Picture This: Adding Images to Powerpoint


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Why are images important to presentations? What is the Picture Superiority Effect? How do we insert images and clip art into Powerpoint? Watch this fun and musical presentation to find out!

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  • Start with an ice breaker
  • Let me introduce myself.
  • Hi, I’m Brittany, I’ll be your trainer today.
  • Anyone ever watch the TV show “Are you smarter than a 5th grader?”Before I begin this presentation, I've got a story to share with you. This is a true story. I was surfing the web the other day, researching this presentation, and looking at YouTube and Slideshare and Google for ideas, and I came across this amazing Powerpoint that had hand-drawn illustrations, and custom music, and voice overs, and special effects, and graphic designs, and jokes, and it was hands down better than any Powerpoint I've ever created in my life, and then I realized it was made by a ten year old kid. And at that moment, my self esteem went from a healthy level to approximately negative eleven bajillionty-five. That's a tiny number, I know.But the moral here is that if a fifth grader can make an amazing, creative, visually appealing Powerpoint, SO CAN YOU.
  • Use alignments from slide 46 of steal this presentation
  • Use alignments from slide 46 of steal this presentation
  • Have you heard of Don McMillan? He is a comedian that runs technicallyfunny.com and he stumbled upon some shocking data.
  • Another piece of data that Don stumbled upon was this chart of annual home foreclosures in the US by year. Again, you’ll notice this upward sloping trend here, very similar to the last slide…
  • I think we just proved that bad Powerpoint presentations caused the mortgage meltdown. Look at that data!
  • So, that being said… for my presentation today, I'll be reading my Powerpoint slides to you word for word. (pause) Just kidding. I like you folks. You seem like good people. I would never do that to you
  • I used Ryan Gosling for this slide because he is a stunning, stunning man.There are plenty of bad Powerpoints out there already. We don't need anymore. Let's make GOOD Powerpoints. And one way you can make a good Powerpoint is through use of imagery.
  • People have short attention spans these days, so you really on have approximately 3 seconds to grab people’s attention.
  • This scientific theory is called the Picture Superiority Effect (PSE for short – pronounced Psy)
  • No, not THATPsy…
  • Picture Superiority Effect states that….
  • Ideas are more likely to be remembered if presented as visuals rather than just using words alone.
  • So what if I told you all slides need images?
  • So at this part of the presentation, there’s probably a burning question lingering in your mind. Let’s say it all together now…1…2…3… (read question out loud as a class) Thank you, I’m glad you asked. This is how we do it…
  • Method #1 – Insert a Clip Art Picture
  • Insert
  • Method #2 – Insert a Picture from Your Computer
  • Insert
  • TIP: Don’t worry if you make a boo-boo. CTRL+Z on your keyboard.
  • POP QUIZ: Who can recap the steps for inserting clip art? For inserting pictures?
  • I GOT THE POWER…doesn’t that make you want to raise the roof for Powerpoint?
  • POP QUIZ: Just to recap, what did I say PSE stands for?
  • What questions do you have?
  • Brace Yourself…AEHR is ComingCredit Slide
  • Picture This: Adding Images to Powerpoint

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