Geo Web - Going Real Time - Know Your Customers Location


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Geo Web - Going Real Time - Know Your Customers Location

  1. 1. GeoWeb 2010 Going Real Time “Know Your Customerʼs Location” & Attract Her with Valuable InformationThursday, July 29Bill Smith, PrincipalClaraview, a division of Teradata38.946521 GeoWeb 2010 Conference – Going Real Time geoweb updates: subscribe Send
  2. 2. To really take advantage of the GeoWeb, we mightlook back to the origins of Personal Computing &the Web to understand the distinct design objectivesof the inventors.
  3. 3. Mother of All DemosAugmenting Human Intellect 1968 Mouse Patent # 3,541,541 issued 11/17/70 for X-Y Position Indicator for A Display System. Douglas Engelbarts patent for the mouse is only a representation of his pioneering work in the design of modern interactive computer environments. 3
  4. 4. really the origin of all those captivating ideas? Related Stories Before you crucify me, yes, this article’s headline carries a bit of sensationalism, and depending on your 04/17 – Did Steve Jobs Steal The iPad? Genius... 40 years later perception of Apple, you have answered that question for yourself already. I don’t want to change what you already believe, but I would like to give you some food for thought. I will take you along a fascinating journey that took me back four decades in time to the origins of personal computing. There is a side of the Google Ads Apple™ E-Reader: $42.13? I-net technology offers information to iPad I am sure you don’t know. New touch screen E-Readers Save up to 85% off in our A day or so before the iPad went on sale, I was researching material for my final iPad launch article over at auctions and came across a slideshow that was mentioned by Business Insider that included “augment our intellect” some of the iPad’s predecessors. The first device was particularly interesting -- it was one of those sketchy drawings we usually see in patent drawings. The similarity to the iPad and previous Webpads was amazing. What struck me was how the article noted that the device called Dynabook dates back to 1968. Toms Hardware on Facebook Like 14,871 people like Toms Hardware Mohd Azuan David Syaiful Lukasz Joe Did Steve Jobs Steal The iPad? Genius Inventor Alan Kay Reveals All Drew Stephen Aman Niels Robert Steve Job’s 2010 version Facebook social plugin laser printer, the computer mouse, and the Ethernet. It turned out the Dynabook is at least as signific those technologies. of Dynabook Newsletters Toms Hard News (See an example) Your Email Ok ! Dr. Alan Kay’s 1972 Like the author of the Business Insider article, I had never heard of the Dynabook. Google quickly revealed the source of the article, a 1972 research paper published by a Xerox PARC scientist. I have been an IT Ask your question about IT issues Message title : Dynabook writer for the entire span of my 15-year career, so PARC was no secret to me and you perhaps know as well that this famed research center was the origin of many technologies we take for granted today, such as the Ask your question : “When the Mac first came out, Newsweek asked me what I [thought] of it. I said: Well, it’s the first personal computer worth criticizing.,10209.html Page 1 of 8 So at the end of the presentation, Steve came up to me and said: Is the iPhone worth criticizing? And I said: Make the screen five inches by eight inches, and you’ll rule the world.” Alan Kay 4
  5. 5. Contents• Introduction - Augmenting human intellect• GPS in every pocket• Augmenting human intellect with Location Based Services (LBS)• Gaining competitive advantages with “Private” LBS• Approach for building Private LBS• Consumer pay back for augmenting their intellect• Analysis of consumer information• Closing thoughts - The ROI for providing all that intellectual augmentation 5
