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BSI -Part 2 - Better Customer Service - Sad Case of Stagno Bank - how we did it!


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BSI team recommends the Contact Center be connected to Teradata to drive better, faster call resolution, accelerate call handling, and increase customer convenience. For more info go to:

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BSI -Part 2 - Better Customer Service - Sad Case of Stagno Bank - how we did it!

  1. 1. HOW WE DID THE The Sad Case ofINVESTIGATIONS StagnoBank – Part 2
  2. 2. Prelude – Part 2This deck accompanies theSad Case of StagnoBank - Part 2 Videoat find this case by searching with keywords“BSI” “Teradata” “Case” and “StagnoBank”.This deck is designed to answer questions aboutthe Teradata technologies shown in the story.For best effect, run it in Powerpoint animationmode.2
  3. 3. Note from the Investigators Hi Everybody, We’re the brains behind the scenes and wanted to answer your questions about “how did you do the StagnoBank brainstorming so fast?” This write-up will give you an idea of our clients’ architecture and some details of the BI screens. Take a look, and if you still have questions, send them to us at the FB page! Yours truly, Mercedes Marple and Jodice Blinco3
  4. 4. Scene Synopsis• Jodice‟s Office at BSI HQ – Simon explains the situation, shows Jodice KPIs and reports, and commissions the work• Jodice kicks off the Project with Max, Mercedes, and Mathieu4 Weeks Later• BSI Conference Room – readout of ideas for Better Marketing (Max), Better Customer Service (Mercedes), and Mobile Apps (Matt)• This deck show‟s Mercedes’ work – Part 2• See also Part 1 for Max‟s ideas, and Part 3 for Matt‟s4
  5. 5. Jodice Assigned Mercedes the Area ofBetter Customer Service5
  6. 6. A Little Background about StagnoBank• Major European bank, established in the 1800s• Major player up until 1960s when it fell out of favor with some consumers. Rebounded in the 1970s-1990s but now is again perceived as “old”, “stodgy”, “for older people”.• As a consequence, growth has stalled or shrunk in many of the Lines of Business. Commercial banking is the best division, consumer banking the worst.• With some new management, they have now invested in Teradata but have not yet started getting all the benefits they could. StagnoBank is intrigued, but does not yet understand, Aprimo and Teradata Aster technologies.• New CMO, wants to shake things up!6
  7. 7. Mercedes Initial Findings:Poor Customer Service• Mercedes‟ interviews and the data show that StagnoBank has been shunting even high-value customers to de-personalized channels, and when people do come in to a branch or call the care center, they aren‟t served that well: > long waits > lots of handoffs > repeated requests for the same information• And when customers do get through, the customer service agent doesn‟t know enough context about the customer and what they‟re trying to do. Plus usually the customer service agent doesn‟t know much at all about the customer‟s relationship with the bank. All can be fixed!7
  8. 8. Mercedes Runs BI on Contact Center Data Study: Wait and Talk Times with Agents• Times are getting worse – average Call is 10+ minutes, of which Queue Wait Time is 6+ minutes. Overall trend is bad: Average Call Duration, in Minutes 8
  9. 9. Contact Center – Call Drop Analysis• And…you don‟t even see 22% of the calls, because people drop off before getting to the agent! 9 % of Calls Dropped, by Stage of Call
  10. 10. Mercedes Drills Into A Typical Reason forAccount Closure• People get really angry with extra fees, and call in after they get statements to ask for a Fee Reversal. For many, that‟s the last straw leading into Account Closure.• To understand this, Mercedes used Aster Golden Path analysis for ATTRITION, instead of Marketing Product ACQUISITION (like Max did in Part 1), and saw that people touch many channels of the bank before they cancel Stagnobank accounts because of fee charges• What she finds is that there are several paths which lead to Account Closure and frankly it is difficult for her to discern from all these paths which are the important paths that she should focus on.10
  11. 11. Paths Showing All Events Preceding AccountClosure11
  12. 12. Mercedes Drills Into Top 10 Reasons forAccount Closure• Of the several paths that lead to account closure, Mercedes focuses on the paths containing the top 10 events.• She does this by iterating through the previous Golden Path Analysis in the Teradata Aster platform, this time by narrowing the event types.• This reveals a much more understandable set of patterns – which are the most frequently occurring before Account Closure.12
