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School Lighting Considerations


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Lighting for Schools and Universities

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School Lighting Considerations

  1. 1. Lighting Considerations for Schools
  2. 2. focus on teaching walls Stonington HS – Mamaroneck HS – Three Rivers CC – Fletcher Thompson Geddis Partners Architects Fletcher Thompson
  3. 3. circulation areas Helen Keller Elementary – Trumbull Elementary – Fletcher Thompson Fletcher Thompson
  4. 4. circulation areas Helen Keller Elementary – Weston Elementary – Weston Elementary – Fletcher Thompson Fletcher Thompson Fletcher Thompson
  5. 5. entries & lobbies Booth Hill Elementary – Wintergreen Magnet School – Oakland Christian School – Fletcher Thompson Jeter Cook Jepson Van Tine/Guthrie Studio
  6. 6. cafeteria Keene High School – Davis Elementary School – Lavallee/Brensinger OPN Architects
  7. 7. libraries Stonington High School – Weston High School – Fletcher Thompson Fletcher Thompson
  8. 8. libraries College of Southern Nevada – Domingo Cambeiro Corporation with Cherri Payne
  9. 9. sports areas Quail Run School – Normal Community High School – PKG Design Group BLDD Architects