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  • Communicating with Others was an interesting topic because it demonstrated that communication can be interrupted even if you say what you want to say but if there is a distracting noise of some sort the message can become distorted or missed. I learned how to effectively communicate with others.
  • I can understand the claim and look over specific details and keep reading them until I can argue for or against the claim or both and put my personal feelings aside.
  • Things to remember when trying to identify a claim.
  • Critical Thinking is so vital I was amazed to learn that it starts after 21. I think back when I was 21 and I thought I was using my critical thinking skills but in actuality I was not. I can say that at 25. In addition we learned about our Instrumental and Terminal values.
  • Reordering these values was an interesting assignment too, because you had to put things in perspective. This was all about you and who you are, so I learned a lot about me during this exercise.
  • These set of values were really a look at your personal views as well as the way you view the world.
  • I learned a few interesting things in this class, I am a better debater due to the discussions and arguments we have had to debate. One of the most resourceful tools I have received from this class is the ability to communicate effectively and use my critical thinking skills at all times.
  • Thank you Instructor Marteney. Your class is great!
  • Speech 104

    1. 1. Do you need to take Speech 104?<br />Here is What I learned <br />
    2. 2. Communicating With Others<br />Understanding The Claim<br />Identifying The Claim<br />Critical Thinking<br />Interesting Topics<br />
    3. 3. Yes, noise can be both physical or psychological disruptions<br />The receiver controls the time, place and content of the message. <br />You professor absolutely believes in the existence of Truth. But, sadly, your professor does not know what it is or how to scientifically discover it.<br />Communicating with others<br />
    4. 4. The foundation for all argument is the claim.<br />Claims represent both the starting point and the ending point of an argument.<br />Claims represent the substance of an argument.<br />Understanding the claim<br />
    5. 5. When you see the words, should or ought, then you are looking at a claim of Policy.<br />A claim states a specific position.<br />Identifying the claim<br />
    6. 6. In critical thinking we would never claim to have absolute knowledge of Truth.<br />The challenge of being a critical thinker is knowing you will never be 100% sure of anything.<br />Critical Thinking begins in the late 20’s.<br />Critical thinking<br />
    7. 7. 1. AMBITIOUS (hard-working, aspiring) <br />2. BROAD-MINDED (open-minded) <br />3. CAPABLE (competent, effective) <br />4. CHEERFUL (lighthearted, joyful) <br />5. CLEAN (neat, tidy) <br />6. COURAGEOUS (standing up for your own beliefs) <br />7. FORGIVING (willing to pardon others) <br />8. HELPFUL (working for the welfare of others) <br />9. HONEST(sincere, truthful) <br />10. IMAGINATIVE (daring, creative) <br />11. INDEPENDENT (self-reliant, self-sufficient) <br />12. INTELLECTUAL (intelligent, reflective) <br />13. LOGICAL (consistent, rational) <br />14. LOVING (affectionate, tender, sexual) <br />15. OBEDIENT (loyal, dutiful, respectful) <br />16. POLITE (courteous, well-mannered) <br />17. RESPONSIBLE (dependable, reliable) <br />18. SELF-CONTROLLED (restrained, self-disciplined) <br />Instrumental Values<br />
    8. 8. 1. AN EXCITING LIFE (a stimulating, active life) <br />2. A SENSE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT (lasting contribution) <br />3. A COMFORTABLE LIFE (a prosperous life) <br />4. A WORLD AT PEACE (free of war and conflict) <br />5. A WORLD OF BEAUTY (beauty of nature and the arts) <br />6. EQUALITY (brotherhood, equal opportunity for all) <br />7. FAMILY SECURITY (taking care of loved ones) <br />8. FREEDOM (independence, free choice) <br />9. HAPPINESS (contentedness) <br />10. INNER HARMONY (freedom from inner conflict) <br />11. MATURE LOVE (sexual and spiritual intimacy) <br />12. SECURITY (protection from attack) <br />13. PLEASURE (an enjoyable, leisurely life) <br />14. SALVATION (saved, eternal life) <br />15. SELF-RESPECT (self-esteem) <br />16. SOCIAL RECOGNITION (respect, admiration) <br />17. TRUE FRIENDSHIP (close companionship) <br />18. WISDOM (a mature understanding of life<br />Terminal values<br />
    9. 9. My views are very Conservative<br />How to argue each side <br />Give supporting facts not my opinion when arguing.<br />Pay attention to details of claims and arguments, to be effective. <br />What I Learned<br />
    10. 10. In Speech 104 I have learned a lot about me and who I am.<br />My Name Is Tenika Cole<br />