  13. 13. Top 10 Events Preceding Account Closure Interactive AnalyticsSELECT * FROM npath ( ON ( SELECT … WHERE u.event_description IN ( SELECT aper.event FROM attrition_paths_event_rank aper Reducing the “Noise” to ORDER BY aper.count DESC LIMIT 10) ) … PATTERN ((OTHER|EVENT){1,20}$) SYMBOLS (…) RESULT (…) find the “Signal” )) n; 13
  14. 14. Mercedes Drills Into Typical Reasons forAccount Closure Yesterday• Drilling further, and correlating with Care Center analysis she was doing, she finds that yesterday > 128 people called the Care Center angry about fees. > 3 of them ended up cancelling their accounts with the bank• Mercedes used Aster to go back in time and see what those 3 customers had done BEFORE they called the care center14
  15. 15. “Fee Reversal Attrition”Visualized with Tableau on AsterBusiness Question(s) you can answer with Terdata Aster:• Is there any identifiable pattern of behavior prior to account closure?• If so, what does this pattern look like?Remember: “It takes 3x more money to acquire a customer than to retain one.”15
  16. 16. What You Could Do With This Information• Knowing this, you could potentially use Active event technology at those upstream points to reduce the irritation that leads to defection. For example, > We know that the bank just charged them a fee. Maybe they saw it when they came to do web banking, or they just got a statement in the mail. They then bring this up on one of many channels. We could build – – A pop-over on a Teller screen so a Teller can waive the fee – A pop-over on a Web screen for the bank‟s internet site – An instant message on a mobile phone saying that because you are a loyal customer, the fee has been waived.• Obviously, there are also customers who might not deserve a fee waiver. Again, you would know that by running Teradata Value Analyzer (TVA) or other BI analytics to study profitability of individual customers.• Bottom line: StagnoBank can KNOW and TAKE ACTION to improve Customer Service16
  17. 17. So What Did Mercedes Come Up With? Mercedes “One and Customized Same agent Ideas Done” button call routing screens for pushes on the contact Interactive center agents Voice Response17
  18. 18. Mercedes‟ Big Idea Overview:Connect the Contact Center to TeradataThree parts to the Contact Center Improvements:• Agents – All info on one screen for the agent, completely up to date (e.g., you were just on the mobile bank website). Much faster response times and no handoffs; “One and done” – one call, complete resolution!• IVR – Interactive Voice Response – In many cases, if we know what you were doing, we can reconfigure the button pushes so the first button is the resolution to the most likely reason for calling• ACD – Automatic Call Distributor - if you do need an agent, why not give you the same one each time if we can, someone around your same age, maybe?18
  19. 19. Old Way of Call Handling (animated) Any Agent Call ACD Screen Pop Monitor Queue 1 In- House Agent 1 Agent Agent 2 Agent 3 AtIVR Home Queue 2 Agent 1 ACD Agent 2 Off Agent 3 ShoreSame for AllButton Pushes Too Many Places to Look for Info Same for All 19 Routing
  20. 20. TypicalLayout ofIVR ButtonOptionsInstead ofone-size-fits-all buttonpushes, we‟lldynamicallymodify foreach caller,based on theirbehavior andhistory20
  21. 21. Typical Set of Software/ Hardware Systems A message bus, with many different systems (including the Contact Where Center) and its servers Teradata Could Help Many silos of information about what the customer is doing – you need to consolidate!21
  22. 22. New Way of Call Handling 3 Ideas Idea #3: When Possible Call I get MyBanker ACD Screen Pop Monitor Queue 1 In- House Agent 1 Agent Agent 2 Agent 3 AtIVR Home Queue 2 Agent 1 Idea #1: ACD All RelevantIdea #2: Buttons Agent 2Customized Info on Off Agent 3 One Screen ShoreFor ME So Calls are Idea #3: Routing to ONE and DONE Age-Appropriate Banker, 22 Same One as Before
  23. 23. Idea #1: Much Smarter Agent Screens• All the information is on the first screen so an agent can quickly assimilate context (and it‟s active, so up to date)• GOAL: All contextual info on One screen• The goal is ONE AND DONE – when you have a problem, you make ONE call, and the agent has all the information so you can be DONE in one, fast call Here‟s an example of a mother who was just on the StagnoBank car loan page – because her son had an accident with the family car and she needs to buy a new one!23
