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Here are 10 Easy Ways to Optimize Website for Lead Generation

Lead generation generally involves direct response advertising and telemarketing. The buying process has changed, and sellers need to find new approaches to get in touch with buyers and get heard through the noise.

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Here are 10 Easy Ways to Optimize Website for Lead Generation

  1. 1. Here are 10 Easy Ways to Optimize Website for Lead Generation
  2. 2. Introduction “ Lead generation describes the marketing process of motivating and capturing interest in a product or service with the intention of developing sales pipeline which can be further looked upon and contacted by the salespeople for generating orders.” • It generally involves direct response advertising and telemarketing. • The buying process has changed, and sellers need to find new approaches to get in touch with buyers and get heard through the noise.
  3. 3. How to Optimize Lead Generation Website?  Include Contact Information  Cater to the Mobile Audience  Include the Call-to-Action  Use Live Chat  Keep a Close Watch  Have a Trust Seal  High-Quality Images and Videos  Add Consumer Success Stories  Have a Subscription Form on Each Page  Stay Proactive
  4. 4. Include Contact Information • Always put your phone numbers, email Id or link to social profiles on webpage to initiate interaction. • Showing these information helps to build trust between both the parties. • These information can be displayed anywhere on the webpage. • Depending upon the requirements of your business, include the numbers accordingly. • Generally contact is displayed at the bottom, but in case of promotional pages it is right at the top in the form of a header.
  5. 5. Cater to Mobile Audience • Today, the world is moving towards digital platforms. • Now the ratio of leads that approach you from the phones is higher when compared to the desktop audiences. • It is essential that you optimize your webpage for mobile devices as well. • Your webpage should be capable of working on mobile interface • It is also important that the site loads fast and is easily navigable. • It is also necessary that your forms, images, and content appear instantly.
  6. 6. Include Call-to-Action (CTA) • Call to Action (CTA) refers to a text, a button, an image or a banner that invites the visitors to take a step forward and do something. • It is a must when marketing your products through the webpage. • It is important that you keep them short, simple and persuasive. • The phrase should be appealing to the customer. • Yet, it is vital that you do not overdo. • Place your banners only where you feel you can get a high response from the clients. • The colors used in the banner should be in contrast with your web color and the resolution should be such that the text is easily understandable. • The CTA has a clear value proposition. • For e.g., merely saying ‘Register’ will not work. Instead, use catchy phrases like ‘Sign up now to get 15% discount.’
  7. 7. Use Live-Chat • It is always helpful for the company to engage with their customers in real- time. • Using Live-chat facility, the agents are close at hand to offer assistance and human support. • This can have a long-term impact on the client-company relationship. • It helps to build rapport and also allows you to personalize the communication. • The best contact center software, today have inbuilt integration of the live chat feature. • Consequently, you can easily merge this platform with your webpage to ensure effective communication with the buyers.
  8. 8. Keep A Close Watch • Always keep a close look on what is working and what is not clicking with your purchasers when they access your webpage. • The contact center management software can help you to keep a track of the pages that are frequently visited by the client, the page where he spends maximum time and the links that he opens on the site. Have a Trust Seal • Before making the final purchase, the buyers want to be sure about the company and its services. • Trust seals help the clients to know that the website is legitimate and all the information provided on the site is authenticated. • Hence, it is important that you ensure that your website has a trust seal depending on the industry you thrive in.
  9. 9. High Quality Images and Videos • Always remember, the website should be attractive, colorful and appealing to the eyes of the buyers. • Do not add too many things on one page as this will create confusion in the minds of the buyers. • Instead, use simple language, normal font, and basic designs. • Also, ensure that it is easily navigable and is properly linked to the landing pages. • When using images, ensure that they are of high-quality. • Blurred pictures can put the leads off. • You can use simple explainer videos that describe the product and services offered by the organization in easy language.
  10. 10. Add Consumer Stories • Testimonials can be an extremely powerful marketing tool. • A bunch of positive responses from few of the earlier purchasers can the put the company in a good light. • When coupled with pictures and videos of the customer, the testimonials can have a tangible impact on the clients. • This also improves the credibility of the brand. • Using the real life images of the buyers helps in striking an instant connection between the prospects and the consumers. • Ensure that the language is simple and does not sound boasting in nature. • Never try to add fake testimonials as the customers can see through it and this can have a damaging impact on the brand image.
  11. 11. Have Subscription Form on Every Page • A contact form is the basic process that is required to gather information about your prospects and their interests. • You should add the subscription on every page of your site in order to make it easily accessible to your customers. • Do not have a very elaborate form. • Do not ask for too many personal details in the beginning. • It is also advisable to have outbound contact center software solutions integrated to the webpage in order to store the information.
  12. 12. Stay Proactive • Responsiveness has to be at its peak when dealing with clients online. • Any kind of interruption will result in you losing out on a probable good deal. • Always train the callers to have a proactive mindset when dealing with customers. • This includes replying to their comments on the blog, answering their query, live chatting with the consumers as well as examining the sections that are most popular. • It is essential to be swift in delivering the services to the client, for you to get the edge. • Also, the clients will gladly interact with you when there is a speedy response from your end.
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