Van Houten Brand Management Strategy


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Van Houten Brand Management Strategy

  1. 1. The dream began in Amsterdam 1828 when C.J. VAN HOUTEN invented theprocess of manufacturing cocoa. Very soon Van Houten’s cocoa and chocolate powders conquered the hearts of thousands of chocolate lovers.
  2. 2. Van Houten has beenaround for 180 years.1828• Van Houten invented the cocoa pressing method – commercial chocolate manufacturing start1870• Expansion of the international business.
  3. 3. In 1828, the Dutch chocolate maker Conrad J. Van Houten invented themodern chocolate bar. A press was developed by him that could produce afine cocoa powder. A solid bar was created by combining the cocoa withsugar and cocoa butter.
  4. 4. Healthy Chocolate..“O” sugar.. Very healthy & veryhappy
  5. 5. Dark chocolatemay reduce the riskof diabetes!(Reported by: British Medical Journal)
  6. 6. Cocoa does not contain sugar, and cocoa has the wonderingredient epicatechin which is a wonder drug that helps withdiabetes, heart problems, stroke etcCocoa in dark chocolate could help to prevent diabetes andimprove the health of blood vessels, as well as reducingcholesterol levels and blood pressure .The Italians know a thing or two about good eating. And a smallstudy from the University of LAquila, in Italy, found that eatingchocolate increases insulin sensitivity, which reduces the risk ofdiabetes.Dark Chocolate – Pure, unsweetened chocolate contains primarilycocoa solids and cocoa butter in varying proportions
  7. 7. Normal and Diabetic Blood Sugar Level RangesUnderstanding blood glucose level ranges is key to both diabetes diagnosis and diabetes self-management.
  8. 8. Market Overview TargetPositioning Market (Audience) Trends
  9. 9. Market Overview - Malaysian Cocoa Industry• Cocoa has been commercially planted in Malaysia since the 1950s while cocoa processing began in the 1970s.• Most of the planting areas are situated in Sabah, but most of the grinding and manufacturing are based in the Peninsula.• Over the years, the planting sector has been slowing down, but the processing sector has seen tremendous growth.• Currently, Malaysia is the fifth largest cocoa processor in the world.• The chocolate market in Malaysia increased at a compound annual growth rate of 5% and the current per capital chocolate consumption at 1.5 kilograms per country.• The leading player in chocolate market in Malaysia is Cadbury plc.
  10. 10. Malaysian Adults Nutrition Survey (MANS) indicated thatmean frequency and prevalence of food items consumed daily by MALAYSIANS are VERY HIGH SUGAR CONSUMPTION
  11. 11. IndividualsCONSUMERS Families
  12. 12. WomenPeople Mengifting INDIVIDUALS Senior Children Citizens
  13. 13. Working WomenDiabetic Women Mothers WOMEN Calorie- Conscious Housewives Women
  14. 14. Businessmen Meni in theservice sector MEN Diabetic Men Calorie Conscious men
  15. 15. With other health issuesWith Diabetes SENIOR Living Alone CITIZENS Living with children
  16. 16. Corporate Gifting PEOPLE GIFTING While visitingOn Occasions frineds and relatives
  17. 17. Chocolate myth vs. factsetting the record straight Chocolate causes ... Migraines Hyperactivity Tooth decay Acne People crave Chocolate is chocolate as high in if they have a caffeine biological need for it An allergy to chocolate is common
  18. 18. Chocolate myth vs. fact setting the record straightChocolate is high in caffeineFact: Despite public perception, milk chocolate contains relatively small amounts of caffeine -about the same as a cup of decaffeinated coffee. However, chocolate also contains theobromine, arelative of caffeine. Theobromine is much less powerful than caffeine.Chocolate causes acneFact: Despite decades of teenage angst, studies dating as far back as 1960 show no link betweeneating chocolate and getting acne. The Journal of the American Medical Association, afterreviewing extensive research on chocolate and acne, stated "diet plays no role in acne treatmentin most patients... even large amounts of chocolate have not clinically exacerbated acne.”Chocolate causes hyperactivityFact: Blame the clown. Birthday parties cause hyperactivity - not the chocolate thats served.Studies that specifically tested chocolate failed to show any relationship between eating it andhyperactive behavior in children. It is believed the high-stimulus environment in which sugaryfoods are eaten, such as a birthday party, is what affects behavior.Chocolate causes migrainesFact: Chocolate has long been targeted as the trigger for migraines and headaches but studieshave failed to show any correlation. No relationship has been found even in those migrainesufferers who believed themselves sensitive to chocolate.