  6. 6. Importance of Knowing What’s Near• “Everything  is  related  to   everything  else,  but  near  things   are  more  related  than  distant   things.’’  (1st  Law  of  Geography,  Waldo  Tobler  1970)• “The  power  of  loca/on  comes   not  from  loca/on  itself,  but  from   the  linkages  or  rela/onships  that   it  establishes  —  from  rela/ve   posi/ons  rather  than  absolute   ones.”  (Geospa/al  Analysis  -­‐  a  comprehensive  guide.  3rd  edi/on   ©  2006-­‐2009  de  Smith,  Goodchild,  Longley  )• 6
  7. 7. A GPS is Every Pocket• Dr.s Engelbart & Kay saw it all except consumer GPS• With increasing numbers of consumers using GPS enabled mobile devices, Retailers are finding the need to offer Location-based services (LBS)• Retailers are publishing coordinates for stores just like they have postal address & Web sites• Consumers are using mobile devices to find not only: ‣ where to go but ‣ what they want as well 7
  8. 8. Google Places Google Local Business Center Becomes “Google Places”• Began offering low cost "geocoding" for businesses ~three years ago• It enables Retailers to be found with mobile devices on Google Maps• Google now has a database of millions of business locations• Googles "Near me now" & U- Locates "Where" both match retailer’s coordinates to GPS- enabled devices There are some additional things being announced w 8
  9. 9. Augmenting Intellect with LBS• LBS is becoming more than location itself. It is becoming “relative positions rather than absolute ones”. Answering not just: ‣ Where am I, but also ‣ Where can I find what I want?• Google’s database is limited to publicly available data like addresses & general descriptive information about the business• Does not contain private retail information like ‣ "in-stock", ‣ sales, 9
  10. 10. Private vs Public Information• Private information can be critical for attracting consumers to one retailer rather than another & competitive advantage• Private information can distinguish one retailer from another• “Where” & “Near Me Now” are essentially Geospatial Yellow Pages that use public information like addresses• They find all retailers that are near but display all retailers, as well. No distinctions• It’s become a competitive necessity to be in “Where” and “Near Me Now” but...• Not a competitive advantage 10
  11. 11. Private Apps• Retailers’ Database Management Systems can now store coordinates for retail locations along with all of retailer’s Private information• They can provide locations that are “relative” to information only a retailer knows and a consumer wants to know• Private applications can provide location information, just like Google’s & Ulocate’s, but also retailer’s Private information• Private information (e.g. sales, in-stocks, etc.) are designed to get mobile consumers into one retailer’s store rather than another. 11
  12. 12. Geospatial Web OffersCompetitive Advantages 12
  13. 13. Approach for Delivering Private Information Find Stores by Geo Locate Closest Stores Geocodes Geocode REST URL 7/21/10 2:06 PM Stores XML App GPS or Geo Locate Page 1 of 1 Mobile iOSCustomer Web Service 13
