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Google+ Pubcon Presentation


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Google Plus, Google+, Ten Things You need to Know About Google Plus

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Google+ Pubcon Presentation

  1. 1. Ten Things You Need to Know About Jay Berkowitz
  2. 2. Google Plus „Lingo‟ Google+ (pronounced and sometimes written as Google Plus, sometimes abbreviated as G+) is a social networking and identity service, operated by Google Inc.“Google Plus” “G plus” “Plus one”
  3. 3. Rapid Adoption!Launch June 28 – Ten Million active July 14 10 Million July 14 Google + launches June 28
  4. 4. 800 million40 Million Oct. 13, 2011 ‘Active’ 100 million ‘Active’ Oct. 13, 40 Million ‘signed up’
  5. 5. “Orange is the new pink” Elle, Legally Blond
  6. 6. Social Signals…are the new linksGoogle is using Likes, Tweets and +1‟s in Search
  7. 7. New York TimesGoogle Plus for Business Page
  8. 8. Google+Google Plus for Business Page
  9. 9. Plus pages are very simple…
  10. 10. Plus advises - connect your Web Page to your Google Plus Business Page
  11. 11. First Mover Advantage - Create your Plus page and let the local & industry media know…
  12. 12. “Direct Connect”Type + and the first few letters…
  13. 13. First Mover Advantage (part 2)Own your letters before other sites…
  14. 14. „Circle‟ a company (follow)
  15. 15. The Muppets held one of the first Google Plus „Hangouts‟
  16. 16. Engage with early adopters, we‟re all looking for interaction
  17. 17. Create How-to‟s for a content marketing opportunity
  18. 18. How do I do it all?
  19. 19. Cascade Content! Create great content: articles, press releases, eBooks, Free Reports
  20. 20. Cascade Content! Summarize the article in 2 blogs and link to the article on your site. Write a headline and post it with a link on Facebook, Twitte r, Google+ and LinkedIn
  21. 21. Cascade Content!You can also create a And, repurpose the YouTube video, a article as a Press SlideShare Release and syndicate presentation, and a through site like podcast
  22. 22. n Things You Need to Know About – Social Signals are the new links. Add the Like button, tweet and +1 to your site – Create your Plus page for first mover advantage, link to your site – Add important people to circles – Create how-to content about Plus – Cascade Content Jay Berkowitz
  23. 23. n Things You Need to Know About • –Book, Blog, Podcast, Search and Social Agency • • Jay Berkowitz
  24. 24. ResourcesHubspot eBook ‘about’ page:’s ‘how-to’: Post Article:’s Google Plus page: