Deltek MPM Training


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Deltek MPM Training

A 3-day class taking the attendee through the features and functions of Deltek MPM. This course focuses on the application of Deltek MPM's capabilities in the world of Earned Value Management and government contracting.

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Deltek MPM Training

  1. 1.   Deltek MPM Course Outline Using Deltek MPM In The Real World Duration: 3 days (Optional additional day to include cost/schedule integration using the Deltek MPM Microsoft Project Interface). Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of Microsoft Windows and Earned Value Management. Target Audience: Project Control Administrators, as well as any individuals responsible for estimating or statusing project control data, analyzing output data from an earned value system, linking schedule data to project control data, or supporting MPM users. This course would be beneficial for Cost Estimators, Proposal Managers, Budget Analysts, System Administrators, and Control Account Managers. Course Description This hands-on, highly interactive course provides an in-depth training into using Deltek MPM and it’s components in a real world environment. This course demonstrates how to create global files, set up security, create an entire project, retrieve and analyze project data, and create and run reports. Additionally, it provides an in-depth view of advanced MPM features – it teaches advanced reporting, exporting and importing data, distributed projects, project re-planning and what-if analyses, performance data analysis, weekly earned value. Students will experience extensive hands-on use of Deltek MPM as they step through the typical project management life cycle of setting up the MPM database and structures, initial project budget and schedule planning, ongoing project statusing and analysis, baseline revisions, actual cost collection, and month-end internal management and customer reporting. Training Contents • Creating new projects and structures o Defining new projects o Establishing MPM and project security o Defining the OBS – performing and/or responsible o Defining the CLIN table o Developing the WBS • Planning the baseline, ETC and earned value o Creating estimates and developing/maintaining the PMB o Creating estimates and developing/maintaining the ETC o Assigning EV methods, defining EV milestones and entering monthly EV status o Importing/entering actual costs into MPM o Maintaining the program logs
  2. 2.   • Periodic analysis and reporting o Using the interactive graphic drill-down reporting interface o Using standard Deltek MPM reports o Submitting customer reports • Exporting data for reporting and/or analysis o Creating custom reports with exports o Maintaining the Deltek MPM project database with exports o Feeding Excel templates for further data analysis • Importing data to create and maintain project and global files o Creating standard imports to build the project and global files o Using imports to maintain and revise project and global data o Batching and saving import files • Using Deltek MPM utilities to make mass changes/revisions o Using WBS utilities to make structural changes to the WBS o Using estimating utilities to make mass changes to baseline/ETC estimates, to reflect new rates, to perform “what-ifs” o Using re-plan utilities to execute formal re-plans to a project • Using Distributed Projects to combine projects o Using Distributed Projects in specific use cases o Defining the Distributed Projects process o Understanding Distributed Projects ground rules and guidelines • Managing weekly EV with Deltek MPM o Understanding the weekly earned value environment o Setting up MPM for weekly earned value o Defining the weekly earned value cycle o Using weekly reports and exports • Creating and maintaining global sets o Creating the global set – global ID and path o Defining the calendars – fiscal, holiday and EQPM hours o Creating the cost rollup structure – EOC table o Creating rate tables – baseline, ETC and actuals o Defining the labor and non-labor resources and rates o Defining the indirect burden codes and rates o Creating the burden templates o Defining custom spread curves for use in baseline/ETC estimating Optional Day – Cost/schedule integration using the Deltek MPM Microsoft Project Interface • Integrating Deltek MPM and Microsoft Project o Understanding the MS Project Link’s process o Creating mapping files to support the MS Project Link o Integrating the WBS, schedule dates, milestones, resource estimates and earned value status To learn more about this class, please contact Ten Six Consulting (703) 910-2600 or email us at