  19. 19. Chocolate myth vs. fact setting the record straightChocolate causes tooth decayFact: Forget everything your mother ever told you about how eating too many chocolates will giveyou cavities. Scientists now believe the length of time food stays in your mouth, not its sugarcontent, is what causes cavities. Chocolate leaves your mouth relatively quickly- its the things thatget stuck in there that are the problem, like crackers, cookies or dried fruit. Studies suggest that darkchocolate and cocoa may actually be good for dental health becauseflavanol antioxidants and othercompounds in cocoa and chocolate slow the build-up of plaque.People crave chocolate as if they have a biological need for itFact: A chocolate craving is really just a desire for pleasure, and has no physiological cause. In onestudy, people who reportedly craved chocolate were given cocoa, which contains all of thecompounds and nutrients believed to cause chocolate cravings. However, their "cravings" were onlysatisfied by pieces of white and milk chocolates, which contain far fewer of these compounds. Thisindicates that people may have a strong desire for the taste and mouthfeel of chocolate, but thisdesire is not connected to a physiological dependency.An allergy to chocolate is commonFact: Chocolate is not a typical food allergen. Of the approximately one to two percent of Americanadults and five to eight percent of children that have a true food allergy, 90 percent are allergic toeither milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat, fish or shellfish. Depending on the type ofchocolate, one or more of these ingredients could be present in a chocolate product. Read labelscarefully.
  20. 20. Chocolate consumption has been scientificallyDark chocolate may linked to longer life reduce the risk of diabetes! PositiveMen may be able to Aspects ofreduce their risk of having a stroke Consumption Chocolate has been Eating Dark claimed to bring Chocolate Can tangible benefits for Lower Your Risk of cardiovascular Cancer and health as well as for Cardiovascular mood. Disease
  21. 21. Positive Aspects of Consumption(Is this an oxymoron?!)Chocolate has been claimed to bring tangible benefits for cardiovascular health as well as for mood.Some previous studies had indicated that ingesting chocolate would produce better mood states(Macht and Dettmer, 2006; Visioli et al., 2009).Chocolate consumption is also claimed to have the ability of lifting up spirits, create highs andinducing the feel good condition. Some people believed that the oro-sensory properties of chocolateare the main contributor of mood regulation (Macht and Muller, 2007)Men may be able to reduce their risk of having a stroke by about one-sixth, simply by eating onechocolate bar per week, according to a new Swedish study.Chocolate consumption has been scientifically linked to longer life. A few pieces of chocolate everymonth may make your life both sweeter and longer, according to the Harvard School of Public Health.A survey of healthy 65-year-old men revealed that those who ate sweets containing chocolatereportedly lived longer. Mortality was lowest among those consuming chocolate 1-3 times a monthand higher among those who indulged in the habit 3 or more times a week. Surprisingly non-consumers had the highest mortality of all.Cocoa and chocolate are also rich in minerals, such as magnesium and iron. Chocolate is a shortterm source for energy due to antioxidants and phenolics it contains. This energy source was evenutilized by soldiers during heavy combat situations. A 40 gram chocolate bar contains the sameamount of phenol as a glass of red wine and can be a positive source of dietary antioxidants. Theseanti-oxidants have been proven to reduce the risk of developing cancer or heart disease.
  22. 22. Health Addiction Negative Aspects of Consumption
  23. 23. Negative Aspects of ConsumptionHealthOverindulgence of chocolate has been linked to some overweightcases and coulds result in the onset of diabetes. Some researchershave also found the stearic acid, found in chocolate, may promoteblood clots. So it is important to regulate the amount you consume.AddictionMany food scientists have reported chocolate to be the single mostcraved food. Chocolate has been found to trigger parts of the brainthat are associated with drug addiction. The phenomena ofchocolate craving is still poorly understood and it is yet to be found ifaddiction is a sensory or a pharmacological effect.
  24. 24. PriceProduct Positioning Promotion Place
  25. 25. O sugarFormulated for people with Van Quality diabetes Houten special focus Excitement Availability
  26. 26. Strategies deployed by most chocolate brands Variety Excitement Quality Availability Design CHOCOLATE offers Price - Shelf life Value for money Flavors Package and filling size Calorific Value
  27. 27. DISTRIBUTIONS OUTLETS• Specialty Store• 7 Eleven• Petrol Stations• Hypermarkets• Carrefour• Giant• Tesco• Supermarket• Parkson• Cold Storage• Econsave
  28. 28. Nutrition Facts Van Houten Ccocolate bar is now available in a “0”sugar formulation!
  29. 29. Price• Van Houten pricing strategy – maintaining the price level at a consistency hiked rate – targeting mostly foreigners & upper class markets
  30. 30. Promotion• National radio promotion• Blood Sugar Roadshow• Social Media – Diabetic (Facebook, Twitter.. Etc)• Nutritionist Endorsement• Joint Promo with Diabetic Association (Healthy Chocolate Lovers Festival Van Houten with Malaysian Diabetes Association (Persatuan Diabetes Malaysia (PDM))
  31. 31. Blood Sugar Roadshow
  32. 32. Placement• Dedicated shelf
  33. 33. Van Houten is your healthiest and happiness choicechocolate become it is the only brand that promises trulyZERO sugar!!