PureLeverage Review - A Scam?


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Pure Leverage Review - Is it a Scam? Consider the facts for yourself. But beware promoters who over promise and do not help their downline build a business.

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PureLeverage Review - A Scam?

  1. 1. The PureLeverage Marketing Platform and Business Opportunity Review - A Scam?This is a review of the "Pure Leverage" marketing platform andbusiness opportunity.To Receive Email Blasts That Promote YOURPURELEVERAGE AFFILIATE LINK Sign Up Here!Is Pure Leverage a "scam"? Good question.To determine that remember a genuine scam must meet severalcriteria:1. A Scam, of course, offers an inferior product or an ordinaryproduct at an exorbitant price.2. A Scam offers a product that only participants in the schemewould be willing to use. Following #1, in genuine scams, nobody
  2. 2. is ever a satisfied customer. They are in it for the money or not atall.3. Scams dont pay their "marks". The money is all going to theuplines and when it dries up, the program folds. Genuine scamsdont stay in business let alone roll out new products andopportunities.In light of these criteria, well answer the question ... "Is PureLeverage a scam?"Check out Pureleverages capture page for any signs of a"scam"!Lets deal with the last one first. Normally its not possible toreview a product or service so quickly (PureLeverage only cameout in March 2013), but in this case the elements of thePureLeverage system have been proven and available separatelyfor quite some time. This reviewer has used the previous systems(webhosting and autoresponders) to good effect. He knew of theservice before in its previous incarnation as Kiosk.ws.Now these formerly separate services are being packaged andunited in a "Bundle" that promises to greatly enhance theeffectiveness of the individual parts for aspiring onlinemarketers... if they know how to put it into good use!As just mentioned, PureLeverages parent company GVO, beganas kiosk.ws years ago as a suite of internet tools for onlinemarketers. As the company grew, it relocated from Canada to SanAntonio, Texas in 2007 so that it could continue to expand thanksto the tax and other infrastructure advantages offered in the state. As you may know, other major web hosting firms are located inTexas... such as Hostgator and Rackspace.GVO, however, is the only hosting company dedicated to serving
  3. 3. small and home business people, particularly in the networkmarketing field. Unlike other hosting companies, GVO is the onlyone offering a bundle of services designed to support the aspiringinternet entrepreneur. Through its affiliate program, it offers aviable secondary income source for those aiming to build aprimary home based business in the area of network marketing orother services.What about support? Unlike other "tech" firms not to mention "flyby night" scams, I can honestly say that whenever Ive needed techsupport from GVO, I have received a prompt, prompt answer andpeople who made every effort to assist me. That alone makes GVOa unique company in a tech oriented field. So keep that in mindas well as you consider this..."PureLeverage" is a package of services ideally suited for:1) Bloggers2) Information marketers3) Network marketers4) Professionals5) Authors6) Consultants7) Software Developers8 ) Website designers9) Any business person wishing to establish themselves as an"expert" in a given field, who wishes to use the internet to attractpotential customers, establish your credentials as a trusted sourceof information, and generate business online.
  4. 4. To Receive Email Blasts That Promote YOURPURELEVERAGE AFFILIATE LINK Sign Up Here!How does it work?First "Pureleverage" starts as a blogging platform.Obviously many people like to blog at "authority" sites to givetheir own writings greater page ranking. This is a long termstrategy, not the work of short term thinking scammers.Obviously many bloggers buy hosting anyway and their ownautoresponders and want to associate with "authority sites" sothere will be plenty of reason to subscribe to PureLeverage alonefor its tools whether one re-sells the product or not. This isanother sign that PureLeverage isnt a scam of course.Unlike starting your own blog from scratch at your own domain oron Wordpress or Blogger, youll be blogging at a site that will beindexed heavily and have plenty of content. Because youll be partof a network of expert information resources who post regularly,youll find the site is "crawled" by Google, Bing, and other majorsearch engines regularly. This makes it more likely that anyindividual page with decent content will get its own visitors.Using PureLeverages simple blogging system, youll actuallybe benefiting from the work of other marketers to get exposure foryour information. Its something like having your own "expertchannel" on any other major web portal.Next in addition to relying on search engine traffic alone, part ofthe bundle is GVOs sophisticated email autoresponder system. You will have the "capture" pages you need to build a huge "inhouse" list for your primary business... whether thats a networkmarketing company, your professional or consulting practice, or
  5. 5. whatever.Not any autoresponder will do. Professional autoresponderservices work with email providers to assure them that everyemail being sent is one thats requested... not spam. GVO willhelp your email arrive at your customers inbox and GVOscoaching will allow your email to help you become someone whois "known, liked, and trusted" by prospects so that yourcommunications are those of a "welcome guest" instead of"tiresome pest"!You could go with Aweber or GerResponse. Youll pay the SAMEper month as PureLeverage, but only be able to have 5000 listmembers. With PureLeverage, you can have up to 20,000 PLUSthese additional marketing tools the "competition" doesnt have.Of course with autoresponding features this good at $24.95 permonth, the pricing of PureLeverage is extremely competitive inthe marketplace. Again, PureLeverage is not registering on the"scam meter" in that regard.Recently however, the issue of having your own personal, in houselist, was highlighted when a major company recently went"MLM". One unscrupulous upline scammer created "lead capture"pages for anyone joining his group... The price seemed too good tobe true. It only cost $10 for a "lifetime membership". The reasonfor his largesse was that he simply stole all the leads.His downline spent their time and money promoting oneprogram only to have all their leads emailed about othercompeting programs later! And all the new commissions wouldgo to the upline.Dont let anyone steal your leads! Get your own
