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  1. 1. LONDON• is the capital of England and the UnitedKingdom, and the largest municipality, urbanzone and metropolitan area in the UnitedKingdom, and the European Union by mostmeasures. Located on the River Thames,London has been a major settlement for twomillennia, its history going back to its foundingby the Romans, who named it Londinium.
  2. 2. World HeritageSitesLondon containsfour World HeritageSites: the Tower ofLondon; Kew Gardens;the site comprisingthe Palace ofWestminster, Westminster Abbey, and StMargarets Church;and the historicsettlementof Greenwich.
  3. 3. BUCKINGHAM PALACE• Buckingham Palace is the official Londonresidence and principal workplace ofthe British monarch. Located in the City ofWestminster, the palace is a setting for stateoccasions and royal hospitality. It has been afocus for the British people at times ofnational rejoicing and crisis.
  4. 4. Westminster Abbey• The Collegiate Church of St Peterat Westminster, popularly knownas Westminster Abbey, is a large,mainly Gothic church, in the Cityof Westminster, London, locatedjust to the west of the Palace ofWestminster. It is the traditionalplace of coronation and burialsite for English, later British andlater still (and currently)monarchs of the Commonwealthrealms. The abbey is a RoyalPeculiar and briefly held thestatus of a cathedral from 1540 to1550.
  5. 5. Palace of Westminster• The Palace of Westminster is themeeting place of the House ofCommons and the House of Lords,the two houses of the Parliament ofthe United Kingdom. Commonlyknown as the Houses ofParliament after its tenants, thePalace lies on the Middlesex bank ofthe River Thames in the City ofWestminster, in central London. Itsname, which derives from theneighbouring Westminster Abbey,may refer to either of two structures:the Old Palace, a medieval buildingcomplex that was destroyed by fire in1834, and its replacement NewPalace that stands today. Forceremonial purposes, the palaceretains its original style and status asa royal residence.
  6. 6. BIG BEN• Big Ben is the nickname for thegreat bell of the clock at the north endof the Palace of Westminster inLondon, and often extended to refer tothe clock and the clock tower. Thetower is now officially called theElizabeth Tower, after being renamedto celebrate the Diamond Jubileeof Queen Elizabeth II. The ElizabethTower holds the largest four-faced chiming clock in the world and isthe third-tallest free-standing clocktower. The tower was completed in1858 and had its 150th anniversary on31 May 2009,during which celebratoryevents took place.
  7. 7. Tower Bridge• is a combined bascule andsuspension bridge in London,over the River Thames. It isclose to the Tower of London,from which it takes its name.• The bridge consists of twotowers tied together at theupper level by means of twohorizontal walkways. Thebridges present colourscheme dates from 1977,when it was painted red, whiteand blue for the QueenElizabeth IIs silver jubilee.Originally it was painted a midgreenish-blue colour.London Eye• is a giant Ferris wheel situatedon the banks of the RiverThames in London, England.The entire structure is 135metres (443 ft) tall and thewheel has a diameter of 120metres (394 ft).• It is the tallest Ferris wheel inEurope, and the most popularpaid tourist attraction in theUnited Kingdom, visited byover 3.5 million peopleannually. When erected in1999 it was the tallest Ferriswheel in the world, untilsurpassed first by the 160 m(520 ft) Star of Nanchang in2006.
  8. 8. National Gallery• The National Gallery is an artmuseum on Trafalgar Square,London. Founded in 1824, ithouses a collection of over2,300 paintings dating fromthe mid-13th century to1900.Its collection belongs tothe public of the UnitedKingdom and entry to themain collection is free ofcharge. It is the fourth mostvisited art museum in theworld, after the Musée duLouvre, the MetropolitanMuseum of Art and the BritishMuseum.St. Jamess Park• St. Jamess Park is a 23hectares park in the City ofWestminster, centralLondon - the oldest of theRoyal Parks of London. Thepark lies at thesouthernmost tip of the StJamess area, which wasnamed after a leper hospitaldedicated to St. James theLess.
  9. 9. Telephone booth• A telephone booth, telephone kiosk,telephone call box, telephone box orpublic call box is a small structurefurnished with a payphone anddesigned for a telephone usersconvenience.• The first telephone booth wasprobably located near the Staple Innin High Holborn in London, England,in May of 1903. It was operated andlocated by the Grand Central Railway.However, some sources claim thatthere was a telephone box called"Fernsprechkiosk" in Berlin in 1881.• In the UK the creation of a nationalnetwork of telephone boxescommenced in 1920 starting with theK1 which was made of concreate.LondonUnderground• is a metro system in the UnitedKingdom, serving a large part ofGreater London and some partsof Buckinghamshire,Hertfordshire and Essex. Thesystem serves 270 stations andhas 402 kilometres of track, 45per cent of which is underground.Since 2003 LUL has been a whollyowned subsidiary of Transport forLondon (TfL), the statutorycorporation responsible for mostaspects of the transport system inGreater London, which is run by aboard and a commissionerappointed by the Mayor ofLondon.
  10. 10. Queens Guard• The Queens Guard and QueensLife Guard are the names given tocontingents of infantry andcavalry soldiers charged withguarding the official royalresidences in London. The BritishArmy has regiments of bothHorse Guards and Foot Guardspredating the English Restoration(1660), and since the reign ofKing Charles II these have beenresponsible for guarding theSovereigns palaces. Contrary topopular belief, they are notpurely ceremonial and are fullyoperational soldiers.Double-decker bus• A double-decker bus is a busthat has two storeys or decks.Red double-decker buses areused for mass transit inLondon. Double-decker busesare also used in other cities inEurope, Asia, and formerBritish colonies andprotectorates such as HongKong and Singapore.• This type of bus is often usedfor touring rather than formass transit.
  11. 11. The endJosé Luis Trigo CalvoJesús Fernández OrtúñezQuintín Sánchez Sánchez