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foroREAD. Mesa 2. Manual de identidad Switzerland

  1. 1. Corporate Design ManualSwitzerlandNovember
  2. 2. 2Table of Contents1 Introduction 32 Corporate Design Elements 113 Applications 434 Major International Events 74 November 2010
  3. 3. 3 1 Introduction 1.1 trengthening the Brand Switzerland S 4 1.2 rea of Application and Validity A 5 1.3 Brand Switzerland 7 1.3.1 Content 8 1.3.2 Tonality 9 1.3.3 Corporate Design 10 November 2010
  4. 4. 1.1 Strengthening the Brand Switzerland 4Federal Department of In today’s global society countries compete with This manual contains the visual guidelines forForeign Affairs FDFA each other for the world’s attention, for people, Switzerland’s worldwide presentation initiated and /General Secretariat GS-FDFA for foreign investment and capital. Where people or sponsored by the FDFA, Presence Switzerland.Presence Switzerland spend their holidays, where companies invest, A consistent application of these rules and guidelinesBundesgasse 32 which university scientists select for their research is needed to strengthen the brand. The uniformCH-3003 Bern activities, or where major conferences are held – appearance is the base to increase the impact of our all these decisions affect the importance and the activities by a higher degree of recognition.T +41 (0)31 322 01 83 prosperity of a country. The way a country isF +41 (0)31 324 10 60 perceived abroad is central for such decisions. We thank everybody who helps us creating a Therefore a country cannot allow itself to be uniform appearance of Switzerland worldwide indifferent to its image abroad. applying the following rules and Focused, consistent and strategic communication FDFA, Presence is needed to grant a country a sustainable, guishable and advantageous image in the world, other terms a “nation-brand”. Successful nation branding, i.e. communicating a unique, unmistakable profile, makes a country stand out above others. In this respect, nation branding is a vital investment into the future of a country. It is the FDFA, Presence Switzerland’s goal to establish the nation Switzerland as a strong brand. Creating a consistent content and a visual basis – a corporate identity – for Switzerland’s presentations all over the world is the key to the success of the Brand Switzerland.Introduction November 2010
  5. 5. 1.2 Area of Application and Validity 5Corporate Design The Corporate Design (CD) This manual is addressed to specialists who are Subsidised activities by the FDFA, Presence is a part of the Corporate Identity (CI). It contains carrying out design work on a commission basis for Switzerland the entire visual appearance of a company ororganisation. The design of all the relevant the staff of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Activities which are financially supported in themeans of communication, e.g. logo, stationery, partner organisations and partners who implement framework of the FDFA, Presence Switzerland,advertising material etc. is part of the CD. activities of Switzerland abroad in cooperation with strategy are not subject to the full CD requirement.Corporate Design Manual The Corporate the FDFA, Presence Switzerland. In the case of such activities, the Logo SwitzerlandDesign manual brings together all distinctive should be used as an over-arching symbol forcharacteristics of the Corporate Design, The purpose of the guidelines in this manual is to the activities concerned.such as the logo and its use, the fonts, colours ensure a uniform appearance for the presentationand design rules, the visual world and alsoexamples of the use of the Corporate Design. of Switzerland abroad. The guidelines apply to all The Corporate Design Manual Switzerland can beIt contains mandatory as well as optional activities of Switzerland that the FDFA, Presence downloaded from Switzerland, implements abroad, including those for The FDFA, Presence Switzerland, also provides theMore information about Brand Switzerland which it provides financial or logistical support. Logo Switzerland and the Composed Logo inand its strategic significance can be found in various languages as well as templates for the mostthe brochure “Working with Brand Switzer- It should be noted that the FDFA, Presence Switzer- common means of communication (invitations,land“, available in english, german and french. land, not only carries out activities abroad under its brochures, flyers etc.).Download from www.image-switzerland.chOr order a hard copy at own aegis but also supports activities of third parties. All applications of the CD Switzerland must be Activities of the FDFA, Presence Switzerland presented to the FDFA, Presence Switzerland, In the case of activities being completely initiated, for approval prior to any kind of reproduction or managed and implemented by the FDFA, Presence output. Switzerland, the application of the entire CD is mandatory.Introduction November 2010