  24. 24. Idea #1: Better Contact Center Screens < Customer View Renewals: 07/02/12 Acct Age: 7 Affinities: e-Nest3 Last order: 11/15/11 Customer X Product links Last offer: B707 Cheryl Wilkins 68 Prairieville Circle Trigger Personalized offers X Chicago, IL, 60614 Web- I see you you’ve been looking at our 312-264-5929 Loan online car loan page. Based on your Customer Value score: 87 banking and credit history, we can Attrition score: 62 approve the loan today over the phone and offer you custom terms Accounts Email 708009838228 Did you know you were near your Household CW2929@gmail.c Overdraft overdraft limit last week? Would you om Joint account like to discuss overdraft protection? ! Customer History X Contact Summary Date My Sales Targets & Scores X Call Ctr Inbound 01/29/12 Offers Made Sales Approval email Outbound ! 01/18/12 Target Actual $ Target Handoffs > < > Call Ctr Inbound 01/10/12 75 63 81% 1224
  25. 25. How Did BSI Implement This?• All modern contact center systems are built with screen rendering capabilities based on portlets. > In the previous screen, there are 4 portlets (sometimes also called servlets, accessing information in a variety of places). > This screen rendering engine is really no different from web rendering engines – they are usually based on SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) principles, with web service “callouts” to information sources• One of those information sources can be Teradata, which in the previous example provided: > Customer Value score > Customer Probability of Attrition score > Customer History – the 360 degree view of all interactions > Various “Next Best Activities” and offers. We used Aprimo for this portlet, specifically a new engine called Aprimo Real Time Interaction Manager (ARTIM)25
  26. 26. Idea #1: Better Contact Center Screens –Here‟s an example from another Teradata client, in Telco26
  27. 27. Another Idea (Not shown in the webisode)• Going back to the Fee Attribution example, we could do some sophisticated analysis to highlight customers who are being hit with multiple fees. This segment of At-Risk Customers could then be used in active mode by the Contact Center and Marketing groups.• Two additional Contact Center scenarios. > Inbound. When customers call in (for some other reason) we could have an add-on discussion with them about why they are incurring fees and perhaps guide them to banking products whereby they can avoid these. This might head off later defections, proactively. Information about this conversation would be part of the agent screen. > The other is that we could queue up outbound calls to selected customers, again proactively „touching‟ them before they get to the point of defection.27
  28. 28. Mercedes‟ Idea #2: Intelligent IVRCare Center IVR (button push system),specific ordering of buttons for each customerdriven by Teradata insights• Teradata BI is used to “anticipate” why you are calling• We can be at least 80% accurate on the first button, 90% accurate on the first two IVRE.g., if you just deposited a check to an ATM,the system infers that the first reason forcalling might be to see if the check has Idea #2: Buttons Customizedcleared and you can use the money, so that For MEwould be Button Number “1”28
  29. 29. Idea #2: Customized Buttons on theInteractive Voice Response System • Caller: Kim Maree • Teradata knows: she deposited a check from her trophy engraving business this morning at an ATM 80% of calls can be Teradata system computes top probable handled by the reasons for calling: Interactive Voice • #1: “If you‟re calling to see if the check Response system! for $1562.28 you deposited at 10:02 this morning has cleared, press 1.” • #2: “If you‟re calling about your work direct deposit this week, press 2.” • #3 “If you‟re calling about your Visa auto- pay scheduled for tomorrow, press 3.” • Buttons 4-9 as usual for general bank services29
  30. 30. Wow! How Did Mercedes Do This?• StagnoBank has years and years of information about all the customer interactions. Until they bought Teradata, it wasn‟t all in one place – but now it is.• Using standard BI tools, Mercedes took a stab at figuring out the sequencing of activities (just like the Fee reversal, except more generally). When people call the care center, what are they asking about?• Do enough of these and you will see the patterns – then you can anticipate WHY someone is calling before they even say a word – and backmap that capability (and often the complete answer to their question) upstream to the IVR device.• Like the contact center rendering engines, most IVR systems today have web service callout capability. One of those options is the sequence of button pushes, the audio to play, and the connection to make (including text-to-voice to play back current balances, for example)30
  31. 31. Idea #2: Teradata drives the IVR buttonsUse BI to calculate the probabilities• Capture customer events in the ADW• Assign scores to customers IVR Scores IVR Port based on events• Based on the scores create Overdraft alternate IVR Call Flows in Check Deposit Fee IVR Designer• When a new call comes, route the call to the ATM#2952 $ Details appropriate call flow based on the score assigned• This concept is called “Dynamic IVR”31
