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  • Personal introduction to Catalin Gheorghiu – Product Manager, Smart Devices, Nokia. Now working in Forward Center -- scouting and bringing new technologies into next great Nokia products.Besides this, I have a long experience in dealing with developers and I would like to share some of it with you, helping you on the way forward when engaging and doing businesswith Nokia.I wanted to take this opportunity to update you on how Nokia is engaging at a global and local level with the Developer Community and how we see somegreat business opportunities for developers.I also wanted to give you some context and a recap of what we announced at Nokia World in October and at CES in Januaryto put into the broader picture of Nokia and our approach to developers.
  • Let’s kick it on – we have strong facts saying “Everyone Wants Apps”Applications – the most wanted functionality, in all markets and all price points
  • And … With new products… great platforms… great opportunities for developers… resulting in great apps by great partners
  • We strongly believe that we have a great range of products across all price ranges to suit all market tastesgloballyandin every country.
  • Our message to developers is very clear…partner with us now andleverageourglobal reach and local expertise to develop, distribute and grow yourbusiness.
  • So, let’s start with the Smart Phone opportunity for developers … You have heard lot of news around Nokia’s new Lumia product familyOur first Nokia WP product s - the Nokia Lumia 710andNokia Lumia 800 - the market reviews of them have been very encouraging.Both of the products are now available for consumers in retail in several countries in Europe as part of our 1st wave of the launch. For Switzerland:All 3 Operators (Swisscom/Orange/Sunrise) are supporting the platformSales start of Lumia 800 was January 13thSales start of Lumia 710 will be February 1stImportant publishers like SBB, 20Minuten, Blick, NZZ, MySwitzerland do have apps for WP7Nokia and AT&T introduced the new Nokia Lumia 900 on AT&T's 4G LTE networkThe partnership has rock solid support from the industry itself. We have 31 operators and retailers in 6 launch markets ranging our new Nokia Lumia as lead devices. The same operators have made unprecedented commitments to marketing and retail to support these great new devices
  • And when it comes to windows phone specifically, the number of apps submitted to marketplace has grown from 7.000 to 50.000 during last year. And more than 2.5m copies of pre-release SDK’s have been downloaded. We also know from research that windows phone customers, on average, download more 10 apps per month.Again, think about the developer opportunity here…
  • Given the Latin American passion for football, Nokia and Infonor introduced a new service for the region to inform and alert football fans about the latest news and information around all the different tournaments within the region. It is important to note that this is a web service with an app and has lots of great functionality such as:Send SMS to your friends with the latest results.Function to schedule gameswith alarm for the beginning of a match.See the stats changing minute by minute.Different goal sounds (home/away).More detailed player actions during the match.Contextual help across the application.
  • By combining great productsglobal reacha hyper local approach and the right development toolsNokia is enabling developerstobring great experiences toconsumers all around the world.
  • Big brands, global and local coverage, deliveringgreat experience for users, preloaded and via Nokia StoreGuiding their SW development, localization, testing, integration and final release all the way to the maintenance N9 and MeeGo: Developer Offering program manager
  • Have a solid foundation, plan and releasethe key features firstBuild the new features and functionality graduallyCollect feedback, listen to your customersThen expand
  • During these years we developed a powerful set-up meant to help developersThe philosophy is to start with understanding the developer’s business and target audience ==> then recommend right platform and tools to use, plus many other things.
  • Catalin - story for swiss event

    1. 1. Nokia Developer OpportunityCatalin GheorghiuConcepting Product Management, Smart Devices
    2. 2. The Opportunity is Real - Everyone Wants Apps functionality after basic phone features - in all markets & Most wanted pricepoints 7 Mature Markets 7 Growth Markets 6.2 6.1 5.9 5.9 5.8 6 6 6 5.7 5.8 5.7 5.8 5.6 6 5.5 5.5 5.5 5.6 5.3 5 5 5 5 4.8 4 4 3 3 2 2 1 1 0 0 0-50 50-100 100-200 200-300 300+ 0-50 50-100 100-200 200-300 300+ It is critical to have good choice of high quality apps It is critical to connect to the web on my mobile phone1=Strongly Disagree 4=Neutral 7=Strongly AgreeSource: Nokia Segmentation, Actives segment (24% of total population)
    3. 3. Nokia Offers Access to All Consumers
    4. 4. In All Markets
    5. 5. At All Device Price Points.High Price Low PricePoint Point
    6. 6. Nokia Offers Access to All Consumers, in All Markets, at All Device Price Points. An unique OPPORTUNITY that only Nokia can offer.
    7. 7. Nokia Product Families – Your Route toMarketRight products for all markets, all consumers, and all wallets Nokia Nokia Lumia Nokia Belle AshaHigh Price Low PricePoint Point
    8. 8. 50,000+MarketplaceStrong growth 2.5M Average 10+
    9. 9. Connecting People Starts Locally
    10. 10. Nokia is Local in Every CountryFor You, this means local business and technical support andmore. Our local presence means: • Locally relevant apps catalog stimulating higher consumer demand & engagement. • Local in-store merchandizing driving more downloads and usage of your apps. • Local ATL/BTL marketing of your apps. • Removing barries for consumers to get and use apps – language, payment, cost. • Local developer programs and support – business, UX, and technical.
    11. 11. Argentina - Nokia Gol by InfonorSoccer application + news serviceSupporting 25+ different tournamentsOver 4M users since launch (2009)Active users in over 180 CountriesAvailable on 100+ Nokia DevicesCo-marketed by Infonor and Nokia
    12. 12. Partner with Nokiaand reach all consumers in all markets, at all device price-points. An unique OPPORTUNITY that only Nokia can offer.
    13. 13. Past and current projects• Managed the application development and deployment for Nokia N97, N97 mini and N9• Now I am doing technology scouting, getting to develop the new forward looking technologies thru the Forward Center team
    14. 14. • Managed the application development and deployment for Nokia N97, N97 mini and N9, working closely with local and global brands, like Facebook, Associated Press News, AccuWeather, Metro
    15. 15. Key take away for application development• Start small, start local, be local relevant Nokia Store• Grow organically distribution is the right channel to• Then expand globally start with Deploy and• Preloading vs. Nokia Store distribution: Build the buzz Collect feedback different business models, different opportunities • Preload means better discoverability but a longer lead time. Lead time is 6..8 months to the product sales start Please • Quality of the application has to be equal with the customers Incorporate the changes native Nokia applications, error correction cycle is and Release dependent on the product release cycles increase the often user base • Preload requires UI localization of your applications • Applications has to be truly relevant to the consumers where the devices are sold
    16. 16. Nokia is Your Local Business Partner, Everywhere You Tell Us We Assess We Provide You Insights and Business Model Platform Your Target Reach recommendation recommendation CustomerWhat kind of Yourapp You want to build Techno Opportunity Your target -logy Tools and markets Technology Local Promotion Competition and best Training and recommendation practices Support
    17. 17. Keys take away for technology scouting• Developing new mobile technologies requires know-how, passion and support• Nokia has few incubation places where the new technologies are scouted and further developed: • Nokia Research Center • Forward Center• Forward Center - Nokia offers support in emerging technologies • Joined R&D projects • IPR • Paves the way of getting included into the next devices, reach the next billion
    18. 18. Thank you.