  6. 6. 1.2 Area of Application and Validity 6 Interrelation between CD Switzerland and CD Confederation CD Confederation : The corporate design of the Swiss Confederation (“CD Bund”) is the visual identity of the federal administration. The corporate design of the federal administration represents the administration and its departments. It applies to the Federal Chancellery, the departments, the offices and all organisational units of the first and second circle. See CD Switzerland : L Lofo The Corporate Design Switzerland is applied out- side of Switzerland. It is used for the Swiss presence abroad and defines its content and visual basis. As the FDFA, Presence Switzerland, is a federal office, the CD Switzerland is subject to the guidelines of the CD Confederation. The CD Switzerland has been approved by the Conference of General Secre- taries on 25 January 2008. The way in which the guidelines of CD Confederation are implemented in the framework of CD Switzerland will be explained in detail in chapter 3.Introduction November 2010
  7. 7. 1.3 Brand Switzerland 7 en t a nt C ont Secure Val u es an The Brand Switzerland determines the values and ev future messages of Switzerland to be communicated Trustworthy l d Re ch s> ara and aims to position Switzerland uniquely in the Premium quality omplishment cter Self-determination > Tonality Authentic international competition.Acc The Brand Switzerland is the basis for the relevant Alpine habitat People Ap n content, the tonality and the visual elements of Swiss cross, pe ara red and white e sig nce > Corpora te D Switzerland’s communication abroad.Introduction November 2010
  8. 8. 1.3.1 Brand Switzerland 8 ContentThe two main accomplishments ofSwitzerland are self-determination and en tsecure future. C ont Val u es t an Secure an evSelf-determination stands for Switzer- futureland’s pursuit of independence, the poli- Trustworthy l d Retical system with the direct democracy, ch s>the federalism, the tax system, the protec- aration of intellectual property and much Premium quality omplishment ctermore.Secure future contains the high quality of Self-determination > Tonalitylife, the high life expectancy, the security, thepolitical stability, the attractive location forinternational companies, the financial centre,the innovative environment protection, the Authentic Acclife science, the excellent health care systemetc. Alpine habitat PeopleThese two main accomplishments mustbe conveyed in all projects, study trips orinformation material sponsored by theFDFA, Presence Switzerland. These two Ap n sig Swiss cross, pe red and white Demain accomplishments define the relevant aracontent of an activity. Correspondingsuccess stories can be found at nce > Corpora tewww.image-switzerland.chIntroduction November 2010
  9. 9. 1.3.2 Brand Switzerland 9 TonalityCommunication gives the BrandSwitzerland a voice, in countries all over en tthe world, in any given activity spon- C ont Val usored by the FDFA, Presence Switzer- n t es va an Secureland.The tonality for the communication e future Trustworthy l d Remust therefore always express the values ch >and the character of the brand. ara tsThis means the communication must Premium quality cter plishmenbe trustworthy, reliable and credible.It must be of premium quality, in text, art Self-determination > Tonalitywork and execution. It must alwaysbe authentic, communicating the actual,existing strengths of Switzerland. All ccomexamples and pictures must tell stories Authenticabout real people. A Alpine habitat People Ap Swiss cross, n pe ara red and white e sig nce e D > CorporatIntroduction November 2010
  10. 10. 1.3.3 Brand Switzerland 10 Corporate DesignThe elements of the appearance, i.e.the Alpine habitat, the Swiss Cross, the en tcountry colours red and white and the C ont Val upeople, are integral part of the Corporate nt esDesign. e va Secure future an Trustworthy l Re dThey are implemented in the Logo ch s>Switzerland, in the layout guidelines of araall communication material and in omplishmentthe visual world defined in chapter 2.8. Premium quality cterIn order to convey a more active, confi- Self-determination > Tonalitydent and self-determined image ofSwitzerland, the Swiss populationand the Swiss Alpine habitat shouldbe more dominantly present in all Authentic Acccommunication measures. Alpine habitat People Ap Swiss cross, n pe ara red and white e sig nce e D > CorporatIntroduction November 2010