  6. 6. autoresponder and lead capture system!For less than $25 per month, PureLeverage gives you the ability todo professional blogging but also build an "in house" email list ofup to 20,000 people! Compare this price to the competition in thefield of "autoresponders" and see if youre not impressed. Ibelieve you will be. But please remember the "competition" isnthelping you blog at an authority site or developing proven capturepages for you!To Receive Email Blasts That Promote YOURPURELEVERAGE AFFILIATE LINK Sign Up Here!PureLeverage recognizes that increasingly we live in a visual age.Many people just dont read emails. Theyd rather watch a video.Part of the small monthly price is a unique video email service.Pureleverage helps you create your own video and send it by emailor posting it on your blog.In the past, we did training or presentations face to face.You could use "Go To Meeting" or some other paid standaloneservice to do online training, but your monthly membership withPureLeverage gives you unlimited video training resources. Youcan train as many as 100 people at a time. They only need a PC,web browser, and internet access.You can even record your training for rebroadcast at any time.Why spend extra for this kind of service when you can have accessto it any time for part of your small monthly subscription fee toPure Leverage?But all these "benefits" mean nothing without what? TRAFFIC!
  7. 7. To Receive Email Blasts That Promote YOURPURELEVERAGE AFFILIATE LINK Sign Up Here!Pureleverage has been created by people who know how tomarket. They are aware not only how to generate traffic by Googleand Facebook, they also know how to generate traffic fromhundreds of other well trafficked sites. Part of the small monthlyfee for "Pure Leverage" is the training package that gives youaccess to their ongoing experience using many, many test marketsthat they share with the user community.To Receive Email Blasts That Promote YOURPURELEVERAGE AFFILIATE LINK Sign Up Here!Theres one other option that may make you want to investigatePure Leverage for yourself, especially if youre a networkmarketer.Thats the compensation plan.For an additional $19.97 per month reseller fee ($44.92 permonth for the service and a reseller account) anyone purchasingthe service through your marketing efforts generates a monthlycommission for you! Furthermore, if they sign up as a reseller, anysales they make generate additional "override" commissions foryou from payouts generated through the "reseller fees".What that means is that you can be BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS(you can capture leads for 2 "primary" companies PLUSPureleverage), build your own personal email list, and be earningup to 100% of the $24.95 monthly fees from your sign ups as areseller.Earnings Disclaimer: Just because you sign up as a "reseller"doesnt mean youll make anything of course. Its possible youll
  8. 8. just have a great suite of services that would be worth that priceanyway.Some will be able to sell a few subscriptions and essentially have a"free" suite of services. Some will sell more and make more.The "bottom line" is that if youre in business to make moneyonline, you need these services anyway. So if youre not a"reseller" youre getting great, reliable tools at a great price. If youcan sell two and break even, so much the better. Youll be usingthe tools anyway to support your core business. Some people willmake marketing these tools their primary business or at least astrong "profit center" for their overall business.Its possible that your revenues from "Pure Leverage" could allowthe service to pay for itself or become a full time income.Back to the original question. Is PureLeverage a scam?1. It sells a product ordinary people buy at about the same price.2. It has been around for years and keeps getting better.3. It rewards sellers while offering a product people buy every dayanyway.If only ALL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES could say as much!Unfortunately they cant.Heres another point to consider:One thing we learn in the network marketing field especially isthat - over the years - we meet lots of people.Many WILL NOT be ready to join your primary program today.
  9. 9. But these are quality folks youd like to support somehow and stayin touch with for the future.Having an offer like "Pure Leverage" that any network marketeror small business person needscan allow you to profitably helpthese people build their own business even if they never joinyours. Who knows, you may help them become a success inanother company that one day fails.Who knows?The people you help succeed may THEN join your organization!Thats the power of being able to help people now while keeping along term vision!So what are you waiting for? Check it out!To Receive Email Blasts That Promote YOURPURELEVERAGE AFFILIATE LINK Sign Up Here!If youd prefer to see the latest Webinar, visit here....Note: The above links are my affiliate links and I will do whateverI can to assist you to succeed in your marketing efforts.*Resellers earn 100% of the first month fees paid and 50% ofsubsequent months fees. But resellers also earn 50% of monthlyfees PLUS 50% of what other personally sponsored resellers earn.NOTE: THE BIGGEST PROBLEM NEW ASSOCIATES HAVE ISMARKETING THE PROGRAM! THOSE WITH EXISTING LISTSHAVE AN EASIER TIME RECRUITING. AS A RESULT, MYORGANIZATION ASSISTS PAID DOWNLINE MEMBERS BYSENDING OUT THOUSANDS OF EMAILS TO HOME BUSINESSPROSPECTS TO RECRUIT FOR YOUR DOWNLINE!
  10. 10. To Receive Email Blasts That Promote YOURPURELEVERAGE AFFILIATE LINK Sign Up Here!Originally Posted at Tennessee Huckaby Reviews … Usedwith Permission