Teradata Database 14


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Teradata announces Teradata Database 14 Learn more: http://bit.ly/nAuxoh

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Teradata Database 14

  1. 1. Teradata Database 14Rapid response to meet your business needs Data Warehousing > DatabaseBecause Performance CountsThe success of your data warehouse has performance and automated dramaticalways rested on the performance of compression in a truly row and columnyour database engine. But as your data hybrid database. The enhanced Teradatarequirements grow increasingly complex, Virtual Storage and hybrid storage provideperformance becomes more vital than more intelligent multi-temperature dataever. So does finding a faster, simpler way management. And with additional indus-to manage your data warehouse. You can try compatible functions, you can migratefind that combination of unmatched data and applications to Teradata Databaseperformance and efficient management quicker and easier. Once you’re in produc-in the Teradata® Database. tion, the enhanced workload management tools, plus world-class services based on ensures that organizational priorities areIn fact, we’ve enhanced the Teradata Data- Teradata’s years of data warehouse experi- achieved. And, the new Row Level Securitybase to provide you and your business with ence. It’s a unique combination of products option ensures that data access is con-new features and functions for even higher and expertise that provides a time-tested trolled with access only provided to thoselevels of performance and efficiency, features data warehousing solution – a solution who have the proper authorization.that automatically distribute data and that delivers many business advantages tobalance mixed workloads even in the most This proven, high-performance decision you and your company.complex environments. In addition, the support engine, available on the Teradata Already the foundation of the world’s mostenhanced release 14 of Teradata Database Purpose-Built Platform Family, offers you successful data warehouses, Teradata Data-includes Teradata Columnar for extreme a full suite of data access and management base is designed for decision support and The Teradata Database Difference parallel implementation. And it’s as versatile as it is powerful. It supports hundreds of Your data warehouse solution depends on its database engine. installations, from fewer than ten gigabytes So make sure the database you select offers: to huge warehouses with petabytes (PB) of > Effortless scalability through fully parallel operation. data and thousands of users. The inherent > Mission-critical availability. parallelism and architecture of Teradata > Complex and ad-hoc query performance. Database provide more than pure per- > In-database advanced analytics, including geospatial, tempo- formance. It also offers low total cost of ral, data mining, and modeling. ownership (TCO) and a simple, scalable, > Mixed workload performance (ability to keep data current and self-managing solution for building a and handle strategic, tactical, and operational queries). successful data warehouse. > Ease of manageability. An Array of Powerful > Simplified mainframe integration. Analytics > Complete support infrastructure. When it comes to powerful analytics, > Reference accounts. Teradata Database is unmatched. That’s > Lowest total cost of ownership.EB-6440 > 0911 > PAGE 1 OF 4
  2. 2. Teradata Database 14Rapid response to meet your business needsbecause it’s optimized to offer a range ofanalytical capabilities, everything from “ I would love to say that I spend half my time administering the Teradata system. Becausegeospatial and temporal to slice-and-dice when you consider the EDW’s importance toand data mining. The result? You can the company, it should be half my time. Butextract more value from your data, from the truth is that I spend a lot more time main-more parts of your business, than ever. taining other databases and performing otherPlus, you can perform both general-purposeand specialized analyses in a database whereall of your supporting data are available to aspects of my job than I do working on theenrich your analytical processes. Teradata system. Teradata runs so well that it really runs on its own. I don’t spend a lot of time managing it compared to the other data-And Teradata Database includes a variety bases that I am responsible for. It’s by far theof built-in features that makes it faster andmore efficient to run a wider scope ofanalytical processes, features that let you: most important and yet it takes the least> Store and process geospatial data. amount of effort to keep running. ” – Sandy Rumble, Data Center and Operations With Teradata Database, your business Manager, PING, Inc. intelligence (BI) and other applications can use location and proximity along with all the data dimensions you’re used to. Unlike specialized GIS or geospatial It replaces manual processes with > Enhance cube processing, data mining, visualization products, Teradata Data- automatic history-tracking capabilities. and modeling. The ease-of-use and base can analyze geospatial data inside For example, a retailer can easily optimization features built into the data warehouse. That means all recategorize a product – frozen dessert Teradata Database save you time and your enterprise data are available. In to ice cream – and answer critical provide increased currency and addition to common geospatial capa- point-in-time business questions such frequency of those analyses. Built-in Business Benefits bilities, Teradata Database allows you as: How many customers did we have to store a series of points with time- on a specific date? How many product stamp information to understand and Teradata Database delivers benefits that categories? And how did our frozen analyze movement tracked by GPS or provide a single view of your business, a dessert sales compare to the same other means. view that lets you make smarter, faster month last year? The temporal option decisions and realize top- and bottom-line> Easily maintain and base analyses on lets you optimize queries with time- growth. In fact, it will help you: the changes in your business data. based constraints. It also makes it easy The temporal option available with to complete compliance reports that Extend decision support capabilities Teradata Database helps you cut accurately reflect what you knew about Teradata Database can enable more through the costly, complicated, and your business on a certain date. Why? sophisticated BI analysis by optimizing time-consuming effort needed to keep Because you have a full view of your increasingly complex analytics and pace with changes in your business. business history readily available with simplifying their development. That a straightforward query.EB-6440 > 0911 > PAGE 2 OF 4
