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Music scoring on Wikipedia


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Children's songs are universal. They are part of our cultural heritage. As you might know, there are a melodies that are sung in different languages. Sometimes with the same meaning, but sometimes they have total different lyrics and meaning. They illustrate how we are globally connected to each other. In a time where copyright dominates the music industry, we think it is important that the knowledge about songs like these is accessible. Not only the lyrics and their meaning, but also what they sound like. The wikis are a great place to collect this knowledge, just like the way these songs are taught to children around the world.

This presentation was used for a music scoring workshop. This workshop was an assignment for the Training for Trainers program at Wikimedia UK in August 2014.

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Music scoring on Wikipedia

  1. 1. Music Sebastiaan ter Burg & Teele Vaalma scores Wikipedia on Training for trainers - Wikimedia UK - August 5 2014
  2. 2. Introduction make teams 5 mins By Creator:Russell Lee [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Children’s songs universal are
  3. 3.ère_Jacquesère_Jacques By Blahedo (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons Frère Jacob
  4. 4. What songs do you know? • What (and how many) children’s songs do you know? • What is your favourite? • Which ones do you have in common? Discuss Write down, one song title per sticky note:
  5. 5. How to read notes Pitch Duration 1/1 1/2 1/4 1/81/8 R4
  6. 6. Exercise reading notes write the notes (pitch) on paper c d e c c d e c e f g e f g
  7. 7. c d e c c d e c e f g e f g g a g f e c g a g f e c c g c c g c <score> { c'4 d'4 e'4 c'4 c'4 d'4 e'4 c'4 e'4 f'4 g'2 e'4 f'4 g'2 ! ! g'8 a'8 g'8 f'8 e'4 c'4 g'8 a'8 g'8 f'8 e'4 c'4 c'4 g4 c'2 c'4 g4 c'2 } </score> Making scores on Wikipedia
  8. 8. Exercise make a score • go to a wiki sandbox or your user page • write the notes: pitch and duration • use <score>{ …. }</score> c d e c c d e c e f g e f g <score> { c'4 d'4 e'4 c'4 c'4 d'4 e'4 c'4 e'4 f'4 g'2 e'4 f'4 g'2 } </score>
  9. 9. Let’s listen! On wiki: ! REPLACE <score> WITH <score vorbis=“1”> ! To listen to the notes!
  10. 10. Keep sharing Keep singing more information: more information: