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Edited hooror films case study


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Edited hooror films case study

  1. 1. History of Horror FilmsHorror films are a film genre that is made to make viewers have an emotionalreaction to them; they do this by basing their story lines on these things: Nightmares (a scary dream) Hidden fears Revulsions ( a sense of disgust) Terror of the unknownHorror films also have prevalent elements: Ghosts Aliens Vampires Werewolves Curses Satanism Demons Vicious animals Zombies Serial killersThese are elements that horror movies are based on or include at least one ofthese features.
  2. 2. Timeline of Horror filmsDate Evolving of horror1890’s-1920’s The first horror film the Haunted Castle was made in 1896, the film was created by George Melies. When I watched the clips of the film I actually realised how much horror films have expanded over the years.1930’s-1940’s This is when Universal pictures The advance in technology moved1950’s-1960’s horror films from Gothic to contemporary concerns, this then created 2 sub-genres, these are horror-of-Armageddon and horror-of- the-demonic.1970’s-1980’s The film “Rosemary’s Baby” made an evolution of more horror films released with occult films in the 1970’s, this is also when the feature evil children was introduced.1990’s This when the relationship of fictional horror and real world horror was introduced but this was also a bad century for horror movies this is because they movies became predictable and the audiences were getting bored of them.2000’s Parodies came in
  3. 3. Involvement of starsBruce Campbell is a film and television actor, director, writer, producer andauthor. Bruce Campbell is a cult actor; he is most famous for his role as AshleyJ. "Ash" Williams in the Evil Dead series of films, I personally think that Dyer’sStar theory doesn’t apply to Bruce Campbell this is because even though he isvery successful he isn’t used forJamie Lee Curtis is known as scream queen because of her starring roles inhorror films earlier on in her career
  4. 4. ThrillersAims of thriller’s are to keep the audience alert and on the edge of their seats,all thrillers have a protagonist in the films who is set against a problem, theyemphasize the danger that the protagonist faces.A thriller provides the sudden rush of emotions, excitement, and sense ofsuspense and exhilaration the objective is to deliver a story with sustainedtension, surprise, and a constant sense of impending doom which makesthriller films so popular.Thrillers tend to be fast-moving, psychological, threatening, mysterious and attimes involve larger-scale villainy such as espionage, terrorism and conspiracy