Grow and Scale Your Business Blog


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Learn how to make your blog the center of your marketing universe and watch it grow.

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Grow and Scale Your Business Blog

  1. 1. how to grow & scale your blog business Increase the Reach & Marketing ROI of Your Blog
  2. 2. introduction “Wouldn’t it be great if you could scale the impact of your ” blog? So what is blog marketing, really? It’s a marketing strategy that grows and scales the impact of your blog. The result is a business blog that is now a more effective asset within the overall marketing strategy of your business.
  3. 3. understanding blog marketing Rethink The Role of Your Business Blog / chapter 1 BLOG marketing Blog marketing used to mean using your blog to market your business. Your blog was part of your galaxy of other marketing assets – email, social media, landing pages, etc. Like a planet, it circled around your business. Now, shift your thinking and place your blog at the center of its own galaxy. Give this galaxy its own planets – email, social media, landing pages, SEO, analytics etc. be #awesome.™ 800-816-9850
  4. 4. understanding blog marketing / chapter 1 The Impact of Blog Marketing At the center of its own marketing galaxy, your blog is now positioned to grow and scale. It has greater potential to increase traffic, and convert that traffic into leads and customers. get your blog discovered 1 2 3 converting visitors into subscribers leveraging evangelists Think about these 3 steps as being a part of a cycle that keeps turning, and giving. be #awesome.™ 800-816-9850
  5. 5. get your blog discovered / chapter 2 “Growing your blog’s reach is the most critical step in blog marketing.” BLOG The Importance Of The Idea It all starts with the right idea. It doesn’t matter how well written your post is. If the idea falls flat, so will your blogging efforts. Unfortunately, too many business bloggers write for search engines. To them an “idea” is really a set of business keywords. marketing The good thing about keywords is that they help you stay focused on the right topics from which your awesome blog ideas can come. So think “big hit” – content that people can’t help but click on, read, and share with the people in their networks. This is what will get them coming back to your blog for more. be #awesome.™ 800-816-9850
  6. 6. get your blog discovered / chapter 2 “big hit” Use Blog Analytics To Identify Your ‘Big Hit’ Content Forget steroids. If you want help to create the “big hit”, look no further than your analytics. With your blog analytics you will be able to understand what makes a certain blog post a big hit for your particular audience. Start by looking at the historical data of your past blog articles. Zone in on the articles that have generated the most page views and inbound links. Do you notice any trends, such as particular topics that get the most interest? blog analytics be #awesome.™ 800-816-9850
  7. 7. get your blog discovered / chapter 2 Strive To Create A Big Hit Every Time You Blog Increase Search Rankings SEO The bigger the hit, the more people will actually be interested in reading and sharing your post with others. Some people call this kind of post “link bait” – it’s content that people are more likely to link back to. This results in boosting your website’s off-page SEO – the most influential way to increase your organic search rankings. bl o g Tons Of (Sustainable) Traffic & Conversions Opportunities The more interesting the content, the better the chances it can go viral. People like to share interesting topics with their friends through their social media networks. This in turn drives traffic to the post, and the more traffic you drive to your blog, the more visitors you have the opportunity to convert into leads and customers!. Exposure To New Audiences The more your content is shared, the more likely it is to be read by new audiences. Your home run post gets new audiences the moment it starts to rank high and when it gets shared – not only when it’s first posted but a long time after. be #awesome.™ 800-816-9850
  8. 8. get your blog discovered / chapter 2 Common Tactics For Creating Big Hit Content original data Publish Original Data Everyone has an opinion on the web, and many people comment on trends, other articles and the like. But what do they often comment on? Original data. bl ! g Don’t be Afraid to be Controversial Agreeing with everyone is safe – but not newsworthy. Controversy has a way of garnering attention. So if you have an opinion about a controversial issue, try writing about it. I Cover It First (and thoroughly) Being the first, or one of the firsts, counts for a lot on the web. So does thoroughness. Look to see if there is a popular topic in your industry that few have written about (or written about well). If you find one,start writing. Feature Industry Examples (With Visuals!) Readers like to strive for something tangible. Real life examples from others in their industry inspire. Examples offer you a chance to incorporate visuals, which are highly sharable - excellent social media fodder. be #awesome.™ 800-816-9850