  32. 32. How Teradata Works With the IVRUse BI to calculate call-in probabilities• Capture customer events in Teradata Teradata• Assign probability scores IVR Scores to customers based on recent events• Based on the scores create alternate IVR Call Button IVR Port Button Flows in IVR Designer #1 Deposit #2 Overdraft• When a new call comes, Cleared? Fee? run the appropriate call Channel Amount Data/time Channel Amount Fee flow script based on the scores assigned• This concept is called “Dynamic IVR”32
  33. 33. Idea #3: You Usually Get the Same Agent ACD Monitor Queue 1 Agent 1 Agent 2 Agent 3 Idea #3: When Possible I get MyBanker Idea #3: Routing to Age-Appropriate Banker, Same One as Before33
  34. 34. Idea #3: Teradata Drives the ACD to ConnectYou to the Same Agent, If Available• The Care Center Automatic Call Distributor, driven by Teradata, can connect you to same agent each time when possible – you get to talk to “your banker” instead of any random person• Especially important when you‟re calling back in on the same day – you probably already spent the time to give someone the context of what‟s happening – you don‟t want to start over!• Teradata can recognize your caller ID or account number and try to always connect you to the same agent if available, maybe even tell you the wait time• If the person is not available, we can give the context on the care center screen to the agent who picks up• Or give you the option to leave a message and that agent will call you back34
  35. 35. Idea #3 - Web Service Callouts to theAutomatic Call Distributor - How This Works • Use of web services to integrate ACD with ADW (knows who “your usual agent” is) • Implementation of rules in Teradata Active System Management to make sure that Call Center queries get highest priority35
  36. 36. Idea #3: How Teradata Works with the ACD• Calculate scores (based on subscriber behavior, his most frequent agent etc.) in ADW for each customer and assign them values from 0 to n (n being the total number of queues)• Give the subscriber the option of waiting “x” minutes before reaching his desired agent (who may be busy) or ask him to hang up and that particular agent can call him back. Or can select “any agent”• The technology used is called “Virtual Hold”36
  37. 37. New Way of Call Handling 3 Ideas Idea #3: Call ACD Screen Pop Monitor Queue 1 In- House Agent 1 Agent Agent 2 Agent 3 AtIVR Home Queue 2 Agent 1 Idea #1: ACD All FranciscoIdea #2: Buttons Agent 2Customized Context on Off Agent 3 One Screen ShoreFor Francisco So Calls are Idea #3: Routing to ONE and DONE Personal Banker Justin 37
  38. 38. Putting It All TogetherFrancisco‟s Contact Center Screen38
  39. 39. Mercedes‟ Ideas on Better Customer Service• Which one would you vote for? Mercedes’ “One and Customized Same agent Ideas Done” button call routing screens for pushes on the contact Interactive center agents Voice Response Mercedes Mercedes Mercedes #1 #2 #339
  40. 40. Vote for Mercedes!40
  41. 41. Check Out Max‟s and Matt‟s Ideas, Too!(StagnoBank Parts 1 and 3, on 3 - Matt: Consumer Apps, Alerts, Geo 1 - Max: Better Marketing41
  42. 42. Summary of Ideas From the BSI Team(From all 3 areas) – See the other episodes! Max Ideas Event-based GoldenPath Attribution campaigns to Analysis to Analytics and increase increase Digital relevance channel Marketing effectiveness Optimization Mercedes Ideas “One and Customized Same agent Done” button call routing screens for pushes on the contact Interactive center agents Voice Response Matt Ideas “Consumer “My Bank “Geospatial Intelligence” Looks Out for Apps” to budget / Me” alerts drive planning apps customer education42
  43. 43. For More Information about Teradata andActive Contact Centers READ an overview of how Teradata can be used to help active the Contact Center: WATCH this Teradata “Active Contact Center” video:
  44. 44. For More Product Information• If you‟re in the banking industry, you may want to look at Teradata offers at expertise/financial-services/• For more Teradata and Aster Data product information, see:,• A good attribution paper is “Integrated Marketing Management: Using Multi-Touch Attribution for Deeper Insight into the Customer Journey”• For more information on Aprimo Relationship Manager, see:• For more information on Aprimo Real Time Interaction Manager, see:
  45. 45. Other BSI Episodes???You can find more episodes at or onYouTube (keywords: BSI Teradata Case): > Case of the Defecting Telco Customers > Case of the Misconnecting Passengers > Case of the Credit Card Breach > Case of the Retail Tweeters > Case of the Fragrant Sleeper Hit > Case of the Dropped Mobile CallsCorresponding “How We Did It” PowerPoints are available, too,at (keywords: “BSI” “Teradata” “Case”)45