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Office Lighitng - Tambient Tambour


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furniture mounted single component task / ambient luminaires

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Office Lighitng - Tambient Tambour

  1. 1. Styles L201, L202 Tambour L221, L222 Task Ambient, Linear T5 Lamp Designed to provide ambient lighting and low-glare task lighting for horizontal worksurfaces when mounted above seated and below standing eye height. Where privacy partitions occur, luminaires also reduce workstation luminance ratios by softly lighting the panel in front of the user. Style L202 features smooth front and rear side panels. Tambour Style L222 features a decorative, scalloped front panel and smooth rear side. Styles L201 and Tambour L221 feature an integral mounting channel to facilitate installation on open office furniture.
  2. 2. Styles L201, L202 ■ Lighting load as low as 0.6W per sq.ft. ■ Available in lengths from 36" to 96" Tambour L221, L222 ■ Small profile – only 2-1/2" x 6" (6-7/16” for Tambour) ■ Anti-glare “batwing” task lens ■ Extruded aluminum housing ■ 9' power cord with molded plug Task Ambient, Linear T5 Lamp ■ Energy efficient T5 lamp(s) and electronic ballast ■ Contoured die-cast endplates included Typical Workstation Louvers Mounting Mounting Height Styles L201 (pictured) and L221 are easily mounted using a variety of Three optical hook-on panel mounting brackets. Clamp-on desk stanchions are also configurations Panel available for L201, L221, L202. Also, L201 and L221 can be mounted to accommodate Hook, various panel systems. See Mounting Accessories on page 4. 24" and L201, 30" deep Designed to achieve low brightness L221 worksurfaces viewed from below standing and mounting eye height and deliver more heights candlepower near the cut-off angle. Stanchion, between 48" The result is higher ambient light L201, and 66" (see levels and better uniformity where L202, Ordering ceilings are low or workstations are L221, Guide on widely spaced. L222 page 4). To avoid Task Lens discomfort Wall glare, do not Mount, install units L201, below 48" or L221 above 66". L202 pictured Stanchion, at left back view, The clear contoured lens wraps L202, the lower half of the lamp. L222 Perpendicular prisms redirect offending light rays so they strike the task at an angle to the normal sightline, substantially reducing veiling reflections. The lens slides along length of luminaire to Illuminance calculations based on the Reflectances: Room 80/50/20, accommodate task positions. Desktop 60, Partition 45. Ceiling height: 8’-0” Work Surface height: 29” Mounting height: 54” LLF1 Tambient luminaire length: 6’-0” Batwing Task Lens located at center of luminaire. All illuminanace values are in Footcandles. 3/10
  3. 3. Styles L201, L202 Tambour L221, L222 Task Ambient, Linear T5 Lamp Electrical Performance Features Ballast: Integral electronic ballast Fillers: extruded aluminum. 3/8" is HPF thermally protected class P, to 6" long depending on luminaire length. Note: standard modular 120 volt. BF > 0.98. Programmed length units do not require fillers. start maximizes lamp life and mini- mizes energy use. Mounting brackets: Hang-on option 3500K standard output T5 lamps available for most modular furniture systems. Order separately for are included. 3000K and 4100K mounting slot at rear of L201. lamps are available on request. UL listed, CSA certified. Louvers: High performance for maximum uplIght Mounting Slot (L201, coverage. Low-brightness from below standing eye L221) and Cord Exits height. Lift out for re-lamping and cleaning. Housing: extruded aluminum, radiused 180-0 Degrees, 90-270 Degrees edges Center lamp height position. See Website for alternate positions On/off switch: (optional) is Note: Illuminance based on a minimum centered on the bottom of of 10 workstations. Light levels will be the luminaire. 5-10% greater in large rooms with more Endplates: Task lens: clear, linear prismatic acrylic, Integral mounting slot is workstations. stamped steel, 18" long. Slides to any position along continuous along rear of units finished black, length to reduce veiling reflections. Ballast factor: .98 mate with bridge L201 and L221 accepting a variety Input Watts: 52 stanchions and Downlight reflectors: of hang-on mounting accessories Max. Candlepower At 140 deg -629 cd end-mount specular extruded aluminum and provides horizontal cord management. T5 lamp(s): Cord exit for L201 and L221 is Finishes included concealed within rear mounting Louver tiles are specular vacuum Personal switch for slot. Cord can be routed dimming control (optional) Showing integral mounting metalized polycarbonate with clear slot and mid-mount optics: horizontally along slot without polymer topcoat for easy cleaning. Cord: 9' 18-3 SJT, molded 6” (152mm) interfering with mounting. Specify Extruded aluminum reflectors are NEMA 5-15 grounded plug, right- or left-hand exit. chemically brightened and clear factory installed. 