  14. 14. Approach for Delivering Private InformationCRM Application Development POC for the Apple iPad using the Siebel REST API The catalog functionality in the current version of the POC is rendered through static HTML leveraging the Safari webkit. The use of Webservices against the product catalog and real time decisions engine for real time offers is planned for subsequent iterations of this POC either directly or via a middle tier server. This capability when implemented will allow dynamic targeting of products, up-sells, cross-sells and offers matched to a customer’s attributes and buying profile, i.e. the ability to quickly identify and offer products the customer is most likely to purchase. Find Stores by Geo Locate Closest Stores Geocodes Geocode REST URL 7/21/10 2:06 PMThe diagram below graphically shows the two integration scenarios. Scenario 1 shows the REST API calls returning XML Storesthe XML response directly from the server for processing and rendering into the UI using Objective-C. In Scenario 2 Sales by storethe embedded Safari browser first retrieves html from the server which contains embedded JavaScript Ajax calls. Item CatalogThese calls are then executed on page load. The resulting REST response XML is then formatted according to the App In-stockXSLT file and then rendered inline within the embedded Safari browser. REST URL Get GPS or in-Stock by Geo Locate Page 1 of 1 in-Stocks Store XML Mobile iOS Customer Store ID Street Address City State Zip code Location Product in-stock Integer Char Char Char Char ST_Geometry Char Integer Inventory/ 38327 8 Main St LA CA 2931 Point (40.773, -74.955) Chairs 300 Sales 39234 123 Cody St Mesa AZ 92440 Point (33.405, -111.80) Tables 150 Web Service 14
  15. 15. Geo Web AppsAugment Retailer’s Intellect 15
  16. 16. Immediate Interactions is One Value of Mobile Interactions• If you know WHERE a customer is when she comes to your Website, you can immediately decide how to interact with her.• Customize Website content, language, currency, products and promotions—making sure your site is relevant to each customer based on customer’s location.• Decide what ads to show them - “Dodger gear to — Angelenos” - improving click-through rates maximize information content based what is near.• Customize content & promotions even more for return customers for whom you have collected historical information based on location and drive time analysis. 16
  17. 17. Valuable Data Provided byMobile Consumers is Another• Geolocation technology instantly determines a Web visitor’s real-world location—including Latitude and Longitude• No need to ask for further information or intrude with cookies.• Data Services from “Quova” & “Google Analytics” gather data based on mobile device calls and locations• Provide valuable data regarding location of interactions 17
  18. 18. Mobile Analytics for Data About Mobile Consumers Roambi - Visualizer SAP Business Objects Explorer MicroStrategy MobileBusiness Analyst Online (BAO) ArcGIS for iOS
  19. 19. You Can Also "Mine" the Data to Enable More Strategic Decisions Zipcodes 92024 92009 92009Identify driving radius Regions 5 mile radius 15 mile radius *Deliver Zone StoreDisplay Customers Customer segments All customers Filter customers: >= $50 basket Profitability < 75 >= $50 basket 92024 Profitability >= 75 19
  20. 20. Powerful Feedback Loops•  Maps and customer data provide powerful feedback 92009•  Location-based insights into : >  Customer name >  Mailing address Customer Last First Store Profitability Promo Postal Address Location >  Market basket Loyalty ID Name Name Score Response History >  Last shopped 38327 Lane Kate 0.75 0.83 233 Stage road Carlsbad, CA Point (33.08, 92009 -117.23) >  Customer profile 38276 Hoyt James 0.83 0.80 23212 Hwy 101 Point >  Customer loyalty data Leucadia, CA 92021 (33.06 -117.29) >  Purchase history 73652 Reyes Marla 0.89 92024 0.95 257 Caliban ct Encinitas, CA Point (33.05 >  Promotion response rate 92024 -117.25) 39234 Shepard Hurley 0.78 0.54 PO Box 2393 Point >  Profitability scores La Costa, CA 92009 (33.08 -117.27) The combination of geospatial and customer data delivers actionable insight to drive better business decisions 20