  11. 11. 11 2 Corporate Design Elements 2.1 The Basic Principle 12 2.6 ypography T 28 2.2 ogo Switzerland L 13 2.7 orporate Colours C 30 2.2.1 Languages 16 2.7.1 Secondary Colours 31 2.2.2 Logo Colours / Background Colours 17 2.8 isual World / Photography V 32 2.2.3 Composed Logo Switzerland 18 2.2.4 Exclusion Zone 21 2.9 Principles for use 35 2.2.5 Logo Size 22 2.9.1 Without a partner, single-sided 35 2.2.7 Don’ts 23 2.9.2 With partners, two or more sides 36 2.9.3 With partners, single-sided 37 2.3 ogo Confederation L 24 2.9.4 With partners, multi-sided 38 2.4 Sender layout 25 2.10 ubsidised Activities S 39 2.4.1 Without a partner 25 2.10.1 Variant A: Logo Switzerland 2.4.2 With partners 26 as a joint umbrella 40 2.10.2 Don’ts 41 2.5 Proportion of logo to publication format 27 2.11 Variant B: Logo placement into communication materials of partner organisations 42 November 2010
  12. 12. 2.1 The Basic Principle 12Partner organisations may also use theCD Switzerland outside of projectswith the FDFA. The guidelines must beobserved. The Logo Confederationis then replaced by the partner’s logo URL Helvetica(see chapter 2.10).If the FDFA can only include one logo Whether use is made of the CD Switzerland or the Use of Logo Switzerland as the sole (minority participation), this must always CD of a partner organisation is a matter for negotia- CD elementbe the Logo Confederation. tion. If the FDFA has a majority financial interest – Variant A: The Logo Switzerland or the lead in a project relating to communication places all Swiss partners under abroad, then it is mandatory for the CD Switzerland a joint umbrella. As a further manda- to be used. tory element, the Logo Confederation Headline Subheadline is positioned at an appropriate point The CD Switzerland includes the following between the partner logos as one of Cu puto omnium antiopam vix, mel erant maiestatis te. Vidit ludus necessitatibus ea vis, eu enim agavimia cum ei malo- elements: the senders. rum maluisset. Virtute debitis vim ex. Ut duo idque rationibus, ut eam porconcludaturquet meis eloquentiam eam, id cum eligendi molestiae ctior at his, novum legendos dignissim temea intellega mdeb. – Logo Switzerland – Variant B: The FDFA’s project new – Logo Confederation partners can use the Logo Switzer- Zealand. – Red area land on their own communication – White margin materials in order to indicate that – URL they are involved in a project / – Typography campaign through the CD Switzer- – Corporate colours land. – Visual World / photography The two variants are shown on pages 40 and 42. A description of these CD elements and their mandatory use may be found on the following pages.Corporate Design Elements November 2010
  13. 13. 2.2 Logo Switzerland 13 It is the Logo Switzerland’s function to: make Switzerland visible around the world act as an interconnecting element for activities of Swiss organisations abroad create a strong brand recognition and recollection strengthen the Swiss participants involved stand for the quality and importance of the activity The Logo Switzerland acts as a unifying image for the Swiss activities around the world.Corporate Design Elements Logo is a synonym for signet, company sign, company logo. November 2010
  14. 14. 2.2 Logo Switzerland 14Logo ElementsTwo elements compose the LogoSwitzerland: the white cross on a redbackground (the Swiss nationalemblem) and the text “Switzerland.”in the language of the countrywhere the logo is used. These twoelements can not be separated.The word “Switzerland” in the specificlanguage is always followed by afull stop, except for applications inlanguages normally not using punctua-tion marks (Chinese, Japanese, Thaietc.). The word Switzerland is written inHelvetica 75 Bold (see chapter 2.2).The logos are compiled exclusively bythe FDFA, Presence Switzerland.The logos may not be modified in any Logo Designway. Only the original data may be The Logo Switzerland is used in two design variations, either on white or on red.used.All the logos can be downloaded at:www.image-switzerland.chCorporate Design Elements November 2010
  15. 15. 2.2 Logo Switzerland 15ProportionsThe two elements of the Logo Switzer- x x x x x xland are arranged in a fixed proportion x x x x x xand design. Do not separate theelements. The grid shown provides the x xproper proportion and layout of the xlogo. Scaling the logo up or down is xallowed (minimum size 10 mm in print x xand 60 pixel in online media). 7.5 x x 7.5 x xMeasurements x x xThe standard measuring constant 0.5 x 0.5 xderived from the logo is “x”. “x” 1x 1xis used for the measurements of allapplications in this manual. 6x 6xx = 5 unitsDesign Variation RedUse a white border around the The white border measures 15 % of xSwiss emblem when displaying iton a red background.Corporate Design Elements November 2010
