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Free cashe concept


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Description of one of my ideas named FreeCashe Complete Online Business Management System that aims to simplify and ease the way a physical business can expand to online markets.
Personal concept.
Theodor Dimitriou

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Free cashe concept

  1. 1. FreeCashe concept Complete Online Business Management System
  2. 2. So what is Freecashe? FreeCashe is a complete business management package like no other, that can cover any possible type of business website and eshop. By giving an easy backend admin panel “that has most things already taken care of” to the novice website owner he can focus on adding the products and begin selling. By following our Tutorials, our Knowledge Base and the chat support system, FreeCashe owner will learn how to create funnels and leads that create sales in matter of minutes. During the purchase of a FreeCashe licence the user has to be verified and receive a Debit Card and sign a contract agreement.
  3. 3. WYSIWYG No, With FreeCashe you get so much more you See from 1st time of use. FreeCashe under the hood combines the following CORE features: 1. CMS 2. ERP 3. CRM 4. POS INTEGRATION 5. MARKETING & ADVERTISING 6. ANALYTICS 7. NEWSLETTER TOOLS 8. CUSTOM PAYMENT PROCESSOR
  4. 4. FreeCashe - CMS FEATURES Today, an organization’s CMS is essential for: " Revenue " Brand awareness " Consumer engagement and longevity. FreeCashe is a cloud-based system that allows your organization to concentrate on its primary mission, rather than investing resources in managing IT infrastructure. To host all your digital content on a single cloud-based system, with a single administration dashboard. By incorporating responsive design it allows you to share content and data to all sites and devices, without requiring multiple instances of the content. It’s easy to maintain and upgrade. It stores the content in an open, non-proprietary format. Also FreeCashe comes with more than 2.000 themes to choose from and jumpstart your website design. 1. Simplicity 2. Flexibility 3. Multilingual 4. eCommerce platform 5. Own Your Data 6. Publishing Tools 7. User Management 8. Media Management 9. Easy Theme System 10. Support Community 11. Freedom 12. Custom Content Types 13. Plugin System 14. Search Engine Optimized
  5. 5. FreeCashe ERP FEATURES Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is business process management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back office functions related to technology, services and human resources. FreeCashe has in its core ERP software that assists the user into better managing the business and its resources. And more.. The system can also expanded with more functions in time. ● HR Module ● CRM Module ● Accounting Module ● Own company profile ● Branch Listing ● WordPress admin dashboard customizing features ● Audit log to check overall workflow ● 44 Currency Support ● Notification emails with custom templates and shortcode support
  6. 6. CRM FEATURES Today CRM has grown from a simple practice to an entire SaSS (software as a service) industry with tools ranging from simple to complex depending on a particular company’s needs. Customer & Potential Customer Classifications ● Leads ● Contacts ● Accounts ● Opportunities ● And custom Data Management ● Import Data (leads etc.) ● Export Data ● API for apps and other third parties ● Data backups ● And more Organization ● Tasks ● Calendar ● Call Log ● Call Reminders ● Notes ● And more Marketing ● Email Integration ● Email & Social Campaign Integration ● Auto-Responders ● And more Analytics ● Pipeline Sales Reports ● Trends Reporting ● Live statistics ● Users flow ● And much more
  7. 7. FreeCashe POS integration Theodoros Dimitriou FreeCashe integrator software synchronizes your store’s point of sale inventory with your website. Additionally, many of our integrations will automatically send your online order and customer information to your store’s POS system, giving you a holistic view of your customers’ shopping habits. Of course, getting your website and in-store systems speaking together will undoubtedly help you work more efficiently, reduce errors, and most importantly, minimize the possibility of your customers purchasing products that are not in stock. Certainly its not a simple step to be accomplished by a non experienced user, and here comes the Support Deprtment for some intervention and 1st time configurations, once a user ask for it.
  8. 8. Marketing & Advertisement
  9. 9. FreeCashe MARKETING & ADVERTISING Features With FreeCashe M.&A. system the user will be able to do the following tasks: 1. Create product Bundles 2. Smart Coupons a. “all in one” solution for store credits, gift certificates, discount coupons and vouchers. 3. Offer WishLists 4. NewsLetter Subscription 5. Points & Rewards for loyal customers 6. Create Marketing Campaigns 7. View History of Purchases 8. Analyze statistics to find out opportunities and improve the ROI by making adjustments 9. Affiliates feature for resellers of the owners products ● With FreeCashe, you can learn everything about your customers – from their first touch with your online store to their latest purchase. It automagically tracks what both your visitors and customers are doing on your eshop. ● Send targeted email campaigns to customer segments and build your email list, get social fans and increase sales through incentivized promotions. ● Optimize Your Promotions Reach your visitors at the right time, on the right page, with the right offer. Pop up display conditions, visitor segmentation, and behavioral targeting will optimize your promotions to convert your website traffic. Choose from our most popular rules or create your own!
