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Traveling With A Different Perspective


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The tourism industry is booming at large all across the world. More and more people are visiting and immersing into different cultures. This only means one thing - globalisation.

What type of traveler are you? Do you give back to the community?

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Traveling With A Different Perspective

  1. 1. A different perspective to travel. @terence7 #travel #green #socialresponsibility #community growth #socialmedia
  2. 2. Why Am I Inspired To Travel?
  3. 3. $ researchers luxurious tour Photographers Volun-tourist flashpacker /videographes backpacking volunteering community
  4. 4. My volunteering experiences
  5. 5. Aceh Indonesia
  6. 6. Chiangrai Thailand
  7. 7. East Malaysia
  8. 8. Hanoi Vietnam
  9. 9. Orang Asli Malaysia
  10. 10. Why bother? …becasqe we qhosld.
  11. 11. Benefits of volunteering Steeper learning curve
  12. 12. Benefits of volunteering Stepping out of the comfort zone
  13. 13. Benefits of volunteering Self development
  14. 14. Benefits of volunteering Give back what you receive
  15. 15. Benefits of volunteering Builds your CV
  16. 16. Benefits of volunteering More friends
  17. 17. Benefits of volunteering Life changing!
  18. 18. …but I don’t have a skill OR my skills are not relevant
  19. 19. Book keeping skills Communication Skills Teach English Facebook Basic First Aid Design Brochure Crafts and Arts Set up Blog Sing Songs Manual Work Play Football Training Cook Learn and Apply
  20. 20. Why Ecoteer? Quality Projects Eliminate Middle Man Rating System Free or Cheap Projects
  21. 21. Where do I start? Where do you want to go? Search for placements – Be a member of Liaise directly with projects [After] Rate projects & Tell your friends!
  22. 22. …yos can’r meaqspe experience
  23. 23. Thank you! @terence7 @ecoteer ;
  24. 24. All pictures were taken by myself, with the exception of Slide 10, 11 and 12 (from You have no right to reproduce this presentation unless approved. © 2010. Terence Ooi. Ecoteer.