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Microsoft Government                                               Customer Solution Case Study                           ...
noise environment and the availability of                       In addition, the portal uses Bing Maps to        scaled to...
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Barcelona incrementa la productividad de los trabajadores móviles mediante una solución Cloud


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Barcelona incrementa la productividad de los trabajadores móviles mediante una solución Cloud

  1. 1. Microsoft Government Customer Solution Case Study City Government Increases Mobile Worker Productivity with Cloud-Based SolutionCustomer: City of BarcelonaWebsite: “Launching this service in the cloud has enabled us toCustomer Size: 12,000 employees position the City of Barcelona as a strategic meetingCountry or Region: SpainIndustry: Government point in Europe.” Francisco Rodriguez, Director of Telecommunications, City of BarcelonaCustomer ProfileThe City of Barcelona, the second largest The City of Barcelona wanted to make it easy for mobile workerscity in Spain, provides numerous services to find “third places” in the city—that is, suitable places to workto its 1.6 million residents, including citymanagement, security, environmental, with wireless connectivity, quiet environments, and resourceswelfare, and cultural services. such as printers. To achieve its goal, the city launched a web-Partner Profile based portal recommended by the Microsoft Innovation CenterThe Microsoft Innovation Center for for Productivity that helps mobile professionals find the highest-Productivity helps companies increaseproductivity through a better use of rated coffee shops, hotels, and other places to work dependingtechnology. on their specific location and needs.Software and Services Microsoft Visual Studio Business Needs With the dual goal of helping businesses − Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 The City of Barcelona, the second largest be more productive and drawing more Premium city in Spain, serves more than 1.6 million visitors to the city, Barcelona city officials − Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft inhabitants. About half of these people are and the Microsoft Innovation Center for Visual Studio employed in and around Barcelona, with Productivity (MIC Productivity) decided to Windows Azure Platform many working remotely at least some of launch a portal aimed at helping mobile − Windows Azure the time, such as in between meetings and workers find ideal locations to work no − Microsoft SQL Azure while on-the-go. In addition, the city draws matter where they are in the city. The Technologies about 6.5 million visitors each year. portal—to be called “Third Place” − Bing Maps Thousands of these visitors are business ( in reference to a people who come to Barcelona to attend third place of work after the office andFor more information about other professional conferences, in part, because home—would offer helpful informationMicrosoft customer successes, please visit: of the city’s reputation for IT excellence. about remote work locations, such as
  2. 2. noise environment and the availability of In addition, the portal uses Bing Maps to scaled to offer users a seamlesstables, computer outlets, meeting rooms, show users the highest-rated spots and experience, even during peak demandand printers. The goal for this portal was to how to find them. “By using the Bing Maps times. “Windows Azure lets you adjustbe able to enter feedback about various platform, we were able to support all the resources dynamically, ensuring that theworkspaces, such as coffee shops, hotels, standards and APIs [application system response will be fast, regardless ofairports, and public facilities. In addition, programming interfaces] needed to demand,” Llobera says.this portal would provide applications that quickly get the portal up and running,”could be downloaded to mobile devices, says Xavier Llobera, Business Development Increased Worker Productivityarticles about telecommuting, and tips for Manager at the Microsoft Innovation Perhaps most important, the City ofthose entering this new way of working. Center for Productivity. “Additionally, Bing Barcelona has increased productivity— allows us to rapidly launch new Third Place both for residents and tourists working inTo showcase its IT excellence, the City of portals focused on other cities anywhere in third places. This, in turn, has enabled theBarcelona wanted to have the portal in the world.” city to better serve its citizens, whileplace by February 2010, when it was to host expanding the city’s reputation as athe Mobile World Congress. However, the Benefits premiere location for businessportal would need to be launched quickly as Basing its Third Place portal on the conferences.the convention was just eight weeks away. Windows Azure platform enabled MIC“It was important to us to have the service Productivity to get the portal up and “Various studies have demonstrated theavailable before our city would be visited by running very quickly for the City of positive impact mobile working has on aa huge number of professionals who have Barcelona. The platform makes it possible company—reduced time lost in travel,mobility as a main priority,” says Francisco to easily scale as user demand grows, improved customer service, fewerRodriguez, Director of Telecommunications while increasing mobile worker and tourist greenhouse gas emissions, increasedfor the City of Barcelona. productivity. productivity, better work-life balance,” says Rodriguez. “Launching this service in theSolution Fast Time-to-Market cloud has enabled us to position the CityMIC Productivity, experts in helping Launching the cloud-based portal on the of Barcelona as a strategic meeting pointbusinesses and public administrators Windows Azure platform took just six in Europe.”increase productivity, helped the City of weeks, about half the three months itBarcelona by implementing the portal and would have taken if the City of Barcelona Given the portal’s success in Barcelona,adding data about places to work around purchased and configured its own servers, MIC Productivity has already launched thethe city. according to Llobera. “With Windows solution in other Spanish cities, and plans Azure, the infrastructure was already up to expand the portal to other parts ofMIC Productivity built the portal on the and running in the cloud,” he says. “The Europe in the future. “Professionals areWindows Azure platform and hosted within city simply had to add its own data, which spending more and more time working inMicrosoft data centers. It also used the was much faster than implementing a locations other than the home or office,”Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Premium portal using traditional, store-bought says Llobera. “Ultimately, we believe thisdevelopment system and Windows Azure servers.” portal will prove a useful tool for manyTools for Microsoft Visual Studio to create a cities that seek to boost the competitivecloud-based web portal that could easily Rapid Scalability advantage of companies in theirscale. Microsoft SQL Azure serves as the As more people have learned about Third jurisdictions.”portal’s database, storing information about Place, its use has grown, with the portal’seach work location as well as users’ greatest popularity occurring between 9:00comments. A.M. and 3:00 P.M. (09:00 to 15:00). Because the solution is hosted on the Windows Azure platform, it can be easilyThis case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THISSUMMARY.Document published May 2011