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  1. 1. 28,South Usman Road,, TNagar, Chennai-17. Ph : 044-43855940 Mobile : +91-8680802110 Web : email : MATLB ---- COMMUNICATION S.No. 1. TITLES CODE Service-Outage Capacity Maximization In Cognitive Radio For Parallel Fading MC1 Channels .2. Community Detection In Scale-Free Networks: Approximation Algorithms For MC2 Maximizing Modularity 3. Efficient Multi-Link Failure Localization Schemes In All-Optical Networks MC3 4. Semi-Blind Key-Agreement Over MIMO Fading Channels MC4 5. Qos-Aware And Energy-Efficient Resource Management In OFDMA Femto cells MC5 6. Promoting Cooperation In Wireless Relay Networks Through Stackelberg MC6 Dynamic Scheduling 7. Maximum Expected Rates Of Block-Fading Channels With Entropy-Constrained MC7 Channel State Feedback 8. Time-Of-Arrival Estimation Based On Information Theoretic Criteria MC8 9. Interference Coordination: Random Clustering And Adaptive Limited Feedback MC9 10. Source Transmit Antenna Selection For MIMO Decode-And-Forward Relay MC10 Networks 11. Check Node Reliability-Based Scheduling For BP Decoding Of Non-Binary LDPC MC11 Codes 12. On The Effect Of Outdated Channel Estimation In Variable Gain Relaying: Error MC12 Performance And PAPR 13. Per-Antenna Constant Envelope Precoding For Large Multi-User MIMO Systems MC13 14. Second-Order Cyclo stationary Of BT-SCLD Signals Theoretical Developments MC14 And Applications To Signal Classification And Blind Parameter Estimation 15. The Effect Of Macro diversity On The Performance Of Maximal Ratio Combining MC15 In Flat Rayleigh Fading 16. Energy And Spectral Efficiency Of Very Large Multiuser MIMO Systems 17. An Analysis Of Band-Limited Communication Systems From Amplifier Efficiency MC17 Further more details visit: send your request to : MC16
  2. 2. 28,South Usman Road,, TNagar, Chennai-17. Ph : 044-43855940 Mobile : +91-8680802110 Web : email : And Distortion Perspective 18. Feedback Power Control With Bit Error Outage Probability Qos Measure On The MC18 Rayleigh Fading Channel. 19. Design And Analysis Of Deterministic Distributed Beam forming Algorithms In MC19 The Presence Of Noise 20. Distributed Multiple Target-Sinrs Tracking Power Control In Wireless Multi rate MC20 Data Networks. 21. A Network Flow Approach To Throughput Maximization In Cooperative OFDMA MC21 Networks. 22. Design Of Irregular Repeat-Accumulate Coded Physical-Layer Network Coding MC22 For Gaussian Two-Way Relay Channels. 23. A Practical Cooperative Multi cell MIMO-OFDMA Network Based On Rank MC23 Coordination. 24. Accurate Sampling Timing Acquisition For Baseband OFDM Power-Line MC24 Communication In Non-Gaussian Noise. 25. SHARP Spectrum Harvesting With ARQ Retransmission And Probing In MC25 Cognitive Radio. 26. Energy-Aware Competitive Power Control In Relay-Assisted Interference Wireless MC26 Networks. 27. On The Optimal Switching Probability For A Hybrid Cognitive Radio System. MC27 28. Power Allocation And Performance Analysis In Spectrum Sharing Systems With MC28 Statistical CSI. 29. Frequency Domain Packet Scheduling With MIMO For 3GPP LTE Downlink. MC29 30. Sum Of Non-Concave Utilities Maximization For MIMO Interference Systems. MC30 31. Joint Base Station Association And Power Control Via Benders’ Decomposition. MC31 32. Robust MISO Transmit Optimization Under Outage-Based Qos Constraints In MC32 Further more details visit: send your request to :
  3. 3. 28,South Usman Road,, TNagar, Chennai-17. Ph : 044-43855940 Mobile : +91-8680802110 Web : email : Two-Tier Heterogeneous Networks. 33. Unified SER Performance Analysis And Improvement For Multiuser MIMO MC33 Downlink With Correlation Rotation Linear Precoding. Further more details visit: send your request to :