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Preparation for Church Planting


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Published in: Spiritual, Technology
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Preparation for Church Planting

  1. 1. Chapter 10 Preparing, part 2 Understanding and Strategizing Part 1 : foundational before the church planting team arrive on the ministry Part 2 : foundational after the team is on location. It is about understanding and strategizing.
  2. 2. 1. Understanding  Understanding language and culture − Supervised Ministry experience − Reading about history and culture  Research the Demographic, Social, Religious, and Cultural Context − Study the focus people − Approach to study focus people
  3. 3. Cultural Distance as Barrier to the spread of the Gospel Figure 10.1 page 189 E0 E 1 E2 E3 Church Same culture Different culture Very different culture Source : Winter, et al. 1999
  4. 4. Three Lenses of Understanding Figure 10.2 page 191 Lived Experience Demographic research Participant observation  Experiencing Gospel Contextualization (“see the gospel through their eyes”)  Living to understand and appreciate them (“experiencing their lifestyle, social involvement”) 1.Data Collection 2.Data analysis 3. Application To Strategy 4.Evaluation The process:  A discipline used in ethnographic study; it requires training  To gain a deeper insight of the behaviors, values, worldview of the people from an insider's view  Using observation and interviews
  5. 5. Demographic Information Helpful to Church Planters  Population growth/decline (birth/death, people's movement leaving or entering the community, future development plans)  Family (percentage of various groups, size of family, single/married/divorced)  Economic (income per household, standard of living, commercial, industrial, agricultural activity, form of employment, tourism, transportation, etc)  Education (educational level, literacy rate, educational institutions, libraries, tutoring, continuing education, etc  Social/Political (ethnic, language, subculture, immigrants, political parties & affiliation, social service, medical care/hospital, clinics, etc)  Religious (Religious affiliation, active practice of religion, beliefs, churches/mosques/temples, etc)
  6. 6. 2. Strategy  Determining the Evangelistic and Church Planting Strategy − Setting up the profile of the people group (respondent profile): Felt needs, Life aspiration, Decision Making patterns, Responsive segments  Build Relationships in the Community  Deciding team roles and strengthening team preparation  Drafting a Church planting Proposal
  7. 7. Summary  Evangelizing needs understanding of the focus people group  Understanding of the people group needs to be actualized/strategized into action  Concrete steps : − Read and interact with the people about the culture (in the neighborhood, the marketplace, other venues) − Ask honest questions − Discuss your observations with sympathetic cultural insiders