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La havana


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La havana

  1. 1. LA HAVANA
  2. 2. This is the flag o f La Hava na
  3. 3. La Hava na is the capital city o f theRepublic o f Cuba, it is the big gest city, main po rt, a nd eco nomic a nd cultural ce nt re o f the cou nt ry
  4. 4. At prese nt there are ma ny luxury hotels both in the histo ric area, a nd o n the beach a nd Miramar. La H ava na has t raditio ns, museums a nd i nstitutio ns which are bastio ns fo r t rue h uma nity.Curre ntly the city receives mo re tha n 1 millio n tourists
  5. 5. The city hosts various internatio nal cultural eve nts, such as the Internatio nal Ballet Festival o f La Hava na, the Film Festival o f La Hava na the Jazz Plaza Festival a nd the Internatio nal Guitar Festival. The cityalso houses the Casa de las Americas, a ni nstitutio n respo nsible fo r promoti ng art a nd literature o f Spa nish-speaki ng peoples
  6. 6. Some att ractio ns o f La H ava na are:St reet 23, the veiled, Co ney isla nd, the old square o r the spo rts
  7. 7. The climate is t ropical both in the citya nd the rest o f the isla nd. Because o f all this climatic adva ntage, the city isvisited all year rou nd. . The beaches a nd coastal areas, such as El Maleco n, is always full o f people. The most famous hotel is the Natio nal Hotel in 23 rd St reet in Vedado
  8. 8. Places i n La H ava na