Connect with Tempe Through Technology


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Learn the many ways to get information from the City of Tempe, Arizona and join in the conversation with Tempe on social media.

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Connect with Tempe Through Technology

  1. 1. Connect with TempeThrough Technology
  2. 2. The Medium is the MessageMarshall McLuhan said themedium is the message,meaning that the deliverymethod is inextricably tiedto the message itself –helping shape it.
  3. 3. Communication Choices• Phone• TV• Email• Facebook• Twitter• YouTube• Instagram• Mobile Apps• WHAT’S NEXT?
  4. 4. E-mail• 30,000 people get theirinformation from Tempe via email• Housing Arts EducationArts News Aviation UpdatesBusiness Business and Development NewsCall to Artists City ClerkCity News Community Development Dept.Community Relations Dept. Community Services Dept.Connecting Tempe Newsletter/Tempe Opportunities BrochureCouncil: CoreyWoods, CouncilmemberCouncil: JoelNavarro, CouncilmemberCouncil: KolbyGranville, CouncilmemberCouncil: Mark Mitchell, Mayor Council: Mayor & Council - ALLCouncil: Onnie Shekerjian, ViceMayorCouncil: Robin Arredondo-Savage,CouncilmemberCouncil: Shana Ellis DiversityFinance and InformationTechnology Dept.Fire Dept.General Plan 2040 Golf NewsGovernment Relations Hot TopicsHousing LibraryMilitary/Veterans News Neighborhood NewsPolice Community Alerts & News Public Works Dept.Sustainable Tempe TechnologyTempe Community Council Tempe Today NewsletterTempe Town Lake Updates Tennis NewsTimelines- Tempe History MuseumNewsletterTransportation - newsVolunteer Opportunities
  5. 5. Mayor and Council• City Council meetingagendas,councilmembercalendars, boards andcommissions and thelike• Reach all the council
  6. 6. Website:•••••••••••• (crimestats)•••••• Find everything you need toknow about our city here.
  7. 7. Events calendar• Arranged by date• Filters for meetings orlocations• Includes all events andmeetings hosted by the city• Does not always includefestivals organized by others• Includes date, time, locationand cost to attend as well ascontact information fordetailsAnnual trout releaseon Town Lake.
  8. 8. Library• Download books, magazines,videos• Get a calendar of classes andstorytimes• Author visits• Learn a language online• Sometimes cool stuff justhappens and it is postedonline
  9. 9. Police and Fire• Tips on crimeprevention• Tips on fireprevention• Life safety tips• Crime stats• Alarm permits• Community outreachopportunities• More
  10. 10. Newsroom• Take a look at allthe newshappening in yourcity in one glance• Archived releasesalso stored
  11. 11. Why use social media?• 70 percent ofAmericans use it• Message control• It’s fast and free• A message can travelaround the world inmoments to peopleyou’d never reach• Tempe ranks 34th innation for socialconnectivity
  12. 12. • We were among the first cities to embrace social media• We are considered the government social media experts for Arizona• Our team has presented at five statewide conferences, includingLeague of Cities• We’ve been lauded in national publications for our program,including Mashable, the leading source for social media newsTempe’s social media program rocks
  13. 13. Facebook• 1 billion monthly users, morethan half use Facebook daily• Average user spends about 15minutes a day getting their newsfrom social media• Average online news networkgets 12 minutes a month• 219 billion photos uploaded• Fastest-growing users: 45-54• Tempe has about 5,000 likesbetween its FB pages – City ofPhoenix has about the same.• In the event of an emergency,we can reach 1.3 millionFacebook users in moments
  14. 14. Twitter• Fifth most popular website inthe world with 500 millionusers and 170 billion Tweets• Users are slightly moreeducated, make a little moremoney, than Facebook• Tempe’s Twitter reach: Ittakes one or two Tweets toreach 10,000 people - thesame number of people asread the Tempe Republic• @tempegov has about 7,800followers. Tempe Police andFire have about 2,000
  15. 15. YouTube•• Our channel has about 300,000 video views• About 200 videos are available to download• Videos are also embedded on our website, shownon Tempe 11 Cox cable channel and shared withother city stations
  16. 16. The world’s most typical person is a 28-year-old Chinese man.He is right-handed and owns a cell phone.By 2030, that person will come from India.National Geographic compiled 190,000 photosof men fitting this description to create this image.
  17. 17. Tempe demographics• Average Tempe resident age: 27.9 – Tempe is amongyoungest cities in nation• An example of this is singer Katy Perry, 28• Most populous age group: 20-34• 41.9 percent have Bachelor’s degrees or better• 42 percent have Knowledge Economy jobs• 46 percent of residents own homes• 49.5 percent live in non-family households• Housing costs 15 percent higher than state• About 25 percent of households have kids• 20 percent live under the poverty level• 9.2 percent don’t speak English very well
  18. 18. Sample week:Tempe Facebook demographics
  19. 19. Our goals :• To connect with you in the manner most convenient to you• To give you information that will assist you when you want to visit ourfacilities and partake of our services• To improve your life with our offerings in person• We want you to leave our events happy and receive high qualityservices easily and quickly
  20. 20. Tempe style• Accurate and Timely• Relevant• Smart• Progressive and Visionary• Fun and Quirky, Vibrant and Eclectic• Green• Strong Sense of Community - Loyal• Inclusive of Everyone, Values Differences• Multicultural• 4 million visitors a year come here toexperience our vibe
  21. 21. What is Tempe 311?
  22. 22. Means of Connecting
  23. 23. Support service provided• 1st Level: Provide information• 2nd Level: Process service requests• 3rd Level: Connect to subject matter expertOperations
  24. 24. Web access
  25. 25. Web access
  26. 26. How do Ido this?
  27. 27. 311 AppHome Screen Request Entry Request tracking
  28. 28. 80,000 Contacts in 201210,000 Service requests 20121,000+ App downloadsBy the NumbersTempe311 is on trackto reach 100,000 contacts in 2013
  29. 29. 64%15%14%7%Tempe 311 Service Requests by MethodPhone App Web Email
  30. 30. 480-350-4311Monday – Friday7 a.m. to 5
  31. 31. Tempe Connections to RememberPhone: 480 350-4311TV: Cox Cable Channel 11 or – of Tempe Twitter: Public Safety Twitter: of Tempe Facebook: Opportunities Facebook: PD + Fire Facebook:
  32. 32. Find this presentation