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This presentation guides viewers on a tour of the Tempe Center for the Arts, its programming and how to get involved with it.

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  • Thank you for having me here today. How many of you have been to the Tempe Center for the Arts? Tempe Center for the Arts is our community arts venue. It opened six years ago. We host more than 750 events each year ranging from fashion shows to martial arts demonstrations, comedy to classical music. About 140,000 people walk through our doors each year.
  • Today I’m going to talk to you about how to enjoy the Tempe Center for the Arts. It’s your building. It was built to encourage arts and bring great performances to the City of Tempe. There are four main ways that you can have a good time with us: You can go to an event, spend time in the building relaxing, you can perform or you can volunteer.
  • At Tempe Center for the Arts, we bring you world class experiences in an award winning building – but you still feel connected to your community when you are with us. As an example, Childsplay is an internationally-recognized children’s theater company, and yet, they are based here in Tempe. You could bump into the actors while you are doing your grocery shopping.
  • There are so many ways to find out what is going on at Tempe Center for the Arts, but you don’t have to check in advance. There is usually something happening within the building.
  • Our gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday. There’s no admission. We change the exhibits about four times a year. The building itself has several art pieces within it as well. The lobby occasionally has performances in it such as our Walk-In Wednesday event.
  • Walk-In Wednesday is our open mic night – but this is an open mic like none other. The musicians perform original music and are highly skilled. Some of them have performed on national stages and have recorded albums. It happens from 5-9 p.m. Wednesday from Sept. through Nov. and January through May. Finally Friday is our way to end the work week. From 5-7 p.m., Atlasta Catering and Event Concepts provides free appetizers. We have live music in the lounge and our gallery stays open an extra hour.  We have comedy concerts that follow Finally Friday featuring some of the best comedians in the country.
  • Our weekly events are only part of what we do. We have more than 750 events a year and many of them are programs you can see only once, performers who are touring the country and have chosen Tempe Center for the Arts as their Arizona venue. We’ve had YouTube sensations, concert pianists, singers, dancers and martial artists on the stage, fashion shows and beauty pageants.
  • We have a number of performance companies that call our venue home. Many of these companies, such as Tempe Community Chorus, are made up of your neighbors. You may very well live next door to someone who plays flute for the Tempe Symphonic Wind Ensemble.
  • If you like classical music, we have Arizona Wind Symphony, Tempe Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Tempe Symphony Orchestra, Sonoran Chamber Music Series and Ballet Under the Stars. AZ Pro Arte performs as well, often writing new classical music and blending it with other composers. They are accompanying the silent horror movie, Nosferatu, with a never-before heard score on Halloween.
  • If your tastes are a little more current, Lakeshore Music provides jazz concerts from September through May. We also have contemporary and original music with our Songwriters’ Showcase. Songwriters’ Showcase blends the talents of our open mic night performers with a nationally-recognized band. Episodes from these concerts appear on PBS channel 8 throughout Arizona. The show has won a Rocky Mountain Grammy. The next Showcase happens on Dec. 6.
  • In the Spotlight is another of our outlets for talented local musicians. We invite five or six of our open mic performers to play in the round. Often singers will accompany each other on favorite tunes. In the Spotlight is free. The next one happens on Nov. 15.
  • The Gallery at Tempe Center for the Arts is again, that mix of national talent with a local feel. We have exhibits with pieces by both local and national artists. You can go in and experience the art, but often, our gallery shows come with workshops with the artists who created the art. On Saturdays, we regularly have kid-friendly activities. We also have a new program, Art After Work, where on some Wednesday evenings, you can paint with your friends in the gallery, all materials provided, even an instructor.
  • If you want to know what’s coming up, there are many places to check. Here are some of the best ways. I have a handout with this information so you don’t have to worry about copying it.
  • The Tempe Center for the Arts is a majestic building with many usable spaces. Even the exterior is designed to accommodate comfort. About 40 percent of everything that happens at our venue is a special, private event, such as a business meeting, a wedding or a prom, quinceanera or anniversary. You can reserve space at Tempe Center for the Arts for your occasion.
  • The Gallery, beyond being a place to look at art, can be reserved as an event space. We’ve had lectures, films, performances and happy hours within the space.
  • Connected to the gallery is an outdoor sculpture garden.
  • Our north patio is an amphitheater that is great for small lectures, luncheons, live acoustic music and weddings
  • Our rooftop patio has the best view in all of Tempe. You can see downtown Phoenix, Camelback and the Superstition Mountains. Cocktail parties are wonderful here. It fits about 80 or so people.
  • This couple got engaged here and will have their wedding early next year.
  • The Lounge at TCA is where Finally Friday happens. It’s open during many performances and can be reserved. It fits about 60 people. Our lobby can be used to accommodate more people.
  • This is what a typical Finally Friday looks like.
  • Our lobby is not just a place to wait for a show. It often is the show. It can also be used for events from black tie to children’s activities.
  • Here are some examples of what the lobby looks like activated
  • Here are some examples of what the lobby looks like activated
  • Our Studio is a black box and can be configured in many ways. The floor elevates in portions, so you can have a runway or a typical stage set up or theater in the round.
