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a presentation on use of social media for authors

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  • Towcester Writers Presentation

    1. 1. Whatever that may be? Andrew Smith
    2. 2.  A Geek who is paid to share lots of tech stuff Works at the Open University as an academic Currently author / co- author of thirteen text books Also author / co-author of academic papers
    3. 3.  An operating system (used on your Android Phone) A case of bureaucratic traction Personal motivation to ensure it recruits students (above target)
    4. 4.  Used different social media tools to get message out there Built up a „presence‟ Went from unranked ◦ To Google Page 2 ◦ Then Page 1 I did get others to help (this is valuable)
    5. 5.  Don‟t expect to be Stephen Fry Followers are useful Getting your page links out there is more useful and other short URLs Google will find these Don‟t go mad with twitter fever, its about timing and content
    6. 6.  Have something to say Follow others Pre-tweet / re-tweet / reply Automate with Twuffer, TweetDeck or IFTTT Decision: ◦ Do you want it to be your private ramblings? ◦ Do you wish it to be your professional persona? ◦ Or both?
    7. 7.  Its not a case of what is better More, which is right (for you) Which may be both ◦ You as an individual ◦ You as a „Fan Page‟ ◦ You as a „group page‟ ◦ You as a „hang out‟ ◦ Using events … Ability to link to RSS/Twitter
    8. 8.  Helps the narrative You the blogger Others blogging on you Linking to Facebook/Twitter/Google+ (more soon) Can be on anything
    9. 9.  You can set it up to be your website ◦ So You can email entries ◦ Therefore you can send them from your smart-phone-pad-email- client thingy Frequency is important, blogs with the frequency of a comet don‟t do well
    10. 10.  This one is slightly more challenging You have to be of note albeit in a minor way Therefore it may be when you have something published Keep to facts, not opinions Anything posted must be verifiable Wikipedia
    11. 11.  RSS (really simple syndication) ◦ You may also discover terms like Atom You can feed twitter into Facebook or Google+ You can feed your blog into Twitter You can feed other RSS sources into Twitter You can use Paper.Li and link with IFTTT Confused yet?
    12. 12.  We are writers? But … ◦ Many respond to the spoken as well as written word ◦ Poetry, prose and promotion ◦ Comedian Richard Herring is currently releasing five minute shorts ◦ Stephen Fry, used Twitter/AudioBoo as a parallel to QI series H Attempting to engage in a multi- media world (but keep it simple)
    13. 13.  About you About your work Its not one channel, its all working in unison
    14. 14.  Blog about each other Co-Retweet Agree posts on each other facebook walls Use „your writing group‟ as an interesting entity Agree collaboration
    15. 15.  Mumsnet …. ◦ How this was started was unconventional ◦ But look at the impact? There are no rules in this world, just enthusiasm Cross-posting and forum postings The impression of presence is often greater than presence itself
    16. 16.  Don‟t fall into the Johann Hari / (some) MP‟s trap / and don‟t try to be „I am Spartacus‟ Keep it honest, ensure its fair Keep it as accurate as possible, if its an opinion, say so You will endure critique, respond, don‟t react
    17. 17.  Rather than searching the net, let the net come to you Setting key phrases ◦ Title of your work, your name, your pseudonym ◦ Live or as a daily/weekly digest I use it to watch „me‟, „modules‟ and others
    18. 18.  “The codfish lays ten thousand eggs, The homely hen lays one; The codfish never cackles, To tell you when shes done; And so we scorn the codfish, While the humble hen we prize; Which only goes to show you, That it pays to advertise”
    19. 19.  Blog : Twitter : @teraknor WikiPedia : Andrew Smith Author Education Professional ◦ LinkedIn is also very useful ◦ PR does help, but they are an effort