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Rio de janeiro


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Published in: Education, Travel
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Rio de janeiro

  1. 1. ENGLISH PROJECT RIO DE JANEIRO By Óscar Iglesias García
  2. 2. RIO DE JANEIRORio de Janeiro is a big city, in Brazil.It was the capital of the Empire of Brazil from 1822,when the nation declared its independence fromPortugal, until the inauguration of Brasilia in 1960. Itis the second largest city in Brazil. It has the largest international tourism trade of thecountry and is the first tourist destination in LatinAmerica and it will be the first Olympic city in SouthAmerica.
  3. 3. GeographyThe city occupies the western shore ofGuanabara Bay, which covers the areabetween Copacabana and Itaipu, and some ofits islands, such as Governor and Paquetá. Itsits on a plain surrounded by mountains andhills. The Sierra del Mar in the Atlantic edge ofthe plateau, is located northwest of the city,about 40 km from the coast. The city occupiesan area of ​ 1182.3 km ², representing apopulation density of 4781 inhabitants / km ².
  4. 4. Interesting places Interesting Places It is one of the main economic, financial andIt is cultural resources of the country and is one of the main economic, financialcultural resources ofknown for its scenery and internationally the country and isinternationally known for its sceneryLoaf,cultural cultural icons such as Sugar and Christicons such as Sugar Loaf, Christof the seven the Redeemer statue (one the Redeemerstatue (one of of the modern world), the wonders the seven wonders of the modernworld), the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema,Maracana stadium, Tijuca National Park (the Maracana stadium, Tijuca National Parklargest urban forest in the world), the world),da (the largest urban forest in the Quinta theBoa QuintaPaqueta island, Paqueta Year the Vista, da Boa Vista, the New island,celebrations in celebrations and the celebration New Year Copacabana in Copacabana andof CARNIVAL the celebration of CARNIVAL
  5. 5. WeatherThe Atlantic climate is tropical, with hot summersand mild winters. High temperatures can rise toover 35 degrees and occasionally exceed 40degrees in inland areas of the city. In the maintourist areas the temperature is moderated by thecool breeze from the ocean. The hottest monthsare December and January.
  6. 6. This is RIO DE JANEIRO!!!