site have an effect on the accessibility of their own site?3. Do conformance logos/icons and accessibility statements have any bearing on the accessibility of the website?
  3. 3. Methodology• 100 websites checked• Accessibility as a service or skill• Accessibility statements• Homepage conformance icons/logos• Homepage validation
  4. 4. Results – selling points• Accessibility as a selling point is common• Mention of WCAG conformance is not• No association with automated homepage accessibility
  5. 5. Results – accessibility conformance icons• Conformance icons not prevalent• Some icons more common than others• Conformance icons do not guarantee validation Images from:
  6. 6. Results – accessibility statements• Accessibility statements not widespread• No association between accessibility statement and automated homepage accessibility
  7. 7. Results – automated checks• Language of page – missing attribute• ALT tags and link context – Banner slideshows• Labels for forms
  8. 8. Future work• Exploration of developer attitudes• Views on conformance icons• Self assessment of developer skills• Full manual evaluation of homepages
  9. 9. Summary• Accessibility seen as a desirable skill• Conformance icons do not necessarily reflect current validation• Accessibility errors still common
  10. 10. Thank youQuestions?