  16. 16. 2.2.1 Logo Switzerland 16 LanguagesThe Logo Switzerland should be word-marked in the official language of thecountry where it is used. This guaranteesthat the origin is clear and understand-able.The word “Switzerland” in the specificlanguage is always followed by a fullstop, except for applications in languag-es that do not normally use punctuationmarks (Chinese, Japanese, Thai etc.).The font chosen for the wordmark ofthe basic version is Helvetica New 75Bold. This style serves as a basis for theother languages in Latin typefaces.All language versions share an identicaldesign and proportion. The heightof upper case letters is identical in allversions. The wordmark is adjustedto the width of the logo (spacing, distor-tion).Logo image files are available indifferent languages. The language versions of the logo shown here are just a selection. The full range of languageCorporate Design Elements versions available may be found at: November 2010
  17. 17. 2.2.2 Logo Switzerland 17 Logo Colours / Background ColoursThe Logo Switzerland may be displayedin red with black text on a white back-ground or with a white border and whitetext on a red background. The colourdefinitions on this page are binding.The black and white version displayedhere may be used as an exception inblack and white communication, e.g. forfacsimile or internal communication. Red White Black CMYK 0/100/95/5 CMYK 0/0/0/0 CMYK 0/0/0/100 Pantone 1797 C / 1797 U Pantone White C/U Pantone Black C/U RGB 225/26/39 RGB 255/255/255 RGB 0/0/0 HEX # E11A27 HEX # FFFFFF HEX # 000000 RAL 3020 Verkehrsrot RAL 9016 Verkehrsweiss RAL 9005 TiefschwarzCorporate Design Elements November 2010
  18. 18. 2.2.3 Composed Logo Switzerland 18Depending on where it is used, the LogoSwitzerland may also include additionaltext elements. There are three variants ofthe Logo Switzerland (standard, withoutadditional text), the logo with the addition Logo Switzerlandof the partner (country, region, city) forbilateral projects (see page 19) and thelogo with additional text elements formajor events (see chapter 4).There are two possible language versionsfor the Composed Logo Switzerland: anEnglish version and a native version in theofficial language of the partner. Boththe name and the wordmark of the Logo newSwitzerland are in the same language.Whether the English or the native version Deutschland. Zealand.(or both) is used depends on the generallocal usage of logos. Logo with additional text Composed Logo SwitzerlandThe logos are compiled exclusivelyby the FDFA, Presence Switzerland.The logos may not be modified in anyway. Only the original data may beused. All the logos can be downloadedat: Logo with additional text for major events (see chapter 4)Corporate Design Elements November 2010
  19. 19. 2.2.3 Composed Logo Switzerland 19The Composed Logo Switzerland existsin three variants: Host country in bigletters, in small letters and on two-lines.As soon as the overall width of the logoexceeds 40x, the font is automatically Umbria. 2xmade small and, where appropriate, max. 40 xdivided over two lines. Big variant Variant with regionDo not alter or change the logo.Always use original data. Deutschland. 2.4 x new york. 1.6 x Small variant Variant with city new 2.4 x Zealand. 2.4 x 2x 1.6 x Two-line variant Variant with themeCorporate Design Elements November 2010
  20. 20. 2.2.3 Composed Logo Switzerland 20Colours new Zealand. Deutschland.The Composed Logo Switzerland shouldappear in colour whenever possible,red and black on a white background orwhite on a red background.As an exception the logo may also be newused in black and white. Zealand. Deutschland. new Zealand. Deutschland. new Zealand. Deutschland.Corporate Design Elements November 2010
  21. 21. 2.2.4 Logo 21 Exclusion ZoneMaintain a consistent exclusion zonearound the Logo Switzerland, as shown.This space represents the minimumdistance between the logo and any otherdesign element, text or page border. 2xThe minimum distance to be maintained 1xaround the Logo Switzerland measures2 x around the logo whatever the size of 1xthe logo may be.1 x = height of the word mark2 x = minimum distance Deutschland.Rule of thumb 1.6 xMinimum distance = 2 × height of wordmarkComposed Logo SwitzerlandMinimum distance = 3 × height of word newmark Zealand. 1.6 x Exclusion Zone Defines the free space around the logo. The exclusion zone makes sure that noCorporate Design Elements other graphic elements are positioned too close to the logo and thus compromise its impact. November 2010
