Intro to Social Media Strategy


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An introduction to Social Media Strategy.

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  • you know what social media is what it lets us do engage / interact with our target audience Networking like never before brands getting personal with consumers Build relationships 24/7 anytime, anywhere
  • Power shifted from companies to tech-savvy audience Social media sites are getting as much traffic as search engines – and Facebook is getting more traffic. People get news first via Twitter and Facebook #1 ranking factor for SEO Recruiting -
  • Not only is social media participation important for being found ON the social networks, it’s also important for your website to be found on search engines Comparison of two different pages on the same site with the same content.
  • Bottom Line: Social media not just “engaging” or “being part of conversation” Now, in order for people to find your website & consider you an authority, you MUST be active on social media. That leads into next slide…
  • In 2010, Facebook ALONE recived 8.93% of all internet traffic. In comparison, all of Google's sites COMBINED received 9.85% - beating Facebook only by a hair.
  • Has its own search engine Great way to gain hype & go viral Source of news & information: broke news of Michael Jackson’s death 50% of people learned of bin Laden’s death via Twitter & Facebook (over half that number from Twitter)
  • LinkedIn – 30 Million users (500,000 CEOs); Recommendations Careerist websites TwitJobs Facebook Job Search Apps Screen applicants before hiring Find passive job seekers
  • Ah, Gen-Y. The millennial generation. Those little whippersnappers. Those young’n’s and their new-fangled devices. 1982 – 2000 Like brands that LISTEN and are GENUINE, REAL, TRANSPARENT Dislike DIRECT SALES and MARKETING
  • Public referrals & recommendations – a new world for marketing YouTube & Twitter combined with word-of-mouth referrals = hype / viral Seeing a lot of this in China, where a lot of our social media trends originate
  • Studies have shown social media is changing our brains & the way we think/process information. Shorter attention span – especially Twitter users. Stronger urge to learn & gain info but need it delivered differently. Less likely to read large amounts of text. Need info delivered quickly, with brevity, in a timely manner.
  • Guess how they feel about social media?
  • Intro to Social Media Strategy

    1. 1. Intro to Social Media Strategy
    2. 2. According to Spain’s Internet Marketing and Business Solutions: Social Media “is not a fad. It’s a fundamental change in the way we communicate.”
    3. 3. What can Social Media do for us? Search Engine Rankings Site Traffic Branding Recruiting “ Authority”
    4. 4. Search Engine Rankings What can Social Media do for us?
    5. 5. Search Engine Rankings What can Social Media do for us?
    6. 6. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB): “ If you are not on a social networking site , you are not on the Internet . ”
    7. 7. What can Social Media do for us? Customer Touch & CRM Branding & PR – “thought leaders,” “authority” Connect with influencers & also influence others Show that you are a trustworthy global company
    8. 8. Take Facebook for instance…
    9. 9. Facebook – 700 Million people. 8.93% of ALL web traffic. All of Google’s sites COMBINED get 9.85% – beating Facebook by less than 1%
    10. 10. Wait… What about Twitter?
    11. 11. Almost as many people as the United States – and GROWING.
    12. 13. Reaching Gen-Y What can Social Media do for us?
    13. 14. Paul Adams, who has done user experience research for both Facebook AND Google, says: “ Think outside in” “ Social media is about rethinking how you make plans when your customers are in the center and in control .” and:
    14. 15. Leadership “ Green” Interaction Fun, Rewards Public referrals What can Social Media do for us? Sharing of information via word-of-mouth (hype / viral)
    15. 16. Shorter attention. Thirst for Information. “ If you want a sense of where the world’s media habits are headed… watch what kids are doing.” -Generation M2: Media in the Lives of 8- to 18-Year-Olds, Kaiser Family Foundation (January 2010) Need info quick, brief.
    16. 17. Over ½ the world’s population is under 30. They’ve never known life without the Internet.
    17. 18. According to Erik Qualman, author of Socialnomics : “ We don’t have a choice in whether we do social media . The question is how well we do it . ”