  21. 21. Are Callers Closer to My Competitor? My Store nce DistaCustomer Competitors 21
  22. 22. More "Relative" LocationSitewise Page 2 Sitewise Page 3 Street, Alpharetta, GA 30022 Street, Alpharetta, GA 30022 Street, Alpharetta, GA 30022 Street, Alpharetta, GA 30022 Sitewise Report Sitewise Report Snapshot: Persons Street, Alpharetta, GA 30022 0-10min % Total Population 87,951 %base Population/square mile 1,964.6 Male 44,322 50% Female 43,629 50% Median Age 32.7 Single race 86,064 98% White 68,953 78% Black 8,032 9% American Indian/Alaska Native 200 0% Asian 4,698 5% Hawaiian/Pacific Islander 21 0% Some Other Race 4,161 5% Two or More Races 1,886 2% Persons living in households 87,491 99% Persons 15 years or older by Marital Status 68,359 %base Not presently married 27,319 40% Now married 41,040 60% Persons 3 years or older by school attendance 83,763 %base In preprimary, elementary or high school 18,354 22% In college (undergraduate, graduate or professional school) 4,225 5% Not enrolled in school 61,185 73% Public school 17,294 21% Private school 5,284 6% Persons 25 years and over by educational attainment 57,548 %base Less than complete high school 4,308 7% High school graduate (includes equivalency) 7,991 14% Some college or college degree 45,249 79% Population 16 yrs and over By Employment Status 67,274 %base In Armed Forces 38 0% Employed 49,922 74% Unemployed 1,799 3% Civilian participation rate 76.9% Male civilian participation rate 86.0% Source: 2000 US Census Bureau 22
  23. 23. 0*+#,-(*H%%3?2*%W##:6-%J1(+?%,1G%0#,G1(-*%+?-%*+#(-*%>-*+%>;%=26+%2"%+?-%<+61"+1%1(-1%+#% Even More AboutG#G61+2#"%F-"*2+;H%%&#%01"%*--%?#$%+?-%*+#(-%6#01+2#"*%1(-%1((1":-F%*#+?%+#%"#(+?T%2"%162:",-"+%$2+?%$?1+%$1*%+?-%<+61"+1%*=(=1"%,2:(1+2#"%4(#,%F#$"+#$"%G%1"F%2"+#%X#(+?%I6+#"%)#"+;H%%>-*+%>;%?1*%"#+T%?#$-8-(T%0?1*-F%+?-%,#(-% "Relative" Location(-0-"+%,2:(1+2#"*%-1*+%1"F%$-*+H%%%% !"#$%&(#)*+(,-./*&#0%&/.1#2-+#3/.4#5%.#5(1#".*6%## 7.,-&.-#2%.6*+*,/.-&#76%-8# %Y/2:?+-(%2*%?2:?-(%G#G61+2#"%F-"*2+;%Y$?2+-%2*%ZDD[%G-#G6-%G-(%*P1(-%,26-T%U1(L%2*%6#$-(%G#G61+2#"%F-"*2+;%Y=610L%2*%B%#(%4-$-(%G-#G6-%G-(%*P1(-%,26-%% 23
  24. 24. 0#"*,-(*%1"F%+?1+%2*%+?-%1F1G+1+2#"%#4%+?-%R>2:%>#NS%4#(,1+%+#%1%6#01+2#"P1$1(-% 0#"*,-(M%%% % ROI on Intellectual >-*+%>;H%62J-%!PL1(+H%W16PL1(+%1"F%3#;*%5%X*%=-4#(-%2+%=-01,-%1%,1*+-(%#4%+?-%>2:% >#N%(-+1262":M%%X"62J-%F#$"%+#$"%Y-G1(+,-"+%7+#(-*%>2:%>#N%*+#(-*%1(-%6#01+-F%2"% Augmentation +?-%*=(=*%$2+?%6#+*%#4%*O1(-%4##+1:-%1"F%1%*G-02162Q-F%1**#(+,-"+%#4%,-(0?1"F2*-% Z-M:M%3#;*H%K6-0+(#"20*H%>1*20%2+-,*H%-+0M[M%%% % U#=#F;%:#-*%+#%*+#(-*%1";%,#(-%+#%• It’s become very expensive for 0#66-0+%2"4#(,1+2#"M%3?-;%0#66-0+% 2"4#(,1+2#"%#"%+?-%W-=%=-4#(-%+?-;%:#% Big Box retailers to follow +#%+?-%*+#(-M%% population growth beyond the suburbs 9"%+?-% -.#%/+#$012"%30#%#34&156% 6#01+2#"% 7&23%)8%930$%30#%#30:"/% 1$1(-%• 100k+ sq. ft. stores are expensive )&4%&1/"4#$01/+1;%)8% $#(6F%2"% to;");40:3%01/%:,02"%30#% stock build, maintain and $?20?%$-% *""1%$401#8)47"/% 166%628-%• Analyzing calls of mobile *?#GG-(*% +44"<)20*,=% >)",%?)$5+1% consumers can allow retailers, -NG-0+%+#% like Best Buy, to create *-%+?-2(% ,#=26-%F-820-*%+#%42"F%"#+%#"6;%+?-% alternatives to expanding big 06#*-*+%*+#(-%=+%+?-%06#*-*+%*+#(-%R2"P boxes while continuing to... *+#0JS%$2+?%+?-%2+-,%+?-;%$1"+M%% %• Service increasingly mobile 7(8-;*%0#"F0+-F%=;%U2-6*-"%]"62"-% retailers 1"F%W-=%^2*2=6-%*?#$%+?1+%*-1(0?% -":2"-*%1(-%+?-%42(*+%G610-%0#"*,-(*% +("%$?-"%6##J2":%4#(%6#016%G(#F0+*%#(%*-(820-*M%W?-"%+?-;%:#%+#%+?-%*+#(-%
  25. 25. GeoWeb 2010 Going Real Time “Know Your Customerʼs Location” & Augment Her IntellectBill Smith38.946521 -77.340359 GeoWeb 2010 Conference – Going Real geoweb updates: subscribe Send