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Polar bears (1)

  1. 1. 2007, Jenny E. Ross Presented By: Youstena Zaki and Diana HannaOrder: CarnivoraFamily: UrsidaeGenus: Ursus Maritimus
  2. 2. Physical Characteristics Weight 550-1700 lbs for adult males, and 200-700 Ibs for adult females. Have small heads. Good sense of smell to detect prey. Five-toed paws, helps move around. White thick coat which. They have two layers of hair. 2008, beingmyself
  3. 3. Habitat and Distribution Arctic sea ice, water, islands. Alaska, Canada, Russia, Greenland, Norw ay. Land masses around the edge of the polar basin. Polar bears migrate seasonally, staying with the movement of ice. 2008, fruchtzwergs world
  4. 4. Adaptation Strong swimmers. Long bodies allows with fat under their skin allows them to float in the water. The thick layer of fur, keep them insulated. 2011, Maia C.
  5. 5. Longevity of polar bears 2010, USFWSAlaska Live 20-30 yrs. No predators, but other old bears. Cubs can be killed by wolves. Newborn-Cannibalized by malnourished parents. Some bears die of starvation.
  6. 6. Diet and Eating Habits Mainly ringed and bearded seals. Harp seals, walrus, whales. If no food is available they eat what they find. They need an average of 2 Kg of fat per day. “Still Hunting.” -They 2010, Maia C. remain still waiting for the seals to come to surface and as they come up the bears attack the head. This method takes about an hour. 2009, cyrusbulsara
  7. 7. Hunting & Environment Threats Hunted for food, clothing. Hunting is regulated by the government in US, Canada, and Greenland. Climate change- decrease in temperature. Oil spills damages fur- no insulation. PCB and DDT.
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  10. 10. Thank You For Listening! Any Questions?