  3. 3. Teradata Database 14Rapid response to meet your business needsincreased performance gets answers to scalable parallel architecture, you can streamlined management of mixedusers faster and processes more work extend the native capabilities with user- workloads that will:in the same time frame. defined types, user-defined functions, > Automatically define workloads based user-defined SQL operators, and stored on business needs.Ease enterprise integration procedures. Store any type of data yourOur enterprise extensions allow Teradata > Establish service level goals for multi- business uses and analyze it with all of theDatabase to fit better with your enterprise ple workload types. scalability and ease of management youinfrastructure. We also offer enhanced > Develop prioritization strategies expect from Teradata Database.security and privacy capabilities that meet according to business rules.all consumer and regulatory legislation. Increase performance for operational > Separate system resources into virtualAnd our enhanced accessibility for exter- workloads partitions for departments, geographicnal sources, targets, and processes enables Teradata Database lets you acquire data regions, or funding models.multiple language data warehouses for faster than ever for more effective, timely > Monitor adherence to your serviceglobal corporations. decisions. We’ll show you how to extend level goals. the operational use of your data ware- Need More Reasons to ChooseExtend the capabilities of Teradata house to more easily support front-line Teradata?Database applications and decision makers.Each industry, business, and application is Teradata Corporation is the world’sunique. Many incorporate unique types of Streamline mixed workload management leading analytic data solutions companydata and analytic functions. Within Optimize your data warehouse efficiency focused on integrated data warehousing,Teradata Database’s high-performance and and improve business responsiveness with big data analytics, and business applica- tions. Teradata’s innovative products and “ Using certain Teradata features – such as join services deliver integration and insight to empower organizations to achieve indexes, partitioned primary indexes, and competitive advantage. putting statistics on selected columns – we For More Information have reduced the run-time of a report from five minutes to 30 seconds. To learn more about how Teradata Data- ” base can help you build a better data – Damian Plueckhahn, Senior Software Advisor, warehouse – and a better business – call infrastructure project team leader, and DBA, your Teradata representative, or visit St. George Bank Teradata.com.EB-6440 > 0911 > PAGE 3 OF 4
  4. 4. Teradata Database 14Rapid response to meet your business needs Teradata.comTeradata Database 14 Specifications Database Capacity Tools and Utilities • Teradata Profiler (data quality) • 3TB - 186PB • Teradata Management Portlets • Teradata Analytic Data Set Generator • >4,096 nodes (data preparation) • Teradata Viewpoint (web-based system management portal) • R add-on for Teradata (data mining) Data Model • Teradata Parallel Transporter (unified • Teradata Aggregate Designer • Relational load utility for continuous, single, or • Teradata OLAP Connector for Excel • ANSI SQL compatible multi-table loads from a variety of • Teradata BTEQ (basic query tool) • Full query parallelism sources with script or programmatic • Teradata SQL Assistant (basic query tool) • Balanced performance controls) • Teradata SQL Assistant/Java Edition Architectures Supported • Teradata TPump (continuous load) (basic query tool) • Symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) • Teradata FastLoad (data loading) • Massively parallel processing (MPP) • Teradata MultiLoad (data loading) Application Programming • Cloud • Teradata FastExport (data extraction) Interfaces Operating Systems Supported • Teradata Data Mover (data movement • ODBC Driver for Teradata between systems) • Linux • Teradata JDBC Driver • Teradata Geospatial import/export Client Platforms Supported • OLE-DB Provider for Teradata • Teradata Replication Services (real-time • Microsoft® Windows® • Teradata CLI capture and delivery of changed data) • IBM z/OS MVS • .NET Data Provider for Teradata • Teradata Backup Archive and Recovery • Most UNIX® platforms Solutions • Teradata Plug-in for Eclipse • Linux • Teradata Active System Management • JMS Adapter (JMS messaging system Optional Capabilities Portlets (mixed workload management) interface) • Teradata temporal • Teradata Analyst Pack, including • Teradata Row Level Security Teradata Visual Explain, Teradata System Emulation Tool, Teradata Index Mainframe Integration Wizard, and Teradata Statistics Wizard • IBM (or compatible) mainframe • Teradata Utility Pack Language Preprocessors • Teradata Warehouse Miner (data • PL/1, C, COBOL mining)Teradata and the Teradata logo are registered trademarks of Teradata Corporation and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and worldwide. Microsoft and Windows areregistered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open Group in the U.S. and other countries. Teradata continually improvesproducts as new technologies and components become available. Teradata, therefore, reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice. All features,functions, and operations described herein may not be marketed in all parts of the world. Consult your Teradata representative or Teradata.com for more information.Copyright © 2011 by Teradata Corporation All Rights Reserved. Produced in U.S.A.EB-6440 > 0911 > PAGE 4 OF 4