  22. 22. 2.2.5 Logo 22 Logo Size 14 mm 14 mmFor print, the minimum width of the Logo 11.2 mm 11.2 mmSwitzerland is 8 mm. See recommendedlogo heights as shown.For print products bigger than A4,the maximum width is 6% of the overallwidth. Logo width: 11.2 mm Logo width: 14 mm Format: A6 (105 × 148 mm) Format: A6/5 (105 × 210 mm); Format: A5 (148 × 210 mm)The Logo Switzerland is always the main Reproduction in original size CD / DVD Bookletlogo. Make sure that the Logo Switzer- Reproduction in original sizeland never appears smaller than otherlogos. 16.8 mm 16.8 mm 8 mm 8 mmIf there is not enough space for theComposed Logo Switzerland, then theLogo Switzerland is used.The ratio of the Logo Switzerland dimen- Minimum width: 8 mm Format Business Card et al.sions to the publication format is shown Digital media Reproduction in original sizeon page 27. Logo width: 16.8 mm Format: A4 (210 × 297 mm) Reproduction in original size 8 mm 8 mm 8 mm 10 mm new 48 px Deutschland. Zealand.Corporate Design Elements Minimum size of the Composed Logo Switzerland November 2010
  23. 23. 2.2.7 Logo Usage 23 Don’tsDo not display the Logo Switzerlandwith alternative colours, additionalborders, distorted text or on colouredbackgrounds (except red backgrounds) Title Subtitleor other fonts. TextDo not separate the Logo Switzerlandfrom the text. Do not create composedlogos with partner logos.Do not alter the text, colours, proportionsor design of the bilateral project logo.Do not place the logo over alternative Switzerlandcolours or photo backgrounds.The Logo must be taken from the originalimage file provided. Only the size of thelogo may be changed while maintainingthe proper proportions. ClaimCorporate Design Elements November 2010
  24. 24. Deu für die Logos (Kennz 2.3 Logo Confederation 24 Extrait du Fran Les exemples montre indications sont vala l’administration.The CD Switzerland is subject to the 55 mm Minimum size 32 mm Minimum size 32 mmguidelines of the CD Confederation.Within this framework the Logo Confed- Excerpt fr Engeration has to appear on all means of The samples show ocommunication. On multi-page material are also valid for all lit is placed on the back, on one-pagematerial it is positioned on the bottomleft of the page. For more information Original Size, verticalsee chapter 3.The usage of the Logo Confederation isrestricted to the applications defined Sprachvarianten Das Bundeslogo bleibt unvin the CD Confederation. For details see Rätoromanisch darf weggthe CD manual on intranet FDFA and Original Size, horizontal Das Bundeslogo darf durc Sprachen werden durch eithe guidelines of every department. Versions linguistiques Le logo de la ConfédératioContact: français, l’italien et le rom Le logo de la Confédératio gne séparera les langues s Additionnal languages The logo of the Confedera and Raeto-Romance can b It is possible to combine more than one identifier. The logo of the Confedera The logos are EDA/DTC/Jan2010 Communication of Information Dept. at the FDFA. nal languages are separate Information compiled by the Visual 55 mm 2x 5x 2x 5x 2x 2xApplication Design Elements The exclusion zone around the Logo Confederation must be taken into account. November 2010
  25. 25. 2.4 Sender layout 25 2.4.1 Without a partnerSender layout for the Logo Confederation On all printed communication material www.example.orgpublished within the framework of the CD 3XSwitzerland a relevant URL is always 3Xplaced on the front on the bottom left,aligned to the wordmark of the Logo Title page for applications for material with two or more sides 3X 3XSwitzerland. The height of the text isidentical to the height of the wordmark. Minimum size 32 mmOn printed material with two or moresides the URL stands alone, on the front.On one-sided material the URL is placed 3Xunderneath the Logo Confederation. 3XThe distance between the URL and theLogo Confederation must correspond to Application on one-side materialat least the exclusion zone for the LogoConfederation.The ratio of the Logo Switzerlanddimensions to the publication formatis shown on page 27. 3X 3XCorporate Design Elements Application on one-side material November 2010
  26. 26. 2.4.2 Sender layout 26 With partnersFor two or more-sided applications, Presenting Sponsorthe Logo Confederation is included onthe rear, as the sender, together withthe partners’ logos. Gold SponsorsOn single-sided materials, the senderand the partners’ logos are on the leftand the Logo Switzerland on the right. Silver Sponsor Bronze Sponsors SWISS GUIDES Shaping Mountain Culture in Western Canada Supporting Bronze Sponsor Applications for material with two or more sides, back and cover Headline Subheadline Cu puto omnium antiopam vix, mel erant maiestatis te. Vidit ludus necessitatibus ea vis, eu enim agavimia cum ei malorum maluisset. Virtute debitis vim ex. Ut duo idque rationibus, ut eam porconcludaturquet meis eloquentiam eam, id cum eligendi molestiae ctior at his, novum legendos dignissim temea intellega mdeb. New Sponsors Zealand.Corporate Design Elements Application on single-sided material November 2010
