Sustainable Fishing


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WATCH: Big Game Anglers Raise Eyebrows With Intense Catch And Release Of Giant SharkRead More: Kim H...

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Sustainable Fishing

  1. 1. Sustainable Fishing WATCH: Big Game Anglers Raise Eyebrows With Intense Catch And Release Of Giant Shark Read More: Kim Holland, Viktor Hluben, Sustainable Fishing, Poll, Catch and Release Shark, Sharks, Shark Research, Austin Gallagher, Sport Fishing, Landshark Fishing, Neil Hammerschlag, Catch and Release, Shark Fishing, Green News Fishermen dream of wrestling down and finally reeling in a massive catch, but it takes a certain type to seek out and revel in a face-off with a 700 p... Farm to Fork Across America: Netting the Spirit of Environmentally Responsible Fishing Read More: Ozone Reduces Bacteria, Environmentally Responsible Fishing, Seafood Sanitation and Food Safety, Chef Jimmy Schmidt, Kanaloa Seafood, Julia Child, Sustainable Fishing, ISO 14001, Don Disreali, Randee Disreali, Food for Thought, Food News As part of their business family, fishers must be willing to go the extra mile to improve their practices. If necessary, some modify their fleet, including more selective nets and more fuel-efficient engines.
  2. 2. From the Sushi Plate to the Investment Portfolio: Three Ways to Take Action on Ocean Health Read More: Sustainable Food, Public Health, Sustainable Fishing, Ocean Health, Fda, Oceana, Food for Thought, The Rockefeller Foundation, Sea Food, Health, Food Safety, Food, Sushi, Oceans, Fish 2.0, Fisheries, Green News If you're ordering sushi in the United States, you may not be eating what you think you are. Why Seafood Matters Seafood is the largest-traded food commodity in the world and is a key part of global food security. After the TED Prize, Resurfacing in Sustainable Aquaculture Aqua-Spark seeks to invest in companies that will achieve and advance aquaculture without causing environmental harm - from innovative feed and antibiotic monitoring to new distribution technologies or anything that can help us grow and provide fish in a sustainable manner. WATCH: In 50 Years, There May Be No Fish Left To Catch
  3. 3. A powerful video about how overfishing is decimating our oceans reminds us this week to pause and think twice about the seafood we eat. Created by... Farm To Fork Across America: Wild Alaskan Salmon Running for Their Lives Read More: Wild Salmon Company, Rodale Institute, Sustainable Food Producers, Foodshed Exchange, Pebble Mine, Sustainable Fishing, Chefs Collaborative, Heidi Dunlap, Wild Alaskan Salmon, Food for Thought, Chefs Collaborative Sustainable Summit 2013, Fisherwomen, Green News Right now we have this beautiful abundance, a sustainable resource, the largest run of sockeye salmon in the entire world! Why put it at jeopardy? Q&A With Andreas Merkl: Dialogues on the Environment Read More: Andreas Merkl, Rare, Green News, Nonprofits, Environmentalism, Sustainable Fishing, Climate Change, Ocean Conservation, Fisheries, Ocean Conservancy, Mark Tercek, Green News In this ongoing series, I talk with thought leaders about ideas and trends in the environmental movement. Next in the series is my conversation with Ocean Conservancy President and CEO Andreas Merkl. The Bottom Line: Protecting Real Estate for Fish
  4. 4. For businesses dependent on high foot traffic, location is everything. It's much the same out on the water, where finding the right spot can make all the difference. Cutting edge Humminbird fishfinder ® 360 Imaging? supplies a detailed, 360 degree view around your boat. Visualize it as a thin sonar wall extending 150 feet to either side of your own vessel. This wall rotates to create a 300-foot circle enabling you to see areas virtually impossible to reach with other sonar. As the sonar wall moves, you don't ought to, to help you see where fish are, before they look at you.For greater on-water flexibility, 360 Imaging lets you select from five beam speed settings and. Lower beam speeds lead to higher image quality but lower refresh rates. Conversely, higher beam speeds bring about lower image quality but higher refresh rates. With five options, you will discover the perfect setting for the boat speed, water conditions, and want for detail.for commercial and recreational fishermen alike. Partnership Aims To Make Your Fish Sticks More Sustainable Read More: New England Aquarium, Sustainable Food, Frozen Food, Sustainable Fishing, Gorton's, Food for Thought, Corporations, Fish, Food, Sustainable Seafood, Fishing, Alaska, Fish Sticks, Green News Chances are, you've eaten a Gorton's fish stick at some point in your life. And now, thanks to a partnership with the New England Aquarium, the chance... What's a Danajon Bank? When I travel to developing areas I am reminded that for some, conservation may seem a luxury. I'm grateful for those groups working towards lofty conservation goals, while still providing sustainable livelihood options for the people who depend on the reef. Eat Better Fish Read More: Sea to Table, Sustainable Food, Farm to Table, Fish, Sustainability, Sustainable Fishing,
