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10 Steps to Inbound Marketing Website Redesign


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Turn your website into a lead generating machine in 10 steps.

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10 Steps to Inbound Marketing Website Redesign

  1. 1. x _10 Steps to Turn YourWebsite Redesigninto an InboundMarketing Machine
  2. 2. It happens to all organizations. One day you wake up and notice that your company’s websiteneeds a major refresh. Whatever the reason, it’s time for a change. It takes a lot of effort andplanning with no guarantees that it will improve your rankings, or lead generation.Focus on a website that integrates with your social media, email marketing, lead generation,brand awareness and sales strategies.
  3. 3. Benchmarking YourCurrent Metrics1
  4. 4. Benchmarking Your Current Metrics | step1Improvements are relative. So, before youdo anything, make sure you benchmark yourcurrent performance metrics.Ranking - SEO ranking (Choose   important keywords)trafficlikabilityusagerankingperformancerankingconversionsalesTraffic - number of visits/visitors/    unique visitors• Likability - bounce rateUsage - time on site • • • Performance ranking - Domain authority, key    page authority• Conversion - Number of new leads/form      submissions• Sales - Total $ amount of    sales generatedHere is a list of metrics you need to benchmark:
  5. 5. Clarify Your Goals2
  6. 6. Clarify Your Goals | step2If your focus is on inbound marketing and results, then your goals should reflectthat. So, make sure you are clear about why you are redesigning your website,and then tie that into measurable results.Your goals should not be just about improving individual metrics. Each is dependent on the other. For example, to increase conversions yourtraffic has to increase and your bounce rate has to decrease.Here are some metrics you will want to measurein relation to your goals:GOALNumber of visits/visitorsBounce rateTime on siteDomain authorityNumber of new leads/form submissionsTotal amount of sales generatedCurrent SEO rankings for important keywords
  7. 7. Find Out Which Channels DriveYour Best Traffic And Leads• Understand how social media is driving leads(Social Media Measurement)• Compare how much of your search traffic iscoming from SEO and how much from paid searchmarketing (Organic vs. Paid)• Determine which channels bring in leads instead ofvisitors (Buyers vs. browsers)Where are your customers coming from?What are your top performing channels in terms of visits, leads and customer acquisition?Clarify Your Goals | step2Get a freedigitalmarketingtip!
  8. 8. Protect YourselfInventory Your Assets3
  9. 9. There are almost as many ways that a web redesign can hurtyou as can help you. Inventory your assets to avoid doing majordisrepair to your marketing efforts.Protect Yourself. Inventory Your Assets. | step3Why is this important? Let’s say you remove a page that has a high number of inboundlinks. When the links disappear you could lose a lot of SEO credit, and that will onlywork to decrease some of your keyword rankings. So keep an eye on your assets andmake sure they are not designed into oblivion.These assets include:• Most shared orviewed content• Most traffickedpages• Best performingkeywords yourank for andassociated pages• Number ofinbound links toindividual pagesGet a freeassesment
  10. 10. Analyzethe Competition4
  11. 11. Analyze The Competition | step421"Learn from yourcompetition.""Keep track ofyour rivals"Visit your competitors’ websites. Act like a customer and try to beobjective about what you like or don’t like about their sites. We arenot talking about copying them – but rather this is a way to discoverwhat you can do better.Do you ever wonder how your marketing stacks up against yourcompetition or other companies your size? Set goals and see whereyou stand on traffic, inbound links, conversion rates, lead generationand other important metrics.
  12. 12. Identify Your UniqueValue Proposition5
  13. 13. You only have seconds to engage new visitors on your website. When they arrivethey want to know what you do, why you do it better and what’s in it for them.What is your unique value proposition (UVP)?Identify Your Unique Value Proposition | step5"TempoCreative assistsorganizations to reduce churnby backfilling the sales pipeline withhighly qualified traffic that generatesleads that convert into customers with highlifetime value. We achieve this throughleading-edge software that integrates allmarketing channels for a synergistic view ofthe data that determines and prioritizesthe high-value marketingactivities"."Tempo Creative helps businessesattract leads and convert them intocustomers with inbound marketing. Wehelp customers make marketing thatpeople actually love."Dont use corporatespeak. Jargondoes not impresscustomers. Sowhy subject yourcustomers to suchlanguage?Here is an example ofcorporate-speak.Here’s a translation thatactually sounds human
  14. 14. Build Your DesignAround Your Personas6
