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It's Halloween!!!


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It's Halloween!!!

  1. 1. Halloween 2012! Traditions in the U.S. and a history of Halloween
  2. 2. Where does Halloween come from?
  3. 3. Why do we celebrate Halloween? • The history of Halloween begins about 2000 years ago! • It begins with an ancient Celtic tradition called Samhain (pronounced sow-in) celebrated on November 1st. • The Celts were a group of people who lived in the area that is now Ireland and Great Britain.
  4. 4. What was Samhain?
  5. 5. Samhain? • Samhain was a festival that celebrated the end of summer and the start of winter. • On the night of October 31st the Celtic people believed ghosts of the dead returned to earth! • The Celts wore masks and costumes so the ghosts couldn’t recognize them!
  6. 6. Celtic people wearing masks
  7. 7. Samhain becomes Halloween!
  8. 8. Samhain becomes Halloween • In the 8th century a catholic Pope changed Samhain to All Saints Day or “All Hallows Day.” • The word “All Hallows” comes from an old English word that meant All Saints.
  9. 9. All Hallows (old English) = All Saints
  10. 10. • The day before was called All Hallows Eve. (“Eve” means the day before) • It’s easy to see how All Hallows Eve became Halloween.
  11. 11. All Hallows All Hallow’s Eve Halloween!
  12. 12. Halloween and the United States
  13. 13. How did Halloween come to the United States? • During the 1800's a lot new immigrants came to the U.S. • Many of these immigrants were Irish, who brought the celebration of Halloween with them. • The old traditions of the Irish mixed with the new American traditions and the result was Halloween!
  14. 14. A short video of Halloween´s history!
  15. 15. How do Americans celebrate Halloween? • How Americans celebrate depends on their age. • As children, we dress up in scary or funny costumes and go to different houses in our neighborhood.
  16. 16. Some examples of costumes in the U.S.
  17. 17. Then we go “trick or treating” • “Trick or treating” is what we do after we put on our costumes! • We go around our neighborhood and knock on all the doors. • We say “trick or treat!?”
  18. 18. Trick or Treat?
  19. 19. What does “trick or treat?” mean? • A “trick” is an unfriendly game, or prank, one person plays on another person. • A “treat” can be a piece of candy or anything sweet. • When kids say “trick or treat?” they are asking for a treat or they’ll play a trick on you!
  20. 20. Kids trick or treating
  21. 21. Candy!!!
  22. 22. How much candy can you get? • Many children have contests with each other to see who can get the most candy. • It depends a lot on how good their costume is. • The better the costume, the more candy someone will give you!
  23. 23. Halloween for teenagers and adults! • Teenagers and adults also celebrate Halloween in the U.S. • They dress up in costumes too! • But they don’t go “trick or treating” • They go to parties with friends!
  24. 24. Halloween is very popular in the U.S. • Halloween is a very big business in the U.S. • Americans spend over 6 billion dollars every year on Halloween. Wow. That’s a lot. • Over one quarter (25%) of all candy sold is bought on Halloween!
  25. 25. Games!
  26. 26. What games do we play? • The most common activity on Halloween is pumpkin carving! • Normally, kids and adults carve scary faces or designs into pumpkins and put a light inside them. • Then they put the pumpkins outside their door on Halloween night!
  27. 27. Carved pumpkins
  28. 28. Normally, when you see a pumpkin outside a house you know they are giving out candy!
  29. 29. Bobbing for apples? • A large tub or bucket is filled with water. • Apples are put into the water. • Apples float! • You have to catch an apple using only your mouth and teeth!
  30. 30. Apple bobbing
  31. 31. Haunted houses! • Another fun Halloween activity is going to haunted houses. • These are houses built especially for scaring visitors. • Most of these houses operate automatically. • But….
  32. 32. My favorite haunted house is at Universal Studios in California!!
  33. 33. Scary movies! • Americans love scary movies. • We often watch scary movies on Halloween night to scare ourselves! • Some of my favorites are….
  34. 34. Halloween: 1978
  35. 35. Sleepy Hollow: 1999
  36. 36. The end….. BOOO!