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Should I Advertise my rental property on Gumtree?


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( - Do you have a rental property? Advertise it at Gumtree, a very popular advertisement site, and ever since it gained international recognition, it became all the more well-known. Learn here the Pros and Cons in advertising your rental property in Gumtree.

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Should I Advertise my rental property on Gumtree?

  1. 1. Tenant ManagementShould I Advertise on GumtreeHello, my name is Michael Gilbert and Im a licensed real estateagent and Im here in behalf of HereIm going to answer the question, "should I advertise my rentalproperty using Gumtree?" Ok, so for those of you who dontknow what Gumtree is, its a large online trading post typewebsite where people advertise many things on there, from petsto finding a date this Saturday night.Advertising on Gumtree1 of 4
  2. 2. 2 of 4Tenant ManagementSo the pros of advertising on Gumtree would be that it is freeand you do get a large amount of hits on there, which isactually quite surprising, because if you compare it, theres approximately 35 times moreproperties advertised on that website as opposed toGumtree.In terms of the cons for advertising on Gumtree, its nottargeted to rentals or properties, and on the flip side of beingfree, theres not as many quality advertisements on there,and, therefore, theres not as many quality tenants that go tothe website Gumtree to find properties for rent.The Pros & Cons of Gumtree AdvertisingShould I Advertise on Gumtree
  3. 3. 3 of 4Tenant ManagementGumtree is also very internationally recognized so you do get a lot of internationals who come in to Australia and possiblynot even having jobs and trying to find a rental property, and theyre too scared to go to a real estate agent becausethey know theyre going to get checked.Ok, so to answer your question, "Should I advertise my property on Gumtree?" sure, Id give it a go. But I would go, inconjunction, with using the larger type targeted websites like And Ill have to make sure I have thetime to do it so create the advertisement and receive the phone calls. Id also need to properly check or screen thetenants when they make a phone call inquiring about the property before I even show them the house. And also, it goeswithout saying, to properly vet your applications, and I cant stress that enough.Gumtree is internationally recognizedShould I Advertise on Gumtree
  4. 4. 4 of 4Tenant ManagementSo, like I said, yup, give it a go, but in conjunction If you are considering advertising onGumtree, make sure you do think about advertising and you can do that by jumping In conclusion, advertising on Gumtreeto find some tenants, yup, its a cheap way of finding tenantsbut it could also land you some cheap tenants, so it may notbe worth it. If you would like some more information onfinding tenants and managing tenants, jump Thank you for listening, have agreat day and well speak with you soon.Advertise also on I Advertise on Gumtree