  • Here’s one layout. The studio accommodates about 200 people, depending on setup.
  • Our Songwriters’ Showcase happens in this room.
  • Our Lakeside Room is probably one of the favorite places in the building. It is designed for banquets and luncheons as well as entertainment and accommodates about 200 people. It’s often requested for proms and other parties.
  • It looks onto Town Lake and the Pedestrian Bridge and its glass walls allow a full view of the beauty of the area.
  • In the Spotlight happens in this room often.
  • The Theater at Tempe Center for the Arts is the most dramatic room we have.
  • It is a three-story room and the 600 seats in it can be released one section at a time, to ensure the room feels intimate and cozy. The worst seat in the house is only 55 feet from the stage so you can truly reach out and touch the stars.
  • Childsplay hosts most of its productions in this room.
  • The Town Lake Pedestrian Bridge connects Tempe Center for the Arts to the lake and the people who are enjoying Town Lake. It’s not uncommon for people who are out walking to come inside the building and have something to drink or look around the gallery.
  • The blue lights of the bridge are often the backdrop for photo shoots such as this one. The lights were done as part of the public art program, and local artist Laurie Lundquist designed them.
  • We have a lot of wonderfully creative people in our community who often want to know how they can perform in our center. It’s not difficult. Beyond joining a performing group or attending the open mic night, we rent our spaces. You can rent a space and sell tickets to a performance, should you be so inclined.
  • We do select our art as much as two years in advance. We put out calls to artists not just for the Tempe Center for the Arts gallery but also for galleries at the Post Office on Fifth and Mill, the Tempe Public Library and more. The Friends of the Tempe Center for the Arts operate the gift shop and occasionally they purchase art to sell there.
  • It takes a lot of people to run our center. We are always looking for new people to help. Many people become docents for our art gallery or work as ushers. We need stage hands and people to answer the phones, whatever. We appreciate any time you give us.  
  • Our docents are very hands on and our patrons truly enjoy their knowledge.
  • I have a special treat for you today. If your club sends more than 12 people to the comedy show on Oct. 18, we will dedicate the show to you and have the comedians mention your group by name on stage. We’ll also give you a table in the lobby so you can let people know about all the good work you are doing. And we’ll give you $2 off per ticket if you use the promo code $2don so tickets will only cost $8 each. It’s written on this handout. I’ll take any questions you have now.
  • Tempe Center for the Arts -

    1. 1. Perform. Get Involved. Enjoy the Building. Find Out About Cool Events.
    2. 2. World class experiences. Hometown feel.
    3. 3. How do I find out what is happening at Tempe Center for the Arts?
    4. 4. Wander in. Experience TCA …
    5. 5. Weekly Events • Walk-In Wednesday • Finally Friday • Tempe Comedy Concert Series
    6. 6. Special Performances.
    7. 7. Your in-house performance companies • A Ludwig Dance Theatre • Arizona Academy of the Performing Arts • Arizona Wind Symphony • Childsplay • CONDER/dance • Desert Dance Theatre • Lakeshore Jazz Series • Tempe Community Chorus • Tempe Symphonic Wind Ensemble • Tempe Symphony Orchestra CONDER/dance
    8. 8. Classic.
    9. 9. Stars.
    10. 10. Rising Stars Walk-In Wednesday In the Spotlight Songwriters’ Showcase
    11. 11. Songwriters’ Showcase
    12. 12. The Gallery at TCA
    13. 13. Hands On with Art and Artists
    14. 14. Want to go? Find out what’s happening. Social Media Facebook.com/cityoftempe Twitter.com/tempegov Calendars tempe.gov/tcaevents tempe.gov/calendar Get Our Emails tempe.gov/enews Stop By Box Office: 700 W. Rio Salado Prky.
    15. 15. Award-winning Architecture For Your Enjoyment Explore the many areas inside Tempe Center for the Arts • See a show • Reserve space for your special occasion • Tour the building
    16. 16. The Gallery at TCA
    17. 17. Sculpture Garden
    18. 18. North Patio
    19. 19. Rooftop Patio
    20. 20. Lounge at TCA
    21. 21. The Lobby
    22. 22. Studio
    23. 23. In the Spotlight
    24. 24. Theater at TCA
    25. 25. Childsplay
    26. 26. A bridge to culture
    27. 27. Town Lake Pedestrian Bridge
    28. 28. How do I Perform at Tempe Center for the Arts ? 1. Join one of the performing groups 2. Reserve one of the performing spaces 3. Attend Walk-In Wednesday Open Mic Night
    29. 29. How Do I Get My Art Into the Gallery? 1. Take a look at our art gallery to see what kinds of work we exhibit 2. Join our Call to Artists List – Several opportunities at the library and post office as well as TCA 3. We also have a gift shop that sells art. Contact the Friends of TCA at 480 350-5660
    30. 30. Get Involved. We’d Like To Work With You. Volunteer as: * Usher or Docent * Gift Shop Help * Stagehand or Administrative Assistant Or become a Friend of Tempe Center for the Arts
    31. 31. REACH US www.tempe.gov/tca 480 350-2822 700 W. Rio Salado Parkway This presentation may be downloaded at www.slideshare.com/tempegov