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What If? - Tenzin Ngawang

  1. 1. Herbert Hoover Alfred E. Smith What if? by Tenzin Ngawang
  2. 2. What if Alfred E. Smith were to win the presidentialelection in 1928 instead of Herbert Hoover?Could America have been able to avoid the Great Depression era?
  3. 3. Alfred Smith As the 31st President of the United States • Alfred E Smith was the governor of New York for three times in a row because he was such an amazing leader. In late 20s, he decided to take a step forward and run for the president of United States. • Alfred Smith was a part of the democratic party and he believed everyone should be equal and be heard. • Herbert Hoover and Al Smith were the main two candidates that ran for the presidential election in 1928. • Calvin Coolidge was also a part of it but later decided to veto his candidacy due to his son’s severe sickness, Sepsis.
  4. 4. Continued• Alfred Smith was a very religious man, catholic and one noble man. He had the potential of being a president because he helped the citizens and was tied to politics since the beginning. He had a background of financing and being able to handle businesses etc. 1920s were the roaring 20s when America had a lot of money. That’s when President Herbert Hoover failed to keep the money on track, while on the other hand, business man Al. Smith could have been able to help America get out of that tough situation.• Herbert Hoover was accused for being a horrible president during the Great Depression because before his presidency, America was in very good shape where it had the money come in and out from every place, internationally and locally.
  5. 5. ALFRED EMANUEL SMITH t-1928 mith-democra residents-al-s 908/almost-p PRESIDENT om/post/5719987 idents.tumblr.c http://deadpres FOR BE THERE’LL S, ! MONE Y IS IN OUR HAND ZERO SO YMENT! ! ! I’LL DISTRIBUTE IT U NEMPLO LLY ! EVERY ONE GETS IT EQUA AL.SMITH 1928
  6. 6. NH WA ME VT MT ND MN OR MA ID WI NY SD RI MI WY CT PA NE IA NJ NV IN OH MDCA UT IL DE CO WV VA KS MO KY NC TN OK AZ NM AR SC AL GA MS TX LA FL Candidates Alfred E. Smith Herbert Hoover 1928 Presidential Election
  7. 7. How different would America be now?• America will be known as the richest country in the world. It wouldn’t have had such gruesome history where they are at lost because of money.• Alfred E. Smith will be a prominent figure in US history.• There’d be more Americans following Roman Catholic, as their religion.• Alfred E. Smith and his economic policies would be used even in todays date because of how successful he was at keeping America stabilized during the most crucial times of US history.
  8. 8. Would you have voted for Alfred E. Smith duringhis presidential election?After this presentation, I hope you’d reflect and choose him as the 31stpresident of the United States instead of Herbert Hoover.
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