  9. 9. get your blog discovered / chapter 2 Be Entertaining Bring more customers to your door with local internet marketing. It’s easy for businesses that still focus on their offline sales or presence to overlook local Internet marketing. “Well, inbound marketing is for websites,” we hear them say. And, sad to say, most of them have websites online that were cutting edge in 2005. read more... be #awesome.™ Do you like being bored? Being credible and educational does not equal boring. Personality is a good thing for blogging, and a way to entertain your audience. Personality-driven and entertaining posts are easy to consume, and great fodder for sharing. Remember that your audience has interests outside of your particular industry. So think fun every once in a while. Ship It With A Must-Click, Eye-Catching Title What’s the first impression of your blog post? Your blog post’s title. So spend some time on creating one that is: • Actionable • Uses strong words • Captures people’s attention with language that makes it so they can’t help but click. But remember, the title is just the beginning. If the content does not live up to the intriguing title, then it won’t succeed. 800-816-9850
  10. 10. get your blog discovered / chapter 2 Use Your Social Media Muscles While this may seem obvious for a seasoned business blogger, you’d be surprised how many bloggers have a “set it and forget it” attitude about blogging. What is the point in spending the time and effort regularly creating and publishing content to your blog if you’re not going to promote it? Social media can drive traffic to your blog. Use Analytics To Identify & Share Top Blog Content Earlier we recommended that you use blog analytics to identify your ‘big hit’ content. When you identify your past big hit content, think about actually sharing it again. It may be old to you, but chances are it’s going to be new to many people. g+ BLOG Pinterest facebook linkedin twitter be #awesome.™ Leverage Social Media Real Estate On Your Company Pages Status updates are just one of the ways you can promote your content on your social media accounts. • Include a link to your blog in your company page’s ‘About’ section? • On Facebook, create a custom tab in your page’s ‘Views & Apps’ section that highlights some of your big hit blog articles. • On Twitter, include a link to your blog in a custom background you create 800-816-9850
  11. 11. blog Think High-Quality Visuals As Part of Your Blog Content With the rise of visually-based social networks like Pinterest and Instagram, it is important to incorporate visuals into your blog content. But it’s not just these networks that are driving this trend. Facebook and Google+ are putting more emphasis on visual content. Seek Guest Blogging Opportunities Want to get exposure to brand new audiences who aren’t already familiar with your business and your content? Seek out guest blogging opportunities. When you write your guest blog, be sure to link back to your own blog within your article. guest Use Recommendation Engines guest If readers like your content, they are open to your recommendations. You can point them to more articles either automatically or manually. guest 1. Automatic: Use recommendation widgets on your blog that suggest other articles your blog visitors might be interested in. These are based on factors such as the topic of the article they’re already reading as well as the interests and recommendations of their social media connections. 2. Manual: If you don’t want to install a widget, write in suggested related articles at the bottom of your posts. By offering recommendations you will keep visitors engaged and on your blog for longer amounts of time. be #awesome.™ 800-816-9850
  12. 12. “Turn those casual visitors into valuable, dedicated subscribers.” BLOG More and more people are coming to your blog. Congratulations! Now comes the part where you try to get them to stick around, come back for more and turn them into avid readers and fans. But how can you do that? Convert them into subscribers! Frequency Matters marketing First things first: frequency matters. Think about it. Which sites do you frequent the most? If you are like most people, you visit those that publish information at least daily. If you really want to scale your blog, make the commitment to boosting your blogging. The fact is, the most successful blogs publish content daily -- or multiple times a day. be #awesome.™ 800-816-9850
  13. 13. Create a Blog Subscription Landing Page We assume you have a ‘subscribe’ module on your blog’s homepage. But that’s not good enough if you want to promote subscription to your blog via other marketing channels like social media. Headline image value subscribe be #awesome.™ If you want a far more effective way to convert blog visitors into subscribers, think Landing Page. By creating a blog subscription landing page to convert blog readers into subscribers, you will have a marketing tool that will become the heart and soul of your blog subscriber conversion efforts. 800-816-9850