  27. 27. 2.5 Proportion of logo to publication format 27The dimensions listed here apply accord- Format Logosize White edge in mm (width) in mm in % of the logo’s widthingly for other formats. < A6 8 mm 4 mm 50 %The Logo Switzerland constitutes the A6 11.2 mm 5.6 mm 50 %reference and not the Composed Logo A5 14 mm 7 mm 50 %Switzerland. A4 16.8 mm 8.4 mm 50 %The height of the red or white area is A3 19.6 mm 9.8 mm 50 %variable. > A3 Maximum 6 % of the product’s ½ of logo’s width 50 % widthThese values are to be regarded asguide values for intermediate sizes andcountry-specific formats. 1X 1X 3X 3X 3X 6X 3X 6X 3X 3X November 2010
  28. 28. 2.6 Typography 28Only Helvetica fonts (in all the standard-width variants) should be used. If for Helvetica Familytechnical reasons Helvetica fonts are not Helvetica 45 Lightavailable, use Arial. Helvetica 55 NormalThe Helvetica font family is available abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzin various non-Latin language versions,such as Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic and ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPqRSTUVWXYZHebrew. A font from the Hei family isrecommended for Chinese. 1234567890 Helvetica 65 MediumIn typesetting (spaces before punctua-tion marks, quotation marks, etc.) Helvetica 75 Bolddue consideration is given to nationalspecificities. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFgHIjkLMnoPqRSTUVWxyZ 1234567890 Helvetica 85 Heavy Helvetica 95 Black abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz aBcdefgHijklmnopqrstuvwxyzCorporate Design Elements 1234567890 November 2010
  29. 29. 2.6 Typography 29For office applications the reccomendedfont is Arial. Arial Family Arial Regular abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz AbcdeFghijklmnopqRstuvwxyz 1234567890 Arial BoldFor internet-applications therecommended font is Verdana. Verdana Family Verdana Regular abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz abcdeFghijklmnopqRstuVwxyz 1234567890 Verdana BoldCorporate Design Elements November 2010
  30. 30. 2.7 Corporate Colours 30Colour plays a central role in communi-cating the Brand Switzerland. Alwaysuse the palette of red, black, and whiteoutlined below and apply them toany communications material, e.g. intypography, graphic elements etc. Red WhiteRed is never rastered (no tonal values CMYK 0/100/95/5 CMYK 0/0/0/0 Pantone 1797 C / 1797 U Pantone White C/Ushould be used). RGB 225/26/39 RGB 255/255/255 HEX # E11A27 HEX # FFFFFF RAL 3020 Traffic red RAL 9016 Traffic white Black gray 60 gray 30 gray 15 CMYK 0/0/0/100 CMYK 0/0/0/60 CMYK 0/0/0/30 CMYK 0/0/0/15 Pantone Black C/U Pantone Cool Gray 8 C/U Pantone Cool Gray 5 C/U Pantone Cool Gray 3 C/U RGB 0/0/0 RGB 153/153/153 RGB 204/204/204 RGB 230/230/230 HEX # 000000 HEX # 999999 HEX # CCCCCC RAL 9005 Jet blackCorporate Design Elements November 2010
  31. 31. 2.7.1 Corporate Colours 31 Secondary ColoursOnly use the secondary coloursdefined here.Tonal values may also be used. Colour Colour Colour Colour CMYK 70 /10 /100 / 0 CMYK 90 / 70 / 0 / 0 CMYK 60 / 15 / 0 / 0 CMYK 0 / 40 / 100 / 0 Pantone 376 C / 376 U Pantone 2728 C / 2728 U Pantone 298 C / 298 U Pantone 130 C / 129 U RGB 91 /161 / 40 RGB 30 / 84 /158 RGB 103 /179 / 223 RGB 246 /168 / 0 HEX # 5BA128 HEX # 1E549E HEX # 67B3DF HEX # F6A800 Colour Colour Colour CMYK 0 / 20 / 100 / 60 CMYK 25 /100 /100 / 20 CMYK 100 / 0 /100 / 20 Pantone 4495 C / 456 U Pantone 484 C / 173 U Pantone 356 C / 356 U RGB 133 /109 / 0 RGB 161 / 20 / 28 RGB 0 /124/ 48 HEX # 856d00 HEX # A1141C HEX # 007C30Corporate Design Elements November 2010
  32. 32. 2.8 Visual World / Photography 32 Images reflect Switzerland’s brand values. Therefore, the right choice of images is crucial for the communi- cation abroad. Central elements of the Swiss world of images are the Alpine habitat and Switzerlands’s people. The Alpine habitat and its characteristic features on the one hand evoke strong associations with Switzerland. On the other hand Switzerland’s people make the Swiss history, values and achievements become alive and tangible.Corporate Design Elements November 2010
  33. 33. 2.8 Visual World / Photography 33Style Images within the CD Switzerland arecharacterised by their natural style.Landscapes and situations taken fromeveryday Swiss life convey an imageof authenticity and believeability, as wellas an image of a country where highquality matters. For this reason, photosmust not be artificially changed ormanipulated. Poor quality pictures mustnot be used.Colours Wherever possible, images shouldcontain Switzerland’s national colours,red and white. They should be part ofa natural context, for example in back-grounds, clothing or accessories.They should never give the impressionof having been added to the pictureartificially.Picture database at:www.image-switzerland.chCorporate Design Elements November 2010
