Egypt 2012 Itinerary


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  • The performance is similar to the common whirling dervishes. However, this version of the autochthonous dance integrates musical instruments.
  • Egypt 2012 Itinerary

    1. 1.  
    2. 2.  June 4th/5th 2012 Flew in to Cairo Airport Maadi City Centre o Money exchange o Shopping at Carrefour Checked in at American University in Cairo dorms
    3. 3.  Dashour pyramids: o Red pyramid, northern pyramid, bent pyramid Step pyramid Carpet shop Great pyramids of Giza Kartoush shop, papyrus shop
    4. 4.  Egyptian museum Lunch at famous restaurant Felfela Alaa El Din Old Cairo tour: Shia sites, Antique market. Al Husein mosque, Khan Khalili. Fulbright office visit
    5. 5. Reminiscence of theRevolution
    6. 6. Bullet holes
    7. 7. Islamic architecture
    8. 8.  Catacombs Pillar, sphinxes, and daughter library. Seaside and Citadel Mediterranean seafood Library of Alexandria Met with a Muslim Brotherhood leader : Mohammed Sudan - businessman, responsible for international relations in Freedom and Justice party for Alexandria branch. Lived in Houston for a few years.
    9. 9. 1477 AD by Sultan Al-AshrafSayf al-Din Qait Bay
    10. 10. Old and New
    11. 11.  Mari Girgis district – Coptic and Greek Orthodox churches and sites: o the Hanging Church built over the ancient Roman fortress, o the only open Synagogue in Egypt: Ben Ezra Synagogue, Oldest Mosque in Egypt - Amr ibn al-As Surprise visit to Cairo University’s School of Physical Therapy, meeting with the dean El Azhar Mosque and surprise visit to Cultural Center for a Whirling Dervish show
    12. 12. Oldest mosque in Africa
    13. 13. Wekalat El Ghouri CulturalCenter
    14. 14.  Met Ahmed, our guide’s cousin – representative of the liberal youth The Citadel – Mohammed Ali Mosque American University in Cairo tour 1pm lunch with American Studies professors and students 8pm sleeping train to Luxor
    15. 15. 1184 AD
    16. 16. View from the Citadel
    17. 17. Ode to the Revolution
    18. 18. American University of Cairo
    19. 19.  5am arrive in Luxor Visit to Karnak temple Lunch and lecture on the cruise boat Visit to Luxor temple
    20. 20. Cruise ship
    21. 21. Crossing Civilizations
    22. 22.  Luxor West Bank Alabaster store The Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut Medinet Habu Temple in Luxor, also known as the Mortuary Temple of Ramesses III
    23. 23.  Edfu o Took a horse and buggy ride to Horus Temple Kom Ombo o Temple of Sobek Hassan presents a lecture on Nubia Surprise visit to Hassan’s house
    24. 24. Built in the Ptolemaic periodbetween 237 and 57 BCE
    25. 25.  Aswan Philae Temple High Dam and Lake Nasser Feluka Botanical Gardens 7pm train back to Cairo
    26. 26.  Arrive in Cairo Free Day Day 11 – Flight back to Houston
    27. 27. Contrary to mediarepresentation