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Poverty - Social Entrepreneur


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Poverty - Social Entrepreneurs

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Poverty - Social Entrepreneur

  1. 1. Social Entrepreneur
  2. 2. Introduction to Social Entrepreneur • A person who established an enterprise with the aim of solving social problems or effecting social change. Examples of Social Entrepreneur(s) • People Against Poverty ( PaP ) • Business Against Poverty ( BaP )
  3. 3. About Social Entrepreneur [S] • People Against Poverty  They are an independent charity with an intention to fight against poverty and suffering around the world • Business Against Poverty  Formed in 2009  Currently has more than 80 business  To develop businesses to be a culture of care for our planet and compassion for its people bringing a sense of team-work, creativity and shared identity that leads to increased profit and the ability to share that prosperity.
  4. 4. o Impacts of Social Entrepreneur ( S ] People Against Poverty ‘s & Business Against Poverty’s Missions  Provide shelter  Clothes  Educate the poor  Take care of the sick  Bring communities together to help break the cycle of poverty  Making profits and sharing the profit with the people who needs it
  5. 5. o Impacts of Social Entrepreneur ( S ] Taken from initiative-begins-effort-end-poverty/story-11326186- detail/story.html BAP & PAP worked together and started a so called “competition”, it was indeed a competition to raise money, but the money raised will be used for people who needs it. E.g people who live in poverty. Doing so helps people to change their mindsets and causes one another to influence each other to donate more. Donating more will also be supporting the business in a way and the business would be using the profits made to help the people who needs it, therefore by donating and having a mindset of making the business better would also indirectly be helping the people in need.
  6. 6. What can we do to contribute? Share a meal donation. It was organised by our school to donate some of our pocket money no matter how small to help people suffering from hunger. BB share a gift Organised by the Boys’ Brigade in Singapore, from November to December. this activity strives to help the less fortunate by packing together the food donated by the public and a form of ‘Christmas’ present to them. These packages are then delivered to them.
  7. 7. Credits : Wang Zi Chen Teo Wei Keong Ivan Ng Anjelo Louis Sources : objectives/ ness-against-Poverty.jpg 0Sponsorship/people%20against%20poverty%20logo.jpg