  10. 10. FreeCashe ANALYTICS Features FreeCashe is fully connected with Google Analytics & Webmaster tools including all the vast variety of reporting tools and benchmarks of Google for every eshop. All know the power of Google Analytics tools so there is no need to analyse them here again.
  11. 11. FreeCashe NEWSLETTER Features All the required tools for creating, sending and reporting a Newsletter campaign are included in each FreeCashe installation. Giving the business owners such a strong marketing tool and showing them how to create their own mailing lists is one of best ways to help them accomplish their sales. Main Features are: ● NEW responsive email Drag & Drop composer ● Subscribers with statistics ● Emails with tracking ● Customizable subscription widget, page or custom form ● WordPress User Registration seamless integration ● Single And Double Opt-In plus privacy checkbox for EU laws compliance ● Subscribers preferences to fine-target your campaigns ● SMTP-Ready ● Customizable Themes ● Html and Text versions of Emails ● All messages are fully translatable from Admin Panel (no .po/.mo) ● Diagnostics Panel to check your blog mailing capability ● Compatible with Postman, WP Mail SMTP, Easy WP SMTP, Easy SMTP Mail, WP Mail Bank
  12. 12. FreeCashe CUSTOM PAYMENT PROCESSOR Features Everybody knows PayPal right? -Well the bank that will support the birth of FreeCashe ecosystem will also need to work with each FreeCashe client in order to issue a Debit Card in the business owner name to receive the online payments anywhere globaly. -So the bank deducts the
  13. 13. Software used in FreeCashe Lets begin by saying that its using, Wordpress the Top FOSS Content Management System worldwide. 24% of the world’s websites are built on WordPress — that’s more than 72 million sites and counting — making WordPress the number one content management system in the world. Combining some of the TOP Premium and Free Wordpress plugins with specific Cloud Services which offer API access, interoperability between the systems and extremely high level of automation we end up having a fully automated system that simply works out of the box and it’s straight forward (it will become more user friendly in time) !! :)
  14. 14. FreeCashe can offer a solid ecosystem to act as the platform for all the small and medium size businesses who wish to expand online. Once the system is complete with it’s own Payment Gateway Processor and launched to the public then it will be playing alone at least for some time due to the fact that there is nothing alike available at the moment anywhere. Inside this 1 Product → FreeCashe ← a business owner will find the solution to an endless list of issues like: Website Planning, Website Development, Website Design, Copy writting, Cost for theme or other graphical work, theme implementation, WooCommerce purchase and configuration, also purchase one by one some of the 369 extra paid plugins, connecting with cloud services (once you find out which works out with what), content creation, social networks posting and replying, etc….
  15. 15. The company that will be founded in order to commercialize the FreeCashe system in order to succeed should follow a pricing model like: A free month or 2 months trial and from the 3rd month of cooperation and after there will be a monthly charge of 99 euro per business for managing the website and web server and offering all the mentioned services. FreeCashe parental company will also offer its professional services to outsource various tasks like: Newsletter creation, Marketing Campaign set up, Analytics reports with meaningful statistics, Management of Social Network profiles, SEO, A/B tests, etc on rates scaling accordingly to the size of requested volume of tasks. Also note that there will be an extra 1,9-2% fee on each sale for processing fees and invoicing both sides. The total value of proprietary software used in FreeCashe exceeds the amount of 60K euro, and the value of the FOSS is simply priceless.
  16. 16. The size of the market that FreeCashe can reach is more than 300 million entrepreneurs globally. The target market can be characterized by the following criteria: ● People who own a physical store or run a business offering goods in local market and want to expand their respectable businesses online. ● People who want to begin an online venture would be helped great if they had the right tools for a free to try period of 2 months, in order to get familiar with the ecosystem and with the assistance of Support or Businesses Development Department to actually have sales and see how the system works. ● FreeCashe is so simple to use as is to create and run a free blog online.
  17. 17. FreeCashe Potential Profits To be honest my purpose is to simplify and ease the labyrinth of steps required by anyone to get a top class website with top services and software automation to accomplish real sales on a daily basis. Now its the time to launch FreeCashe and help millions of entrepreneurs globally to sell and get paid. FreeCashe’s advanced marketing, remarketing, reverse remarketing and social targeting ad services will help any decent business owner to sell his goods online globally. For every 1.000 new business owners that try our demo and extend their subscription the company will get 99K euro EVERY MONTH plus 2% from EACH SALE. For 1.000.000 subscribers the potential of monthly earnings go well beyond 100.000.000 euro..