  5. 5. Sustainable Seafood, Fishing, Fisheries, Seafood, Fishermen, Taste News In the traditional supply chain, fish passes through many hands before arriving on your plate, and the freshest fish on the market is at least six days old. Luckily, chefs all around the country are beginning to make choices that support independent fishermen and sustainable fisheries. How Fresh Is Your Fish? Read More: Video, Fresh, Sustainable Food, Cooking, Fish, Sustainability, Food, Sustainable Fishing, Eating, Cooking-Video, Fishing, Seafood How-To, Taste News A few quick tips to selecting fresh fish and why buying local will taste a whole lot better. Is Farmed Fish Really the Answer? Read More: Sea to Table, Sustainable Food, Farm to Table, Global Food Consumption, Farmed Fish Production, Fish, Green News, Sustainability, Sustainable Fishing, Sustainable Seafood, Fishing, Farmed Fish, Fisheries, Fishermen, Green News
  6. 6. We recently reached a milestone in the history of the human diet: for the first time ever, world farmed fish production?topped beef production. In 20... There Are Plenty of Other Fish in the Sea (Why Aren't You Eating Them?) People everywhere should be as open to experimenting with unfamiliar fish as they are to feasting on obscure parts of a pig. Where Have All the Tuna Gone? Despite the vastness of the earth's oceans, we have become masters at emptying them of fish in the past 60 years, pushing species such as the Pacific ... The True Cost of Food Read More: Food News, Fisheries, AquaBounty Salmon, Sustainable Food, Gmos, Gm Salmon, GMO Labeling, Gmo Salmon, Salmon, Monsanto, Sea to Table, Farm to Table, Sustainable Seafood, Fishermen, Sustainable fishing braid sale, Fishing, Wild Salmon, Aquabounty, Farmed Salmon, Taste News When we turn a blind eye to where our food comes from in the name of convenience and price, we allow others to make our choices about what kind of food system we want to have. Ignorance may be bliss, but we can no longer afford to ignore the impact of our food choices.
  7. 7. Salmon or Gold? Read More: Sea to Table, Salmon, Sustainable Food, Farm to Table, Fish, Epa, Pebble Mine, Sustainable Fishing, Sustainable Seafood, Fishing, Fisheries, Bristol Bay, Fishermen, Video, Taste News Fisherman Christopher Nicolson is gearing up for salmon season. Each summer he makes the long trek to Alaska with his family, from Brooklyn to Brist... Fisheries Crime In addition to analyzing, planning, training, and generating policy and legal recommendations to address the problem, INTERPOL will actually coordinate and conduct regional or species targeted operations in the most vulnerable regions such as the West African coast. Why We Need a National Ocean Policy Read More: Sea to Table, National Ocean Policy, Sustainable Food, Farm to Table, Fish, Green News, Sustainable Fishing, Sustainable Seafood, Oceans, Fishing, Fisheries, Fishermen, Green News This week over one billion people in 192 countries celebrated Earth Day. We planted trees, shared recycling tips, pledged action to combat climate c...
  8. 8. Eat Patriotic Fish Read More: Sea to Table, Sustainable Food, Dogfish, Farm to Table, Fish, Sustainable Fishing, Sustainable Seafood, Fishing, Fisheries, Fishermen, Taste News How do I know what fish is ok to buy? One simple step we can all take is to buy wild domestic seafood. Greenpeace Launches Viral 'Mermaid Death Squad' Game Read More: Sustainable Fishing Game, Video, Greenpeace Tuna Game, Sharks vs Mermaid Death Squad Greenpeace Game, Sustainable Fishing, Tuna, Tuna Fishing, Overfishing, Greenpeace, Sharks vs Mermaid Death Squad Greenpeace, Sharks vs Mermaid Death Squad Game, Greenpeace Game, Sharks vs Mermaid Death Squad, Green News A new video game created by Greenpeace to raise awareness about unsustainable tuna fishing has created quite a splash since its launch earlier this we... Who Can You Trust for Sustainable Seafood? Read More: Sea to Table, Npr, Marine Stewardship Council, Sustainable Food, Farm to Table, Fish, Green News, Sustainable Fishing, Sustainable Seafood, Fishing, Fisheries, Fishermen, Green News Last week's NPR investigation on MSC-certified seafood has many questioning where to turn for sustainable seafood. The MSC label is supposed to guaran...
  9. 9. United States and European Union Tackle Illegal Fishing -- From a Shared Vision to Action Global fisheries provide an important source of healthy food and employment to the world's population. Fire can easily spread rapidly on a new boat, even upon water. Alarms and detectors may help maintain your crew safe.But unsustainable fisheries practices can put the world's fisheries and our food security at risk. The End of the New England Fisherman? Read More: Sea to Table, North Atlantic Cod, Atlantic Cod Fishing, Sustainable Food, Atlantic Cod, Farm to Table, Sustainable Fishing, New England Cod Fishing, Cod Stocks, New England Cod Quotas, Atlantic Cod Quotas, Cod Fishing, Cod, Fish, Green News, Atlantic Cod Stocks, Climate Change, Sustainable Seafood, Fishing, North Atlantic Fishing, Fisheries, New England Fishermen, Pollock, Fishermen, New England, Green News Last week marked a historic turning point for many fishing communities when the New England Fishery Management Council approved deep cuts to the cod...