  34. 34. 2.8 Visual World / Photography 34Composition/ContentEvery picture should tell a little story.Create suspense in the composition ofthe picture by using contrasts (small /large, close / far, bright / dark, etc.),special angles or an unusual focus.Show a lively picture of a modern,active Switzerland in all the segmentsof today’s life from contemporaryarchitecture to traditional customs andfrom natural spectacles to nano-technology.Avoid the ordinary and obvious.In exceptional cases, it is permitted touse renderings, artificial images(paintings, etc.) and black and whitemotifs.Picture database at:www.image-switzerland.chCorporate Design Elements November 2010
  35. 35. 2.9 Principles for use 35 2.9.1 Without a partner, single-sidedThe following elements are used for White edge Font Picturespublications without a partner: 3x Helvetica, all variants, Alpine habitat, in exceptional cases Arial people, red, white- the negative Logo Switzerland, positioned prominently on the title page, at the bottom or top right, on red. It is not permitted to place the logo on a different-coloured background.- Logo Confederation- red area (variable size)- white edge, proportional to size of logo- URL of page with further information: is always available- typography in Helvetica for print products. For digital media, Verdana is used and, for Office applications, Arial. Headline- the colours used are red, white and Subheadline black, as well as different shades of Cu puto omnium antiopam vix, mel erant maiestatis te. Vidit ludus necessitatibus ea vis, eu enim agavimia cum ei malo- rum maluisset. Virtute debitis vim ex. Ut duo idque rationibus, ut eam porconcludaturquet meis eloquentiam eam, id cum eligendi molestiae ctior at his, novum legendos dignissim temea intellega mdeb. grey New- image with a clear-cut message Zealand.- titles may be positioned on the picture or on the red or white area. Text may not be placed on the picture and red URL Logo Switzerland area simultaneously. front side bottom right, negative bottom left Sender: Red area 1 x Logo Confederation mandatory, variable height, (character height bottom left correct red as per specification “Switzerland“)Corporate Design Elements November 2010
  36. 36. 2.9.2 Principles for use 36 With partners, two or more sidesOn publications with two or more sides, White edge Red area Picturesthe Logo Confederation with the FDFA as 3x mandatory, Alpine habitat, variable height people, red, whitethe sender will be positioned on the rear. Headline Subheadline In eos porro aperiri, ut mel habeo menandri constituam. te molestiae elaboraret sea, offendit salutandi patrioqu no eum. Te sit alii tempor molestiae. 32 mm Sender: Logo Switzerland Logo Confederation bottom right, negative on rear Red area URL Font on rear, correct red front Helvetica in all variants, as per specification bottom left in exceptional cases Arial, text on red area or pictureCorporate Design Elements November 2010
  37. 37. 2.9.3 Principles for use 37 With partners, single-sidedThe following elements are used for White edge Font Pictures 3x Helvetica in all variants, Alpine habitat,single-sided publications with partners: in exceptional cases Arial people, red, white– the positive Logo Switzerland, placed prominently on the title page at the top or bottom right, on white. It is not per- mitted to place the logo on a different- Headline coloured background.– the Logo Confederation– white area (variable size)– white edge, proportional to size of logo– URL of page with further information: is always available– typography in Helvetica for print products. For digital media, Verdana is used and, for Office applications, Arial– the colours used are red, white and black, as well as different shades of grey Sponsors New– image with a clear-cut message Zealand.– titles may be positioned on the picture or on the white area. Text may not be placed on the picture and white area URL white field area Logo Switzerland simultaneously. front side variable height bottom right, positive bottom left Partner logos (character height separated by “Switzerland“ = 1 x) Sender: Logo Confederation black bar bottom leftCorporate Design Elements November 2010
  38. 38. 2.9.4 Principles for use 38 With partners, multi-sidedOn two-sided publications with partners, White White edge Pictures back page 3x Alpine habitat,there is a red area on the front page with people, red, whitethe negative Logo Switzerland. The rearpage with the partner logos is white. HeadlineApart from this, the same principles Subheadlineas those set out on the previous pageapply. Sponsors Sender: URL Logo Confederation front on back page bottom left Partner logos Red area Logo Switzerland separated by variable height, bottom right, negative black bar correct red as per specification, mandatory for multi- sided publicationsCorporate Design Elements November 2010
