General Plan 2040 - Tempe, Arizona


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Tempe is beginning its general plan process and we want your involvement. This presentation provides information about what the general plan does.

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  • Trends are about change and every change has at its core, a "driver." To predict or spot a new trend, look for these basic forms of drivers.
  • Terrafugia flying car – UtubeGoogle’s self driving car.A fully self contained bicycle hub motor known as the GreenWheel has been developed by students at MIT
  • A downtown with services like groceries, drycleaners, medical services, childcare.More Mixed use that includes flats, townhomes and attached housing.Transit system that connecting to many parts of Tempe, commuter rail to Phoenix and Tucson.
  • Wider range of jobs which provides employment close to their homes. Tempe has a great opportunity to capture entreprenuers/jobs from research at ASU . Technology to change how buildings used – Reuse (recyling) of buildings, energy systems or space required for employees.Commercial centers reuse by churches and charter schools.In urbanizing a challenge will be to ensure that we have open space.Open space decrease when ASU converts to commerce; look for chance to supplement in urban areasHousing choices - meeting housing needs for families, single person households, elderly, disabled, and special populations (such as homeless Veterans).Every neighborhood should have a comfortable street to walk/bike, which connects to schools, community centers, and transit. (next month Will Bruder will talk about Tempe as a 20-minute City)
  • General Plan 2040 - Tempe, Arizona

    1. 1. A New General Plan Begins Nancy RyanWhere the heck are those City of Tempe Community Developmentflying cars?
    2. 2. Presentation Why prepare a General Plan? What are Future Trends that will impact the General Plan? What should Tempe be like in 2040? What is the process and how can I get involved? Questions? General Plan 2040
    3. 3. Why prepare a General Plan? Holdsthe community’s vision for future. Guides how the community will grow and change. Required by AZ statues that a comprehensive and long term plan be adopted every 10 years.
    4. 4. Drivers of the Trends  The need to save time  The need to reduce cost  The need to do things faster  The need to make things easier to use  The need to improve safety and reliability  The need to lessen the impact on the environment
    5. 5. Future Trends Flying cars or Self driving cars Technology changes
    6. 6. General Plan Future Trends Healthcare facilities Aging population – aging in place or assisted living? Internet shopping vs. retail centers Creating walkable neighborhoods and healthy communities Renting vs. owning
    7. 7. General Plan Future Trends Communication with the community Office size, shared offices, & telecommuting Smart streets (and signals) Energy efficiency
    8. 8. Tempe in 2040? Vibrant Downtown Multi-family & Mixed use in key areas  Downtown  ASU  Redevelopment areas Regional and local connections to transit
    9. 9. Tempe in 2040? Wider range of jobs Technology to change how buildings used Commercial centers reuse Open space increase or decrease Housing choices Walkable/bikeable neighborhoods
    10. 10. Tempe in 2040? What do you think Tempe should be like in the future?
    11. 11. General Plan Process Community Meeting to gather input Sept and January Community Working Group to advise November 2012 - May 2013 Ongoing public forum w/ opportunity to comment Final Plan Release May 2013 Boards and Commissions Presentations June 2013 DRC Hearings August – September 2013 Council Adoption – November - December 2013 Public Ratification Vote – May 2014
    12. 12. How I can get involved? Community Meeting – Sept 24th, 5-7 p.m. Tempe History Museum On line survey: Apply for GP2040 Community Working Group Email us your ideas: Phone: 480-350-8073
    13. 13. Questions?