2 1/2” (64mm) Cord exits for L202 and L222 are anodized. on the bottom of the luminaire Powdercoat finish on housing. Removable decorative endplates: L201 for end-mounting on brackets, Environmentally friendly 6-stage Included. Use where luminaire ends located 1-1/2" (38mm) from either pre-treatment and electrostatically are not concealed by furniture. Each end. Cord exits for desk-mount adds 3/8" to luminaire length. applied thermoset powder coat 6 1/2” (165mm) stanchions are located on the provides a long-lasting, scratch 2 1/2” (64mm) rear of the luminaire, 9" (227mm) resistant finish. Choice of standard from end for 4' luminaire, and 12" L221 colors. RAL and computer-matched Tambour (305mm) from end for 5' luminaire. colors available on request. Specify right- or left-hand exit. 12/09
  4. 4. Ordering Guide Mounting Accessories Styles L201, L202 Tambour Styles L221, L222 TPH Panel Hooks, pair (L201, L221) TPR End Mount Rail Kit, pair (L202, L222) Type: TPH T P Project: Notes: System* Finish (at left) *For compatible Sample number: L201-71S6-M-EL15-1-1R-ES-00 furniture systems, TPH Panel Hooks mount to slotted panel consult factory frame. Stamped and formed CRS. TPR End Mount Rails (for 24" wide end L 2 0 0 panels) mount to slotted panel frames. Style Length/Lamp(s) Optic Finish Electrical Cord Cord Options Lamp Several models are available to interface Code Exit Color with a variety of panel systems. TPR Includes pair of black interface plates. Style Finish Cord L201 Task ambient luminaire with EL02 Eggshell white 90° SW rotation plug, 9 feet: L221 integral hang-on mounting channel EL06 Dark bronze 1 Black EL07 Silver 3 Gray TMHDW Wall Brackets, pair (L201, L221) L202 Task ambient luminaire with EL08 Semi-gloss black 5 Beige L222 smooth back panel EL12 British racing green 7 Chicago cord, integral T M H D W E L 0 0 EL15 Warm metallic circuit breaker, black Length/Lamps TASL Semi-gloss slate Mount to stud-framed walls, millwork, and straight plug, 9 feet (L202 only): TMHDW XXXX Custom color (specify other solid surfaces. Stamped and formed CRS, Code Length (mm) Lamp(s) Input 2 Black black. or submit sample) 4 Gray 24S2 24" (610) 1xF14T5 14W or 4-digit RAL color code 6 Beige 36S3 35-3/4" (910) 1xF21T5 27W (color chart available) 8 Chicago cord, integral 48S4 47-1/2" (1205) 1xF28T5 33W circuit breaker, black Electrical TSH TSH Desk Clamp Stanchion (L201, L221) 60S5 59" (1500) 1xF35T5 41W 120 V only Cord Exit TSX TSX Desk Clamp Stanchion (L202, L222) 71S6 70-3/4" (1800) 2xF21T5 49W 1 Electronic ballast R Right rear (L201, L202) 1xF21T5 T Dimming ballast for personal 83S7 82-1/2" (2095) + 1xF28T5 60W L Left rear (L201, L202) T S 1 9 dimming control option E Right bottom (L202 only) 95S8 94-1/4" (2395) 2xF28T5 66W Height Finish (at left) W Left bottom (L202 only) Other lengths and lamping are available; consult Mount to edge of worksurface – 1/2" to 3-1/4" For L202, R and L are on dual stanchion factory. thick. Extruded aluminum post. Resilient pads only. E and W exits (L202) are 1-1/2" resist slippage, protect surfaces. Integral cord Optic from end of luminaire. management. TSH19-/TSX19- places top of Worksurface luminaire 19-1/2" above worksurface. Sold Mounting Depth L Low-mount Height Options individually; some luminaires require two 24" 30" E0 None stanchions. 48" – 50" Low Low ES On/Off switch ED Dimming switch (L201, L221 for M Mid-mount 51" – 52" Mid Low use with dimming ballast only) 53" – 57" Mid Mid X0 Dual stanchion predrill (L202, L222) 58" – 61" High Mid XS Dual stanchion predrill and integral on/off switch (L202, L222) H High-mount 62" – 63" High/(1) High XX Custom modification (specify) 64" – 66" (1) High Lamp Color (1) Consult factory. Notation for 00 3500K, 85 CRI height 62” - 63’ is for L202. To avoid glare, do not install below 48" or above 66" Certain products illustrated may be covered by applicable patents and 114 Boston Post Road, West Haven, Connecticut 06516, USA patents pending. These specifications supersede all prior publications and Voice 203.931.4455 • Fax 203.934.2240 • are subject to change without notice. © 2010 The Lighting Quotient. 3/10