  39. 39. 2.10 Subsidised Activities 39The correct placement of the logomust be examined as the case arises. The FDFA can appear in its own (see chapter 3),There are two possible alternativesfor the FDFA when it appears in an neutral or third-party environment. “Neutral” meansenvironment other than its ownenvironment: umbrella placement a design that is not dominated by a corporate designand subordinate placement.See page 35, principles for use. of one of the organisations involved. A “third-party” environment is when the FDFA appears in a different organisation’s corporate design. The positioning of the Logo Switzerland as the sole CD element in a neutral or third-party environment is described in what follows.Logo Applications for Subsidised Activities November 2010
  40. 40. 2.10.1 Subsidised Acitivities 40 Variant A: Logo Switzerland as a joint umbrellaIn order to create a uniform appearance Neutral area, or area within Logo Switzerland the partner‘s CD separated by a bar,of Switzerland, ideally the Logo Switzer- as a joint umbrellaland should be displayed as a jointumbrella whenever the FDFA partnersactivities together with other Swiss orinternational organisations or companies.As a joint umbrella, the Logo Switzerlandis placed either on the right or on top Official Sponsors(right or left) of the other logos. The LogoSwitzerland and the remaining logos Expo Partnerson the left or underneath are alwaysseparated by a bar.The Logo Switzerland should be recog-nisably bigger than the other logos. Logo Confederation in a block with the partner logos Partner PartenairesThe Logo Confederation must be Partnersdisplayed within the partner structurein order to relate the Logo Switzerland Official Sponsors Hauptpartner, Partenaire principal, Main partner Donatoren, Dto the official body, the SwissConfederation. Expo Partners Subvenienten, Organismes subventionnaires, Granting agenciesThe exclusion zone must be observed. Adrian Neuh Ammann Sch BEKB|BCBE Ducksch & A Elektrolux AG Kühne + Nag Schöni Trans Swiss Life, G Partner, Partenaires, Partners Medienpartn Exception Trade fair stand If only one logo can beincluded this must be the (partner‘s corporate design with Logo 192Logo Applications for Subsidised Activities Logo Confederation in a block with the partner logos Switzerland) November 2010
  41. 41. 2.10.2 Subsidised Acitivities 41 Don’tsThe Logo Switzerland may not be inte- Official Sponsorsgrated in a partner structure but mustprovide an umbrella for the structure.If the Logo Switzerland cannot be posi- Official Partnerstioned in this way, the Logo Confederation Official Sponsors Kooperationspartnerwill be used (see page 40, bottom left). Expo Partners Official PartnersThe logos must always be positionedon a white surface. Expo PartnersDo not use any other layouts of thepartner block than the one defined above.Do not create composed logos withother partner or partner logos.Do not alter the text, colours, proportionsor design of the Logo Switzerland.Do not place the Logo Switzerland overcolours other than red or white or overphoto backgrounds.The Logo Switzerland must be takenfrom the original image file provided.Only the size of the logo may bechanged while maintaining the properproportions.Logo Applications for Subsidised Activities November 2010
  42. 42. 2.11 Variant B: Logo placement into communication 42 materials of partner organisationsThe guidelines here show possibilities Neutral area or area Logo Switzerland with within the partner’s CD the exclusion zone, atof integrating the Logo Switzerland into the bottom or top right,communication materials of partner on a white backgroundorganisations.The Logo Switzerland should have asmuch visual impact as possible.The logo must be placed on red(see page 17 for colour definition) oron white. The logo should be placedwhenever possible on the top right or Invitationbottom right. (partner‘s corporate design with the Logo Switzerland on the top right)The logo can be used in red or black LOGOand white, in either its positive or nega-tive form.The exclusion zone must be observed. Musandit isciam imetWherever possible use more white ius, ium cum imusani hillabore volupta comni re, quatem quibeat quodic to ea peliquid modis inis ari corspace around the logo than just the aut venimet ernam Text obitatum Text obita-minimum exclusion zone. tum sun ima sun ima renimus, volorru ti ur? renimus, volorru ti ur? Musandit isciam imet ius, ium cum imusani hillabore volupta comni re, quatem quibeat quodic to ea peliquid m Brochure, front and rear page (partner‘s corporate design with the Logo Switzerland on the bottom right)Logo Applications for Partner Organisations November 2010