  15. 15. Your website is not for you. It’s really for yourcustomers and prospects. Speak to them in theirlanguage and address their needs.Build Your Design Around Your Personas | step6So who are your customers?One way to identify them is through the creation of personas.Personas are fictional representations of your ideal customers,based on analyzed data.The more data you have on your customers and prospects, the more dimensionaland useful your personas can be. In terms of data, we are talking aboutdemographics, online behavior, primary quantitative and qualitative researchif you can get it, and educated speculation about their personal histories,motivations, and concerns.
  16. 16. Build Your Design Around Your Personas | step6Buildyourpersonas:1. Segment By DemographicsAssign characteristics to yourbuyers – job titles, roles, types ofindustry, company information,and demographics. Then startgrouping them, based oncommonalities. You will begin tosee several personas emerge.2. Identify Their NeedsWhat problems can yousolve for them? What kindsof information are they mostinterested in? Do you see anytrends emerging?3. Develop Behavior-Based ProfilesHow do they interact online?What do they look like andhow active are they in socialmedia? When they are on yoursite, which of your productsdo they spend the most timeresearching?
  17. 17. Optimize Your Sitefor Search7
  18. 18. Optimize Your Site for Search | step7Redesigning a website is not like creatinga “Field of Dreams.” Building it does notautomatically mean that people will come.Here are some search engine optimizationtips to help get your site found:Document Your Most Search-Valued PagesMake sure you know which pages have thestrongest SEO juice, the most traffic, inboundlinks, and keywords rankings.Create A 301 Redirect StrategyThis is THE most important step in terms ofretaining traffic and rankings. We recommendcreating a spreadsheet that records and mapsout your 301 redirects.Do Your Keyword ResearchTo get started, pick one or two keywords or keywordphrases for each page. Then apply on-page SEOtactics, such as internal link building and optimizingyour header tags (h1, h2, h3, etc.).Get a freedigitalmarketingtip!
  19. 19. Convert withCalls-to-Action8
  20. 20. Drive your visitors to take an action. That could bedownloading a whitepaper, requesting a demo, orbuying a product.Convert with Calls-to-Action | step8"The call-to-action is just that – the element or elements on your website that gets visitors to actuallyinteract with your site. Every page can offer the opportunity for a conversion, so when planning yourredesign, make sure you are considering how calls-to-action can or can’t be integrated on each page."Here are some triedand true examples:Make sure you give your visitors plenty to do when you redesign your site.Give them well thought out and relevant calls-to-action so you don’t lose them.Get a freedigitalmarketingtip!eBooks,whitepapersand videosContestsandpromotionsProductpurchasesEmailnewslettersubscriptionFree trialAssessment/ConsultationContact us
  21. 21. Plan for an OngoingContent Strategy9
  22. 22. Plan for an Ongoing Content Strategy | step9In the world of inbound marketing, less is not more, especiallywhen it comes to content. The key though is keeping yourcontent fresh and constant."That’s why it’s so important tobuild a strategy that’s all aboutadding more and more contentto your website over time."• BloggingCompanies that blog have55% more website visitorsand 88% more leads thanthose who do not.• OutsourcingCreating content takes time. Sothink about outsourcing someof your content generation.• Public RelationsWhen written with contentand search in mind, pressreleases can do wonders foryour search optimization.• Need Ideas?For inspiration, downloadHubSpot’s 100 InboundMarketing Content Ideasebook.
  23. 23. Don’t ForgetThe Extras!10
  24. 24. BlogA company blog is one ofthe best ways to createand organize content onan ongoing basis.Don’t Forget The Extras! | step10There’s more to a website than ofa homepage, product pages andContact us/About us pages.Landing Pages &Calls-To-ActionDedicated landing pagesthat focus on specificcalls-to-actions areextremely effective.Add RSSSubscriptionThe beauty of RSS is thatit allows some contentfrom your website to beautomatically pushedout to other websitesand people.AnalyticsRemember your goals? Ifyou want to measure thesuccess of your redesignit’s critical you do sofrom the start.
  25. 25. download full ebookDon’t Forget The Extras! | step10
  26. 26. Conclusion& Appendix11
  27. 27. Conclusion & Appendix | step11How your website looks is important. Butmore important is how it works. When the twowork hand in hand, it is a thing of beauty.The Best Damn Web Marketing Checklist• ChecklistsThere are many great checklists out there. If you’re looking for a tacticalredesign checklist that covers all the little details, check out these resources:Comprehensive Web Design Checklist• Website Development• Ultimate Website Launch Checklist• Essential Checks Before Launching Your Website•✓
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