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Lawn care services that keep your weeds in check


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Need a lawn care company? Tender Care Lawn Service is one of the leading landscaping companies that provides grass cutting and landscape maintenance services across the country. Also get fertilization, weed control, shrub Trimming, and other lawn care services. Get a free estimate today!

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Lawn care services that keep your weeds in check

  1. 1. Lawn care services that keep your weeds in check BY
  2. 2. It’s the time of the year when our lawn care company starts preparing for springtime lawn care services for home and property owners. As spring nears, blooms awaken, and with them come the weeds. It’s especially important to start planning your weed control and management strategy now!
  3. 3. Lawn care services for the DIY-er Many homeowners and property owners opt to perform their own lawn care services including weed control and pest control. From manually eliminating a small weed population to buying a spreader and tackling a larger growth, there are many granule and liquid based pre and post-emergent options available in stores today. Although it may seem like an easy undertaking, we’ve had many a homeowner come to us when things get challenging. Being a lawn care company that’s been around for years we’ve seen many weed control plans gone awry. From incorrect chemical proportions that result in burnt yards to over or under spraying, things can sometimes get out of hand. With a few simple tips you’ll be just fine. 1. Know your weed – it’s important to identify what type of weed or weeds you’re tackling and what stage of growth they’re in. Pre-emergent is best applied before weeds take root, but once they’ve arrived, then you may need to apply post emergent instead
  4. 4. 2. Know your soil – a weed can give you clues about your soil. Moss growth indicates poor drainage or even low soil fertility or compact soil, whereas dandelions thrive in very acidic soil. Getting a soil test done can not only help you alleviate your weed problems but also give your welcome plants a proper environment for growth. 3. What to use and when – Plan your weed and insect control. Applying too many chemicals at one go can be detrimental for your lawn. Keep in mind it’s not just about controlling the unwanted, it’s also about nourishing your garden. Still not sure how to get started? Check out our video on fertilization and weed control programs for more guidance.
  5. 5. Lawn care services from an experienced lawn care company If you’ve got too much on your plate or just want a lawn care company to handle your weed and pest related lawn care services, we’re here for you. Our expert team has devised a 6-step process that not only assures you a weed and pest free garden but also ensures that you have a greener lawn. It’s all about planning, timing, and execution. With Tender Care Lawn Services you benefit from our many years of experience. Once you give us a call, we’ll come out and take a look at your lawn to properly identify problems and create a strategy that works for you. We take a proven approach to lawn care that’s timed based on the season and needs of your lawn. Our 6-step process is a year-round plan and includes pre and post-emergent treatment, soil testing as needed, aeration, and soil nourishment supplement applications including potassium, iron, and fertilizer. We take our lawn care services seriously and have even had our Z-spray custom fitted for our use. This machine affirms our no-nonsense approach to lawn care and ensures that you have a weed-free greener lawn every year. Our lawn care services specialists provide well thought out, long term solutions that weed out your problems before they take root.
  6. 6. Tender Care Lawn Service is a family owned landscaping company established in 2004 in Sulphur, LA. Our land care services include lawn care, power washing, mosquito spraying, mini- excavator work, fertilization and weed control, sprinkler system programming and repair, shrub and hedge trimming, and landscape maintenance. Contact Us today to schedule an appointment. For more information call 337-313-3002 2315 Gaylynn Dr. Sulphur, LA 70665, Fax 337-313-0489