  14. 14. Promote Through Email Marketing Email marketing is one of the most effective channels for driving blog subscriptions. Here are two great ways you can promote blog subscriptions: In A Dedicated Send People will subscribe to your blog for different reasons. That’s why it’s important to segment your list and tailor the message to appeal to the interests of each segment. Within Lead Nurturing Workflows • Include a descriptive headline that captures visitors’ attention and summarizes what they’ll get. • Demonstrate the value of subscribing in your landing page copy. • Include a high-quality image. • Emphasize email subscription by placing the form above the fold. • Incorporate other elements -- like social proof -- to help boost conversion rates. be #awesome.™ 800-816-9850
  15. 15. “Leverage your evangelists to spread your content & pique the interest of new networks of potential readers.” BLOG Traffic is flowing to your blog, and you have your conversion systems in place. You are ready to go, right? Not quite yet. It’s time to make the most out of your dedicated readers and fans. It’s time to help them evangelize for your blog and bring in even more new sources of traffic. marketing facebook twitter linkedin g+ BLOG Pinterest Be A Social Sharing Enabler If you want to have people share your blog, make it easy. You can do this by adding social sharing buttons and links to all your blog posts and in your email marketing messages. BLOG Too many social network buttons can cause confusion and clutter. Stick to the 3-4 social networks you know your audience uses. marketing be #awesome.™ 800-816-9850
  16. 16. in f Use Blog Content In Outreach Not all evangelists are equal. There are those with tiny networks and then there are those we call influencers – people with a large following who are well respected within your industry. BLOG Content t g+ Feature other brands/influencers/industry experts in your content. Once you publish your blog, let them know you referred to them in your post. Many of these influencers tend to share that article with their own social networks. P HARO Use Blog Content For PR the media One of the best known – and hardest to reach – group of influencers are members of the media – journalists, bloggers and reporters. When dealing with the media, be sure to mention blog articles in pitches. This tactic will add credibility to your pitch, and help establish you as a thought leader and expert in your own right. So how can you get to the media? There is a free service called HARO (Help a Reporter Out), which regularly emails a digest of reporters who are looking for sources for specific stories they’re writing. Subscribe to that service and scan their emails for topics about which you’re an expert. be #awesome.™ 800-816-9850
  17. 17. BLOG Content Solicit Content From Other Industry Experts Invite an expert to write for your blog. If they agree, they will certainly share their guest post with their network which will get you some valuable inbound links and a whole new audience. Use Email to Stay in Touch with Evangelists Email can be a great way to keep your content top of mind for your evangelists. Send regular email updates to various segments of your marketing database. In these emails highlight your top content of the month or quarter. Make sure you sprinkle these emails with social sharing links. Send these emails to stakeholders, influential connections, or the most engaged members of your marketing email list. be #awesome.™ 800-816-9850
  18. 18. Leverage Internal Evangelists They are often forgotten and taken for granted. But they are probably your most fervent evangelists. We’re talking about your employees. They too have their own networks, and some of them probably have impressive social reach. Use them to your advantage! ? be #awesome.™ Conclusion All of the tactics, suggestions and examples that you’ve just read are designed to help you implement a blog marketing strategy that leads to more traffic, greater reach, and a much bigger marketing impact. Think of it as setting up a system that works to turn your blog into a scalable lead generation machine. Once you get it up and running, keep it optimized so you can sustain the blog marketing cycle – one that attracts new visitors, converts them into subscribers, leverages evangelists to spread your content and attracts new audiences that start the cycle all over again. Remember, you want your blog to be at the center of your marketing galaxy. So what are you waiting for? The Big Bang? Start growing and scaling your blog now! 800-816-9850
  19. 19. Dowload Full eBook be #awesome.™ 800-816-9850
  20. 20. t 480 659 4100 be #awesome.™ 800-816-9850